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22 Jaw-Dropping Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair: Get Your Dream Look!

22 Jaw-Dropping Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair: Get Your Dream Look!

The dress is ready, the makeup is thought out, and all that is left is a hairstyle to make your prom appearance just perfect. Luckily, long hair gives you endless styling options. Take a sneak peek into this article and find a prom hairstyle that will have all eyes on you the moment you step through the doors!

1. Half Up With A Messy Bun

The half-up, half-down look is something you can’t go wrong with if you have beautiful long hair. Adding a messy bun on top makes the whole hairstyle richer and more appealing.

2. Low Wavy Ponytail

A classic low ponytail, enhanced by long wavy locks and a few strands of hair as a face frame, is a great choice for thick hair. Too good!

3. High Bun

If you are going for an effortless and romantic look, this messy bun has your name on it. It’s perfect for dresses that cover your upper body, as it helps to open up your face more.

4. Boho Pull Through Braid 

If you are in the mood to turn heads, go with this amazing pull-through braid. This style will give you a boho vibe and voluminous look, and it will certainly make your entrance unforgettable!

5. Big & Soft Styled Bun

So neatly and beautifully intertwined, strands of hair make this long hair up-style breathtaking. A simple bun is turned into a work of art. It’s absolutely stunning!

6. Big Braided Bun

Recreate an Oscars hair moment for your prom. If you have natural, long, Afro-textured hair, this skillfully crafted braided bun is made for you. It’s red carpet-worthy!

7. Classic Loose Fishtail Braid 

classic loose fishtail braid

A fishtail braid is really magic in itself. This classic, sleek yet loose braided look is deeply elegant, and it adds a refined touch that will match any dress perfectly.

8. Side French Braid & Bun

Look at the way this side braid seamlessly transitions into the bun, emphasizing the hair’s beauty and texture. A timeless look that is super trendy!

9. Chic Updo

The first words that come to mind upon seeing this hairstyle are ‘Oh là là!’ Side bangs with a bun on top of the head seem so simple yet so unique. Absolutely chic!

10. Ultra High Bun

You know the saying, ‘The higher the hair, the closer to God.’ Well, ’60s hairstyles are trending, and we are loving every minute of it. Bold and beautiful.

11. Crown Braid & Waves

Do you want a princess moment without wearing a crown? Style one out of braids. This look is perfection and something truly prom-worthy.

12.  Black Hair Box Braids

Long box braids styled to perfection. Although these braids are a common choice for Afro-textured hair, they can also be braided on other hair types. Ravishingly trendy!

13. Bow Era

When you want something unseen and unique, go with this bow updo that is modern and trendsetting. It’s a fashion-forward and absolutely cute hairstyle that will be remembered.

14. Wavy Half-Up

Simplicity is always a great way to go. There’s nothing like long, wavy hair to complement any prom outfit of your choice. Perfectly on-point.

15. French Twist Bun

A silky French bun is both classic and ultra-trendy, the epitome of elegance. These two hair clips elevate the whole look and make it even more sophisticated.

16. Elevated Pull-Through Braid 

17. Side Swept Hair & Waves

Voluminous Hollywood waves and a side-swept hairstyle with tiny dazzling bobby pins make this style red carpet-worthy. If you want to feel like a movie star on your prom night, this is the hairstyle for you.

18. Low Silky Bun

A timeless classic that never fails. It’s definitely a gown-complementing choice for your dance celebration. Works great as a prom or wedding hairstyle. This is one forever glamorous look that never goes out of style.

19. High Ponytail

There is something about the ponytail that screams confidence. Whether it’s wavy or sleek, you are bound to look radiant and chic.

20. Curly High Bun

Curly hair and a high bun are a match made in heaven. The high bun amplifies the natural beauty of this naturally curly hair. This is prom hair goals!

21. Hairband & Low Bun

No matter if you decide to go with a delicate or robust headband, the princess look is guaranteed. Headbands are really accessories that can make you feel like royalty.

22. Chic Curly Updo

A side-swept high bun, where a part of the bun serves as side bangs. Truly an avant-garde updo that is incredibly gorgeous.