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20 Most Adorable Rubber Band Hairstyles For Kids

20 Most Adorable Rubber Band Hairstyles For Kids

Little girl hairstyles are all cute in their own way, but those with rubber bands are especially adorable! You can never have too many ideas to style your little girl’s hair, so here are 20 pretty rubber band hairstyles for kids that you can make for school, birthday parties, beach days, or any other occasion you have in mind!

1. Rubber Band Hairstyle With Colorful Beads

When your daughter says she wants a unique, non-ordinary hairstyle for a special day, one including rubber bands, this is a style you must try! Colorful rubber bands paired with colorful beads will make her the star, no matter what the event is!

2. High Updo With Rubber Bands And Butterfly Clips

On some days, there’s nothing better than tying a little girl’s natural hair into a high updo, keeping all her big hair off her face. When an updo like this includes pretty rubber bands and butterfly clips, it transforms into a dreamy little girl hairstyle!

3. Heart Rubber Band Pony Style

It’s hard to say what part of this style is the cutest: the pretty rubber bands, the heart-shaped hair, or the bow hair tie on the ponytail. One thing is for sure – any little girl will go crazy over this adorable hairstyle!

4. Front Flip-Through With Connected Ponytails On The Sides

This one is really easy to create, and you don’t have to be experienced in hair styling. A front flip-through with connected ponytails on the sides is the perfect hairstyle when you’re running short on time and need a quick idea for your daughter’s hair for a school day.

5. Fun Rubber Band Ponytail Style

The combination of blue and orange rubber bands on this super cool ponytail is amazing! Your kid is going to love it, and I predict that her school friends will ask their mothers to give them the exact same hairstyle the next school day!

6. Rubber Band Pigtails Style

Pigtails are one of the favorite hairstyles for school that we all wore back in our childhood, and little girls worldwide continue to love this trend today. To make it even more fun, you should add colorful rubber bands and bow hair ties.

7. Faux Fishtail Pull-Through Braid

Elegant and pretty, but still fun and cool when you add rubber bands, this faux fishtail pull-through braid is a must-add to your list of favorite hairstyles for your kid.

8. Half-Up Rubber Band Style

When your daughter says she wants her hair off her face, but not completely tied up into an updo, create this lovely half-updo with rubber bands for her.

9. Double Bubble Ponytails

A bubble ponytail is another classic you can always rely on as a go-to style when you’re out of inspiration or short on time. To spice it up a bit, use a combination of two cool colors for the rubber bands, like blue and yellow. You can pair one of the colors with your little girl’s outfit to make the entire look extra cute.

10. Rubber Band Puffs Style

Natural hair looks so beautiful when it’s styled into puffs, especially when you tie them with hair ties that match the colors of the mini braids’ rubber bands in the front.

11. Halo Bubble Braid

You can also use rubber bands to create stunning halo bubble braids, making your little girl look like a fairytale princess.

12. Zigzag Part And Bubble Braids

There are many creative ways to make bubble braid hairstyles with rubber bands, and here’s a very cool one: a zigzag part with two bubble braids.

13. Top Buns Rubber Band Style

Create this fun look by using rubber bands to style her hair into top buns. This will show off your little girl’s pretty face and let her enjoy her fabulous hairstyle.

14. Rubber Band Braids Into A Side Ponytail

Is your daughter tired of always wearing a low or high ponytail? It’s time to shake things up! Create a stylish side ponytail combined with colorful rubber band braids and watch her enjoy her hair like never before!

15. Pull-Through Braid With Rubber Bands

If years of motherhood to a little girl have turned you into a skilled braid maker, you simply must try this pull-through braid with rubber bands!

16. Dutch Braids With Rubber Bands

Dutch braids are a classic hairstyle that you and your little girl can both wear. To make it especially girly and youthful, add rubber bands.

17. One-Strand Pull-Through Braid

You’re running late, trying to get both your girl and yourself ready for the day, and she reminds you her hair isn’t done. How can you make the best out of the situation in the fastest way possible? Create this one-strand pull-through braid using rubber bands. I’m sure your daughter will love it!

18. Two Little Side Topsy Tail Braids

Here’s another easy and quick kid’s hairstyle that’s still so pretty it will look like you’ve put in a lot of effort: two little side topsy tail braids.

19. Front Row Of Ponies Into A Front Side Ponytail

This is probably the easiest hairstyle with rubber bands on our list, but it’s still pretty and effective—just simple enough for an ordinary school day.

20. Rubber Band Hairstyle Into A High Messy Bun

A rubber band hairstyle into a high messy bun offers a nice and creative way to keep your girl’s long hair out of her face all day while still looking gentle and stylish.