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Peach Hair Is The Coolest Color Trend Of 2024

Peach Hair Is The Coolest Color Trend Of 2024

Multicolor dye jobs dominate social media, but peach hair has almost magically found its place in the sun this year! It’s no wonder because peach hair has so much to offer to us. This cool hair color trend comes in different shades all featuring a vibrant and fresh look that makes a big statement. The beautiful peach shade is a godsend for summer when we’re obsessed over a sunkissed, bright hair look and want to accentuate our tanned complexion. Ready to find a perfect peachy hairstyle for your mane? 😉

1. Peach Soft Waves

Bright peach color gives off soft, romantic vibes and it’s best paired with soft wavy hairstyles. Wow, it even rhymes! Peach soft wavy style is perfect for summer when you want to achieve a beautiful contrast between your tanned body and your bright hairstyle.

2. Peachy Blonde Waves

If you’re blonde at heart but feel like you could also “fall in love” with peachy shades, you can get the best of both worlds with a peachy blonde color combination. You can use peach color as a base and add blonde highlights to achieve a dimensional look, or vice versa.

3. Vivid Orange Peach Waves

Vivid orange peach waves are reserved for those who dare to be bold! Vivid shades are real head-turners and can be combined with vibrant colors like red for a striking look. In other words: feel free to experiment with the coolest shades!

4. Peach Angled Bob

Angled bobs are one of the most sophisticated hairstyles, but the peach angled bob trend is taking over social media! We understand why: peach shade adds softness and vibrance to the edgy angled bob and that’s why they’re a match made in heaven.

5. Peach Golden Blonde Hairstyle

Add a dash of peachy vibes to your classic golden blonde hairstyle to create a mesmerizing look that will turn heads. Style your peach-golden blonde hair into glam waves, beach waves, or an elegant bun depending on the occasion.

6. Spring Peach Hair With Bangs

Spring peach hair with bangs is here to remind us why we’re suckers for peachy shades. This beautiful peachy shade will transform your hair into a real work of art perfect for peachy, summer days.

7. Strawberry Blonde Peach Delight

Yummy! Strawberry blonde adds a touch of sweetness to the juicy peach shade creating a perfect contrast and a stunning, eye-catching look. Pro tip: if you have dark hair, add strawberry blonde shade to your roots for a more natural-looking growout.

8. Peach Tousled Waves

It’s universally acknowledged tousled waves create a textured, voluminous hairstyle perfect for every occasion. Pairing tousled waves with peachy shades is an excellent choice for those who want to stay on trend and take their hairstyle to the next level.

9. Coral Peach Beach Waves

Coral + peach = best friends forever! When you “get tired” of your peach hair, you know it’s time to add coral shade to the equation and rock beach waves like the real badass-y cool gal that you are.

10. Peachy Rose Blush

Peachy rose blush is a soft hair color combination best paired with messy hair textures for an effortless, relaxed look. If you don’t have your favorite summer hairstyle yet, I’m sure this one will stick with you.

11. Peach Blunt Bob

Blunt bobs feature hairstyles cut to be the same length (no layers added) which can make your hairstyle appear dull if you don’t combine it with vivid shades. The peach blunt bob is perfect for those who want a natural-looking, subtle peachy shade.

12. Beige Peach Hair With Curtain Bangs

Beige peach hair with curtain bangs is the hottest hairstyle right now, and you shouldn’t miss it this year. Remember that curtain bangs can be customized to look flattering on all face shapes which makes this hairstyle even more inviting, right?

13. Apricot Peach Short Hairstyle

The apricot peach short hairstyle is cute, feminine, effortless, and to the point. If you’re thinking of rocking a cool short hairstyle this summer, congrats, you’ve found the one!

14. Pastel Pink Peachy Hair

Pastel pink peachy hair is a pure delight among hair colors. Pastel colors are on-trend right now, which is another reason to find your favorite soft pastel shade(s) and combine it with a beautiful peachy hair color.

15. Peach Fuzz Hairstyle

The peach fuzz hairstyle is a muted peach hairstyle that combines light blonde, strawberry blonde, and peachy shades. Achieving a cool look has never been easier with these stunning shades!