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22 Summer Blonde Hair Colors To Show to Your Colorist ASAP

22 Summer Blonde Hair Colors To Show to Your Colorist ASAP

The summer is approaching and it makes us want a lighter, brighter and more vibrant hair color to match the sunny days. If you’ve been enjoying deeper hues during the colder months, now’s the perfect time to add some sunshine to your tresses—a whole new color or a simple change of hue can breathe fresh life into your look.

Read on for the hottest summer blonde hair colors of the year, along with tips on how to achieve and maintain them.

1. Golden Blonde


Nothing says summer like golden blonde hair color. Add a beautiful glow to your complexion with this radiant shade that suits a wide range of skin tones, particularly those with warm undertones.

2. Sand Blonde


Sand blonde is a subtle shade that will give a natural warmth to your hair. Opt for balayage techniques for a natural, sun-kissed effect that perfectly matches this color, and refresh with toning treatments to prevent brassiness.

3. Butter Blonde


Soft and creamy butter blonde complements fair to medium skin tones. To maintain this velvety shade, TLC is your best weapon, starting with regular deep conditioning.

4. California Blonde


California blonde is a blend of highlights and lowlights, with lots of brightness near the face. This beachy shade makes us think of the summer sun, but to protect your color from fading, apply a leave-in UV protectant before exposure.

5. Syrup Blonde


The trending syrup blonde is a rich, dimensional color that looks especially amazing on deep, warm skin tones. It’s low maintenance, and you can keep it extra shiny with regular glossing appointments.

6. Dark Blonde


Brighten your dark blonde hair with highlights and make it more dimensional and lively. The perfect summer-inspired look.

7. Bronze Blonde


This warm and deep shade straddles the border between blonde and brunette, and its copper tones look incredible on warm medium skin tones. It sits around level 7-8, so if you have dark hair, achieving it isn’t as difficult as some lighter shades.

8. Platinum Blonde


The icy cool of platinum blonde makes it unexpected for the summer, but this chill shade knows no season. It’s extremely high maintenance, though, and it takes commitment to keep it looking good.

9. Strawberry Blonde


Sweet and pretty, strawberry blonde hair is a luscious blend of gold and rosy hues. It’s a vibrant shade that looks best on warm and neutral skin tones.

10. Vanilla Blonde


Pale vanilla blonde strands interwoven with deeper tones create a multidimensional look that has both a natural and dramatic effect.

11. Old Money Blonde


Hues that scream rich and sophisticated continue trending, and this shade hits just right. It’s a very elevated, natural-but-better shade of blonde that’s both cutting-edge and classic.

12. Champagne Blonde


Sparkling, bubbly champagne blonde is a glamorous shade that will leave everyone breathless, but it requires quite a bit of upkeep. Use color-enhancing shampoos and conditioners to buy some time between salon appointments.

13. Beige Blonde


Everyone’s favorite beige blonde might be a bit too matte for the summer, but this subtle look is perfect if you’re looking for something understated.

14. Baby Blonde


Soft and delicate baby blonde is fresh and youthful. This light and airy shade is created by blending pale blonde tones with hints of platinum and pearl.

15. Ash Blonde


Cool, muted and coveted by all, ash blonde is an edgy choice for the summer. This modern shade will create a striking contrast against warm summer skin tones.

16. Sun-Kissed Blonde


Sun-kissed blonde is summer for the hair with its shiny, golden hues. Its natural-looking highlights and soft tones will brighten your eyes and give your skin a healthy glow.

17. Warm Blonde


When choosing the hair color, you’ll get the most flattering results if it matches the undertones in your skin. Warm blonde looks luxurious and modern on warm skin tones, while it may look yellow next to cool skin.

18. Caramel Blonde


The rich, muted caramel blonde especially packs a punch when paired with seamless root shadow. Achieve this look with balayage on naturally darker base or by applying a darker shade to the roots.

19. Millennial Blonde


Lived-in bright blonde is still a favorite among the millennials and beyond, especially when paired with a wavy textured lob. This look isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

20. Milk Tea Blonde


One of the softest, most delicate hair colors, milk tea blonde is a medium beige shade that looks amazing if your skin has cool undertones and spectacular if you have neutral-toned skin. To wear it if your skin is warm, add a few warmer-toned strands near the face to create balance.

21. Grunge Blonde


All things ’90s are wildly popular, including grungy blonde hair. This gritty throwback trend consists of undone blonde with lots of roots showing.

22. Dirty Blonde


Dirty blonde is a low-maintenance, effortless shade that perfectly matches the laid-back vibe of the season. This muted hair color has a natural and lived-in look that’s perfect if you want to spend the summer without focusing on your hair.