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23 Elegant And Easy Formal Styles For Short Hair

23 Elegant And Easy Formal Styles For Short Hair

To short-haired women: gone are the times when you struggled to find a perfect hairstyle for special occasions that don’t include adding synthetic hair. Good news: short hair formal styles are on the rise and more versatile than ever! From elegant updos to half-up half-down styles, here are the best styling ideas for short-haired women you can confidently rock at any formal event.

1. Short Hair Updo With Pearls

Do you think updos are reserved only for those with long hair? Of course, not! Ladies with short hair can rock an equally stunning updo hairstyle and there are multiple ways to make it look thicker and more textured. For example, you can do the twists on the crown that fall gracefully into a low bun. For a dash of elegance, add pearls “to taste”.

2. Formal Updo With Hair Padding

Hair padding is the best thing since sliced bread, and is especially beneficial to those with short and thin hair (or both). Style your hair into a half-up using bobby pins and secure the padding. Then wrap the hair around the padding in a circular motion to create a beautiful, elegant bun. Secure the bun with a decorative hairpin of your choice.

3. Bob With A Waterfall Dutch Braid

Easy styles on short hair can be equally enticing as complex updos on long hair. Bob with a waterfall Dutch braid is a perfect example of that! This formal hairstyle looks even more amazing when paired with vivid hair colors.

4. Voluminous Pixie Glam

Pixie ladies, we didn’t forget about you! If you’re looking forward to a formal event and getting nervous about your hairdo, here’s a suggestion: a voluminous pixie glam! To create this look you’ll need a rat tail comb for hair teasing, lots of hairspray, and a few bobby pins.

5. Wavy Pixie Bob With A Side Braid

Transform your wavy pixie bob into a magnificent piece of hair art by adding a small braid to the side of your hair next to the undercut (if you have one). A deep side part will give your hairstyle a voluminous, glam look perfect for formal occasions.

6. Easy Twisted Updo

An easy twisted updo consists of hair-twisting and securing the twists with bobby pins to create a beautifully textured updo look. Add decorative hairpins to hide the bobby pins and make your hairstyle look more elegant.

7. Voluminous Soft Waves

Lavishing, luxurious, glamorous! These three words explain the essence of a voluminous soft wavy hairstyle. All you need to do is wrap sections of your hair around the curling iron and then brush through your curls to create soft waves.

8. Twisted Messy Updo For Short Hair

Are you looking for an effortless, elegant, and protective style all in one? Are you looking for a simple wedding updo? If yes, a twisted messy updo is the best choice. And yes, this amazing updo will also make your hair look thicker than it is. Those with thick hair should check out these beautiful short styles for women with thick hair.

9. Intertwined Formal Updo Style

Similar to twists, intertwined formal updo style features intertwining sections of your hair and securing them with bobby pins to create a textured look. There’s no denying this stunning style will leave everyone speechless at your formal event.

10. Short Hair Textured Updo

Short hair has so much potential for beautiful updos and different textures. You can create an amazing textured updo by using only a curling iron and arranging your hair into a messy bun or a half-up.

11. Half-Up Faux Hawk

Say hi to sassy and elegant vibes! Half-up faux hawk features extra voluminous hair at the crown with messy textured hair at the back. This beautiful hairstyle elegantly frames your face thus giving you a glowing effect.

12. Textured Pixie Cut

A textured pixie cut is one of those edgy short styles that oozes bold vibes with minimum effort. Here’s how to create this bold style: apply curl cream and hair gel to your damp hair and dry it with a diffuser.

13. Soft Wavy Half Updo With A Rose

A soft wavy half updo for short hair is an elegant hairstyle that oozes feminine and stylish vibes. Spice up your hairstyle with a decorative rose or another hair accessory that matches your outfit. Congrats, you’re done!

14. Short Hair Celebrity Styles

Celebrity styles never cease to amaze and here are four amazing short hairstyles for you to copy:

A: Braided half-up wavy hairstyle
B: A voluminous half-up half-down
C: Wavy updo with no parting
D: An updo with a headband

A, B, C, D – which one will it be?

15. Soft Waves With Bangs

There’s only one thing that can bring out the best in soft waves. Yes, we’re talking about bangs! Pairing soft waves with bangs creates an ethereal style with a dash of mystery and gives you a beautiful face-framing effect.

16. Glam Sleek Pixie

A sleek pixie is an elegant version of a classic pixie cut. A glam sleek pixie is best paired with dramatic makeup and massive earrings to ensure you make a big statement on your special occasion.

17. Short Hair Updo With A Decorative Bobby Pin

A short hair updo with a decorative bobby pin is one of the easiest updos for short hair that anyone can do at home. Pro tip: use a rat tail comb to tease hair at the crown if you want a more voluminous version of this hairstyle.

18. Short Hair Messy Updo

Because messy is the new neat! Short hair messy updo creates a perfect balance between sophisticated and effortless. The focal point of this hairdo is its texture which grabs the attention without trying too hard.

19. Pixie Faux Hawk

Pixie faux hawk is a godsend for those with curly or coily hair who want a polished, bold hairstyle that resonates with their personality. Extravagant hair, don’t care!

20. Braided Messy Waves

Combining different elements helps you create a unique style that will earn you plenty of compliments on your special occasion. Braided messy waves combine a feminine braid with bold, textured waves. This hairstyle is a true work of art and as such, it deserves our uttermost admiration.

21. Half Updo With Bobby Pins

A half updo with bobby pins is an easy formal style that accentuates your hair’s natural texture. Those with straight hair can wrap sections of their hair around the curling iron to create soft waves.

22. Low Chignon For Short Hair

Low chignon is an extra rich, voluminous hairstyle that bursts with glamorous vibes. The best is that even those with short and thin hair (or both) can create this magnificent style by using a big hair padding, and synthetic hair.

23. Half-Up Messy Hair Bow

A messy hair bow is a playful formal style that looks great on short hair. Use a rat tail comb to tease the sections of your hair for a super voluminous look. This is especially recommended to those with thin hair because teasing helps create the illusion of a thicker mane.