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23 Alluring Short Wavy Hair Ideas To Try In 2024

23 Alluring Short Wavy Hair Ideas To Try In 2024

One of the main reasons we’re so in love with short wavy hair is that it’s easy to style and maintain which is perfect for those who lead active lifestyles. Furthermore, short wavy hair exudes fun, free, and flirty vibes. Whether you’re looking for a classy or edgy style, I’ll help you find the most flattering short wavy hairstyle for you!

1. Wavy Bob With Caramel Highlights

Hello, sassy lady! If you want to add dimension to your brown hair and achieve a face-framing effect, then opt for a wavy bob with caramel highlights. It’s one of the most natural-looking hairstyles that exudes fun and effortless vibes!

2. Multi Tonal Brunette Short Wavy Hair

Combining lowlights and highlights will add depth and dimension to your short wavy hair. As a result, your hair will look fuller and voluminous. Perfection.

3. Blunt Cut Wavy Bob

Unlike layered hair, blunt cut features chopping your entire mane to the same length. A cut without layers (read: blunt cut) looks best on straight or wavy hairstyles. Also, this type of cut creates the illusion of volume on thin and fine hair types.

4. Light Copper Short Wavy Hairstyle

A beautiful light copper shade adds warmth to fair skin with cool undertones. Needless to say, it’s one of the most attractive hair colors for short wavy hairstyles. So, what are you waiting for?

5. Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair

A classic bob cut is a godsend for those with thin, wavy hair because it makes your hair look more voluminous and textured. For an extra layer of volume and dimension, opt for blonde highlights.

6. Short Haircut For Thick Wavy Hair

Short layered haircuts make thick hair bouncier by removing some of the weight and bulk. If you have thick hair, a layered bob will improve the shape of your mane and fashionably frame your face.

7. Bronde Short Wavy Haircut

When it comes to styling your short wavy hair, keep in mind that wavy hair types don’t like heavy styling products like creams and gels. Instead, you should opt for lightweight styling products like mousses and foams to prevent hair from weighing down. (You can thank me later.)

8. Shaggy Wavy Bob

The wavy shag bob haircut features the collarbone length of a bob and shaggy layers. With the volume at the crown, this haircut can transform any thin or fine hair into a fuller, voluminous mane. (It even rhymes!)

9. Cowboy Copper Wavy Short Hairstyle

Cowboy copper hair, don’t care! The viral cowboy copper hair trend is all about celebrating the perfect warm blend of copper and brown that looks so natural on every hair texture. With cowboy copper, anyone can turn into a real ginger overnight. Yup, this hair color combo is that powerful.

10. A-Lined Bob With Choppy Layers

Say hello to the A-line bob! This reinvented wavy bob haircut falls longer in the front than in the back and it’s one of the most flattering hairstyles for a youthful aesthetic. And yes, you are free to choose whether you want to rock an A-lined bob at a bold or slight angle. Choose wisely!

11. Short Wavy Haircut With Choppy Bangs

Unlike blunt bangs, choppy bangs are more textured and defined. Choppy bangs give short wavy haircuts an effortless, flirty vibe that cannot go unnoticed. To enhance the texture of your short wavy hair, opt for vivid hair color choices like cobalt blue or bright red.

12. Face-Framing Lob

Also known as a long bob, a lob is a variant of a bob haircut. I always say that lob is neither too short nor too long. It perfectly frames every face shape and also creates a slimming effect on round faces.

13. Graduated Wavy Bob

Unlike an A-lined bob, a graduated bob has lots of layers in the back. These angled layers help create a graduated, sharper look and give an oomph of volume to your wavy hair.

14. Gray ‘n’ Black Short Waves

A layered bob haircut enhances the natural texture of your wavy, gray hair. The key lies in playing with different hair partings. If you want to achieve a voluminous effect, opt for a no-part or a side part. Generally, you should avoid center parting because it can add a few years.

15. Blonde Wavy Pixie Cut

Hello, edgy lady! A wavy pixie cut is reserved for those who want to rock a bold and fun look. You can make this haircut even more personalized by choosing bold hair colors.

16. Shaggy Bob With Asymmetrical Bangs

A shaggy bob with asymmetrical bangs has two main jobs: to accentuate your eyes and make your wavy hair look more textured. Okay, this haircut also helps frame your face but this is its job by default, right?

17. Shoulder-Length Wavy Hair With Layers

Layered shoulder-length wavy hair is a perfect choice for those who don’t want a pixie or classic bob haircut. Also, shoulder-length is the best length for tucking your hair behind your ear. Hair tuck behind ear trend keeps your hair out of your face in a fashionable way.

18. Textured Wavy Bob

As the name implies, a textured wavy bob makes your wavy hair look more textured. This haircut is best styled with lightweight products. Oh, I almost forgot! You can combine this haircut with shaggy layers to achieve more volume.

19. Dirty Pink Short Haircut For Wavy Hair

When life gives you hair colors, dye your hair dirty pink! Dirty pink short wavy hair with blunt bangs is a real head-turner that will earn you lots of compliments. Pro tip: this hair color goes best with green and brown eye color shades.

20. Platinum Blonde Short Wavy Haircut

The platinum blonde shade gives your short waves that ethereal vibe without trying too hard. Combining platinum blonde with lowlights (darker shades) will add natural depth and dimension to your hair in a subtle way.

21. Feathered Wavy Bob

A feathered bob features lots of flowy layers that fall shorter in the back. This haircut is especially beneficial to those with thick hair because feathered layers make it look less bulky.

22. Classic Wavy Bob With Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs fall straight across your forehead and they don’t have feathered or wispy ends. A classic wavy bob with blunt bangs is bound to give you that mysterious, seductive vibe in the most effortless way possible.

23. Layered Wavy Bob With Highlights

If you want to add dimension to your layered wavy hair, then opt for good old highlights. Besides that, highlighting your hair creates the illusion of a thicker mane. Yaay!