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20 Sunkissed Brunette Hair Color Ideas For A Radiant Look

20 Sunkissed Brunette Hair Color Ideas For A Radiant Look

Sunkissed brunette hair mimics what the sun does to your hair, and it’s one of the most popular color combinations, especially for the summer season. Brunette hair has never looked so radiant with the most beautiful sunkissed tones perfect for all hair lengths and texture. So, if you want to rock an illuminating look, I’ll help you find the best style for your mane!

1. Brunette Balayage With Blonde Money Piece

Brunette balayage is a popular coloring technique for achieving a shimmering, sunkissed look. The blonde money piece is a lighter section of hair around the face you should add to the brunette balayage for a complete look.

2. Brunette Hair With Caramel Highlights

Unlike classic blonde highlights, caramel highlights are a bit darker but also help you achieve the desired sunkissed look. Unlike summer blonde hair colors, pairing brunette hair with caramel highlights is a more subtle way of highlighting and enhancing the texture of your hair.

3. Dimensional Sunkissed Bronde Hairstyle

To achieve a dimensional sunkissed look, I suggest combining lighter and darker shades of blonde with brunette base color. This hair color combo is one of the most natural-looking, so don’t be surprised if someone asks whether this is your natural hair after an extended period of sunbathing.

4. Sunkissed Brunette With Face-Framing Layers

If you want to achieve a radiant mermaid look with a sunkissed effect, you should combine blonde highlights with layers. Layers contribute to creating an effortless look thus making your hair look more voluminous. A mermaid haircut is another great option for a complete, sunkissed appearance.

5. Sunkissed Shimmering Brunette

Long wavy hair is the epitome of a classic sunkissed look, so consider wrapping a few sections of your hair around a curling iron to achieve effortless, beachy waves (unless you already have wavy hair).

6. Sunkissed Brunette Lob Cut

Even though long waves look breathtaking on sunkissed brunette styles, this doesn’t mean you can’t rock a shorter version of an equally stunning sunkissed brunette look. Yes, I’m talking about the famous lob cut which stands for a longer bob cut.

7. Sunkissed Golden Brunette Tousled Waves

Golden blonde and brown are a match made in heaven and create a perfect sunkissed look without much effort. To create a tousled wavy hairstyle, wrap the sections of your hair around a curling iron. Then run your finger through the curls to blend them.

8. Brunette With Highlights Blunt Cut

If you have thin hair, I suggest choosing a sunkissed brunette blunt cut. A popular blunt cut features cutting your entire hair the same length which helps create the illusion of thicker hair.

9. Sunkissed Brunette Color With Long Beach Waves

The sunkissed brunette long beach waves hairstyle is not only a perfect choice for the summer season but any other occasion from formal to casual. You can choose whether you want your highlights to start from the root or lower.

10. Bronde Soft Waves

Adding blonde highlights to brunette hair creates a dimensional look, and the best way to accentuate your hair color combo is by styling your hair into soft or beachy waves. After all, soft waves are synonymous with a beachy, carefree look.

11. Sunkissed Bronde Waves With Face-Framing Layers

If you want to create a voluminous, sunkissed hairstyle with a face-framing effect, adding blonde highlights, layers, and, of course, face-framing layers (or curtain bangs) will do the job. Enjoy your new hairstyle!

12. Long Soft Bronde Waves

Bronde is a combination of blonde and brown which helps create a natural-looking sunkissed look without much effort. Besides that, the bronde hair color combo enhances the texture of your natural hair.

13. Layered Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

If you want to add layers to your long brown hair with blonde highlights, I suggest long layers for a seamless, sunkissed look. On the other hand, adding short layers to short hair will make your hairstyle look more dynamic.

14. Dark Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights

Sunkissed brunette hair with caramel highlights has warm honey tones that shimmer in the sunlight. This hairstyle is a godsend for those who want to create a radiant appearance.

15. Brunette With Beige Blonde Highlights

If you want a hairstyle reminiscent of a day spent at the beach, brunette hair with beige blonde highlights is the way to go! This charming hairstyle gives off carefree, beachy vibes and it’s also elegant at the same time.

16. Brunette Hair With Blonde Highlights

Brunette hair with blonde highlights is infused with soft, sunkissed highlights that create an effortless, sophisticated style. This hairstyle is an absolute perfection in every sense of its meaning.

17. Brunette Hair With Blonde Babylights

Babylights are delicate white-blonde highlights perfect for achieving a sunkissed look. Brunette hair with blonde babylights features a subtle, natural look with plenty of depth and dimension.

18. Brunette Copper Blonde Waves

Adding soft copper-blonde tones to brunette hair will result in a radiant sunkissed look perfect for summer days. If you want to create a breathtaking fusion of colors, then this hairstyle is for you.

19. Brunette Balayage With Curtain Bangs

Brunette balayage adds depth and dimension to brunette hair, while curtain bangs stylishly frame the face. With this sunkissed brunette hairstyle you can both accentuate your best features and add a soft, romantic touch to the overall look.

20. Brown Wavy Hair With Curtain Bangs And Blonde Money Piece

Here’s a recipe for the most stunning sunkissed brunette hair: combine lighter and darker blonde highlights with trendy curtain bangs and blonde money piece to create a striking contrast between brunette and lighter blonde tones and achieve a face-framing effect. Rocking the brunette hair with the money piece trend will always be in trend.