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20 Quick Updos For Medium Hair To Help You Get Ready Easily

20 Quick Updos For Medium Hair To Help You Get Ready Easily

It seems that we’re all lacking time and running late constantly. You’re wondering how anyone can manage to have a good hair every day, since there’s so little time and you’re not so good with the inspiration part, either. Medium hair can be especially demanding here, and you might think that having it down is the only way with this length.

It’s time to see the light because there are ways to style your hair up without spending hours on it! Take a look at these 20 quick updos for medium hair that will change your hair-styling routine.

1. High Ponytail

A high ponytail can be your secret weapon for any fancy occasion, as well as a stylish everyday look. Leave the framing pieces in front to frame your face beautifully.

2. Low Bun With A Cute Headband

You’ll need less than a minute to create this low bun, and only a second to add the headband with a charming floral print that makes all the difference!

3. Low Ponytail With Two Scrunchies

What to do with your annoying hair that just doesn’t cooperate? Create a low ponytail and decorate it with two large scrunchies. It’s not only stylish and chic but also a major time-saver!

4. Low Bun With A Scarf

Use a scarf to transform a simple low bun into something more interesting. Here are the steps to this classic but cute hairstyle:

• Wrap your hair in a ponytail, then loop one end of the scarf through the elastic

• Move the short end of the scarf and twist your ponytail with the long end

• Wrap the twist around the base of the ponytail, tie the ends of the scarf together, pull and pin

5. Middle Curly Ponytail

Taming curly hair can be challenging. On days when you prefer it away from your face, simply pull it back into a mid-height curly ponytail, and you’ll also get yourself a cute style.

6. Claw Clip Updo

All you need is a quality claw clip to master this effortless look. It gives off a fresh-out-of-the-shower vibe, and, at the same time, remains one of the timeless classics for easy, everyday updos.

7. French Braids Into Messy Buns

You’re skillful at braiding and want to spice things a little bit? Try creating French braids and then fashioning them into messy buns. This will definitely add a playful twist to your everyday style!

8. Layered Bun

Use this layered bun for your next fancy event to save both time and money on a hairstylist! Apply hair oil to achieve a sleek finish and fix it in place with hairspray.

9. Dutch Braids

On those days when you’re pressed for time and can’t even wash your hair, Dutch braids come to the rescue. They’re not only a fantastic solution for managing unwashed hair but also give you an effortlessly cute and youthful look.

10. Space Buns

Age is just a number! Remind yourself what it feels to be young and free with these cute space buns.

11. High Updo With Bangs

A bit messy and very much stylish – you cannot go wrong with this high updo. Bangs are the highlight of this upstyle and make it look so stunning!

12. Bubble Braid

You don’t need very long hair to nail the bubble braid trend. This style presents a chic alternative to the standard ponytail and is even easier to create than a regular braid.

13. Side Braid With Cute Headband

The side braid is casual and effortless: all that’s left to do is add a pretty headband to get an adorable upstyle.

14. Sleek Bun

Whether it’s for a professional work updo, a date night with your husband, or a fancy girls’ night out in the city, the sleek bun is an excellent choice for any occasion!

15. Braid Into A Low Bun

A braid that ends in a low bun is a perfect hairstyle for hot summer days. Adding a pretty scarf can make this look for your medium-length hair even more charming.

16. Messy Curly Bun

Your curls are so authentic and gorgeous that you can really get a stylish hairstyle in a few simple steps! Pin your curly hair up into a messy bun, leaving two strands of hair on the sides of your face for an effortlessly cool look.

17. Low Updo With A Ribbon

Add a touch of style and a whisper of romance by decorating your low updo with a cute ribbon.

18. Low Ponytail With A Scarf

Tie your low ponytail with a colorful hair scarf to feel a vibe of a sunny spring day.

19. Stylish Bun With Framing Layers

If you’re looking for an ideal modern and stylish look, this one’s for you. Wrap your hair into a sleek messy bun and let the layers naturally frame your face.

20. Half-up Half-down Updo

Can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down? Why not opt for the best of both worlds? A half-up half-down updo is both elegant and casual, suitable for your daily errands as well as a lovely evening out.