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18 Most Popular 90s Haircuts That Are Back In The Game 

18 Most Popular 90s Haircuts That Are Back In The Game 

We know that every season comes with an itch to switch things up. This time, the itch is to revive the iconic 90s haircut that gives that voluminous, fluffy look.

I’ve rounded these 18 cuts from the 90s that made an epic comeback and surely won’t stop trending for a long time. It’ll refresh your look and provide bounce and volume to the hair.

1. 90s Butterfly Cut

As layers and voluminous look are the most eminent features that have defined this decade, it’s reasonable that the butterfly cut is declared one of the most iconic cuts from the 90s.

The long layers that fall below the shoulders give the illusion of long hair, and these short layers around the chin are responsible for that face-framing effect and voluminous look.

2. 90s Blowout Haircut

Here is the result of the layers-good blowout combo. Perfection! This glam look from the 90s is perfect for formal and special occasions, just as it is for everyday wear. 

3. 90s Face-Framing Layers

These layers are cut strategically around the perimeter of the face to soften some harsh facial features. Also, they add volume and texture to the hair, which is particularly beneficial for those with thin hair.

4. 90s Fluffy Haircut

According to social media and my personal experience, this is the favorite look of the 90s for most women. Many layers are cut with different lengths to bring in the fluffy volume, remove weight, and give the hair that amazing silky-smooth feel.

5. 90s Mid-Length Haircut

Back in the 90s, short and medium lengths have stolen the spotlight. Most famous ladies had mid-length layered hair rich in volume and bounce.

6. 90s Bob Haircut

Blunt bob was definitely a huge trend back then, and it’s staging a comeback right now. This simple and sleek style is cut straight around the head without any visible layers or bangs.

This type of bob represents a perfect choice for all those ladies who don’t have time to worry about styling their hair because it’s practically effortless. It’s the stylish, low-maintenance hairstyle most of us long for.

7. The Claudia Schiffer Cut

Here is what happens when a person personifies a look. Nobody was able to rock the 90s layers the way Claudia Schiffer did.

The long layers add so much volume to the hair and give that effortless, tousled look. Also, these wispy, softly-feathered bangs add a special vibe of youthfulness to this haircut.

8. Wispy Curtain Bangs And Long Layers

These skinny, wispy bangs are one of the styles the 1990s are known for. The good news is that they also came into vogue again.

These wispy, almost-curtain-bangs and long layers are a match made in heaven because the layers create more volume and movement, while the fringe adds softness and balance to the overall look.

9. 90s Mushroom Cut

The secret to the amazing bowl/mushroom cut uniqueness lies in its versatility. It features short hair cut evenly on the sides and back, leaving the top length longer. It works for different hair types and textures and is perfect for women who like experimenting with their hair.

10. 90s Wolf Cut

I heard many times that this wolf cut from the 90s is the trendiest haircut this year, and you know what? I can finally agree because I see it literally everywhere. 

The wolf cut is all about volume and layers, suits all face shapes, and is perfect for those who want to emphasize their natural hair texture.

11. Winona Ryder Inspired Cut From The 90s

Back then, most people wondered how Ms. Ryder had such short hair that was so full of volume and movement. And we now know that it’s all thanks to the loose, textured layers. The more layers you add, the more voluminous, fluffier effect you’ll get.

12. 90s Bixie Haircut

The 90s Bixie cut features a shaggy bob/pixie with tones of small, choppy layers that achieve a more textured, dimensional, and overall voluminous look. This bold, pretty low-maintenance style is slowly taking over the fashion industry again.

13. Iconic 90s Pixie Cut

Halle Berry

Halle Berry totally pulled off the Pixie cut in 1992, and she inspired us all and is still inspiring to try it! When it comes to styling, you can experiment as much as you want, but you can also leave your natural hair texture, and you’ll still achieve that fabulous, ultra-modern look. 

14. 90s Lob With Money Piece

Here is a perfect example of a chic haircut from this decade. Money piece highlights were popularized in these years, and they’re another reason we should be thankful for the 1990s.

Among several advantages this face-framing hair color technique has, the most important ones are enhancing the skin tone and drawing attention to the eyes.

15. The 90s Textured Haircut

If you want to jazz up your boring hair and give it more texture and movement, here is a surefire way to achieve it. Subtle layers along the ends and face-framing layers make this look more sophisticated and gorgeous.

16. Long Bouncy Layers

Long layers should be your go-to option if you’re seeking a way to add texture and bounce to a simple, basic cut. Besides bounce and volume, these layered ends can give you the illusion of fuller hair if you have thin hair. 

17. Layered Peach Shag

The 90s were all about promoting natural, born-with-it hair colors, so we can consider this a modern twist on the classic, layered shag from this period. It’s a modish, youthful vibe that can warm up your complexion.

These choppy, short layers boost the volume and leave a bold statement. The best thing about this cut is that it’s pretty low commitment, and you have the absolute freedom to style it however you want or let your natural hair texture do its job.

18. 90s Men’s Haircut

The main adjective to use when describing men’s haircuts from the 1990s is self-expressiveness. From stylish curtain haircuts to cool top fade cuts, those styles symbolize individuality, self-expression, and a rebellious aesthetic.