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The 20 Most Iconic Short Wavy Hairstyles For Women

The 20 Most Iconic Short Wavy Hairstyles For Women

Styling short wavy hair has never been more fun with different hair accessories, braids, and textures! These short wavy hairstyles for women have it all – they are inspiring, chic, and to the point. I present to you the most iconic hairstyles for short wavy hair!

1. Choppy Short Wavy Bob

Choppy layers on short wavy hair create a blunt, edgy texture synonymous with a youthful aesthetic. Opt for highlights and a deep side part to make this hairstyle look even more stylish. (And don’t forget to thank me later.)

2. Wavy Blunt Cut With Caramel Highlights

Blunt cut features chopping your entire mane the same length. This haircut is especially recommended to those with thin hair because it makes your hair look fuller. Adding trendy caramel highlights will enhance the texture of your wavy hair and add depth to your wavy strands.

3. Short Wavy Hair With A Dutch Fishtail Braid

Apart from looking stylish, Dutch braided hairstyles make wavy hair look more textured. Here’s how to do a simple Dutch fishtail braid:

• Split your hair into two sections.
• Grab a smaller piece of hair from one section and then cross it over to the other. Do the same for the opposite side.
• Continue alternating left and right sides until you have a few inches of hair left.

Congrats, you’re done!

4. Tousled Short Waves With A Pearl Hair Pin

To create a tousled short wavy hairstyle, wrap the sections of your hair around a curling iron. When done, run your finger through the curls to blend them. Spice up your hairstyle with a decorative hair pin of your choosing.

5. Intense Copper Wavy Bob

Copper hair, don’t care! Seldom things can elevate your style game like a copper wavy bob can. This beautiful shade will bring out the best in your wavy hair. Pro tip: apply some hair oil for a glossy effect.

6. Color Blocking Short Wavy Hairstyle For Women

Color blocking is a hair trend that features combining contrasting colors that look amazing on short wavy hairstyles. Pick your favorite contrasting hues and get ready to earn lots of compliments with this unique hairstyle.

7. Royal Purple Balayage

Royal purple is a darker shade of purple that looks best on darker hair. If you’re a brunette looking to spice up your hairstyle, royal purple balayage will do the job!

8. Blunt Cut With Heart Hair Pins

Spice up your blunt cut with heart hair pins to give off those cute, sassy vibes no one can stay indifferent to. Also, using hair pins to keep your hair tucked behind the ear is a great, fashionable hair hack that might inspire others to do the same.

9. Wavy Pink-Orange Gemini Hair

Gemini hair is a two-tone dye job that gives you plenty of space for experimenting with different shades. For a bolder look, choose more vivid hair colors like intense orange and pink. If you want to rock a more subtle version of Gemini hair, then opt for pastel shades. As always, the choice is yours to make!

10. Textured Wavy Hair With Chunky French Braid

Hello, stylish lady! Textured wavy hair with a chunky French braid is one of those simple, breathtaking hairstyles that can be done in just a few minutes. One thing is for sure: this hairstyle looks magnificent on highlighted wavy hair.

11. Twisted Updo For Short Wavy Hair

A twisted wavy updo will accentuate your features and make your hairstyle more personalized. To achieve this hairstyle, all you need to do is twist two sections of your hair. Use bobby pins to secure your hairstyle.

12. Wavy Undercut Pixie Cut

This inspiring haircut is reserved for edgy ladies who want to make their wavy hair look more voluminous and textured. The platinum blonde shade will give your undercut pixie cut ethereal vibe. Combining edgy and ethereal is a bold choice of style.

13. Soft Waves With Flower Hair Pins

If you want to achieve a soft, romantic look, soft waves with flower hair pins are the way to go. I suggest combining contrasting colors to make the hairstyle look more dynamic. For example, if you have darker hair, opt for hair pins of lighter shades and vice versa.

14. Glossy Old Hollywood Waves

Old Hollywood waves will help you unlock those vintage vibes and transform your hair into a voluminous, breathtaking piece of art. To rock this hairstyle, you’ll need to wrap the sections of your hair around the curling iron in the same direction, tease your hair at the crown, and use lots of hairspray.

15. Twisted Half-Up Half-Down Short Wavy Hairstyle

A twisted half-up half-down wavy hairstyle will enhance the texture of your wavy hair and stylishly secure your wavy mane. What more could you ask for, right?

16. Voluminous Short Wavy Hairstyle

A voluminous wavy mane with a stylish hair pin gives you the best of both worlds: stunning style and mega volume. Use hair gel to make your side part sleek for a contrasting look.

17. Pixie Mullet Wet Hair Look

A pixie mullet features a bold cut with shorter layers on the sides and longer on the back. The best is that this type of haircut looks flattering on almost every face shape.

18. Hollywood Glam Waves With A Deep Side Part

Hollywood glam waves will turn you into a real diva, while a deep side part will soften your features. I daresay that this hairstyle has everything a lady with short wavy hair needs.

19. Bronde Short Wavy Hair

Trendy bronde hair color is a blend of darker (brown) and lighter (blonde) shades that create a dimensional look on short wavy hair. Apart from that, this is a low-maintenance hair color meaning you’ll be able to avoid frequent salon visits.

20. Elegant Low Bun For Short Wavy Hair

Even short wavy hair can rock an elegant bun which is perfect for every occasion. Pulling out a few pieces at the hairline will help you achieve a face-framing effect. Gorgeous.