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The Side Ponytail Is Back And Better Than Ever

The Side Ponytail Is Back And Better Than Ever

The side ponytail is back and it just got a major upgrade.

Not just a blast from the past and no Disney channel vibes—this is the modern, grown-up version of a classic hairdo that’s subtle, cool and ready for anything from the runway to a coffee date.

Take a peek at the many faces of this timeless hairstyle; it might be just the inspo you need.

1. Braids Into A High Side Ponytail


Gathering your braids into a ponytail is an easy way to look fab while keeping your hair in place, and a high side pony is how you get that extra cute look.

2. Messy Low Side Ponytail


Step one, spritz some (a lot of) texture spray. Step two, scrunch your hair until you really fluff it up. Step three, gather it into a messy, low side ponytail full of volume. Step four, welcome the art of controlled chaos and look cute on the most casual days.

3. High Wavy Slick-Back Side Pony


Can’t decide between looking polished and playful? You’re lucky because a high wavy side ponytail with a sleek base is both. Use a strong-hold gel to slick it back and let the waves casually fall over your shoulder.

4. Low Side Pony With Wrapped Base


Keep it simple, but not too simple. Smooth away flyaways and secure your low side pony an inch away from the roots. Take a section of hair at the underside of the ponytail, twist it around itself then wrap around the base, creating a cool rope effect.

5. Long 4C Side Ponytail Weave


Why keep those amazing curls in the back where no one can see them? Place the base of your pony a little off-center to make it easier to throw your long tresses over one shoulder and show them off.

6. Wavy High Side Ponytail


This is a look that says you’re laid-back, but you mean business. Create beach waves, tie your pony high on top of your head and toss it over the shoulder.

7. Low Side Pony With Accessory


Giving a personal touch to your simple low pony is as easy as adding an accessory. This edgy black chain gives the look a high-fashion vibe, where a pastel bow wold make it look delicate and romantic.

8. Low Sleek Side Ponytail


It takes a lot of product to make this low sleek side ponytail as silky and shiny as this. Smooth it out with a straightener after applying heat protectant, tame flyaways with gel or hairspray and finish it all off with a shine serum for the ultra-glossy look.

9. French Braid Into Low Ponytail


This French braid into low side pony is the kind of gorgeous every formal ponytail hairstyle wants to be. Start the braid at the crown and let it seamlessly transition into a low side ponytail. Loosen slightly for a more romantic look.

10. Loc Side Ponytail


Rock your locs in a high side pony that brings your hair forward to frame your face. Regularly applying a lightweight scalp oil will keep your locs moisturized and healthy, so you’ll want to show them off.

11. Wavy Low Side Ponytail


Here’s an easy one that simply works: a wavy slicked-back low side ponytail. The soft waves soften the effect of the sleek hairline but the overall look is still polished.

12. Mid-Height Curly Side Ponytail


Defined curls and elegant edges—this is next level glam. Placing your pony around mid-height gives your curls enough space to bloom without taking the attention away from your face.

13. Dutch Braid Into Low Side Pony


This Dutch braid into low side ponytail is an essential boho look. Start your braid at the temple, take it as low as you like, then tie with an invisible elastic. Gather the rest of your hair and toss it over your shoulder.

14. Curly Side Ponytail With Bangs


This cute voluminous side pony and the curly bangs are all about the gorgeous defined curls and face framing.

15. Low Side Pony With Side Part


Sometimes, less is more. This understated low side ponytail with a side part is as elegant as it’s simple. The key is in the details: use a fine-tooth comb for a clean part and secure the ponytail near the roots to keep it neat.

16. Super-High Side Ponytail


This super-high side ponytail is so casually cool. But don’t go too sleek: make it a little imperfect to look carefree instead of like you’ve tried too hard.

17. Low Curly Side Ponytail Weave


Make your parting ultra-sleek to contrast those curls and really make them pop. Oh, and this glam look is super easy to DIY. Here’s a tutorial.

18. French Braid Into Pony With Bangs


The classic French braid into low ponytail will always make us think about romance, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular low ponytail wedding hairstyles.

19. Low Curly Side Ponytail With Pin


Don’t underestimate the power of hair accessories and a little effort. The hair pin and the thick braid at the crown have transformed a regular side pony from basic to special.

20. Low Side Pony With Bangs


A low side ponytail with bangs is as versatile as it gets. This look could work as something you wear to the gym and as a prom ponytail hairstyle—and wouldn’t look out of place at either. Keep it in your arsenal!

21. Bubble Side Ponytail With Clips


Add a little bling to a bubble braid side ponytail to make it different. Go for the style of accessories that match your outfit or your mood to express yourself—and look good doing it.

22. Slick-Back Wavy High Side Pony


Wrapping a thicker section of hair around the base of your ponytail will upgrade it from an everyday style to a runway-worthy look. This technique works especially well with a side pony, as you can see.