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The Chicest Black And White Hair Styles To Make You Stand Out This Season

The Chicest Black And White Hair Styles To Make You Stand Out This Season

You know what they say: you can never go wrong with black and white. They’re basic colors and look good on everyone. But about black and white hair? Well, it’s a statement-making color combination that leaves no one indifferent.

1. Black And White Split Dye On Shoulder-Lenght Hair

If you want to spice up your shoulder-length hair, this is the perfect way to do it. A black and white split dye has a wow effect and it’s a shade you’ll never get tired of.

2. White Balayage On Black Hair

White balayage on black hair is a more subtle option. Nevertheless, it’s no less beautiful. In fact, it gives off elegant, classy vibes.

3. Black And White Hime Cut

A hime cut is, without a doubt, the most trendy hairdo of the season. It originates from Korea but it found its way to the West as well.

4. Black Hair With White Curtain Bangs

If you think of chop curtain bangs, I have an idea how to upgrade your cut: dye them white, especially if you are already a black-haired girl.

5. White Long Bob With Black Tips

If you choose a white long bob cut with bangs and black tips, one thing is for sure: you’ll have a unique hairstyle and everyone will want to copy you.

6. Black Curly Bob With White Babylights

I guess we’re not done with bobs. And why would we be when they look so astonishing? If you don’t believe me, just check out this curly bob with white babylights.

7. White Hair With Black Color Blocks

I have to warn you: if you want white hair with black color blocks, I advise you to find a skilled hair colorist because this is not the easiest dye job in the world.

8. White Blunt Bob With Black Dip Dye

If you want a modern take on a traditional cut, blunt bob, here’s the inspo pic you should show your colorist: white blunt bob with black dip dye.

9. Zig-Zag Black And White Color Blocks

Here’s another magnificent work of a skilled colorist: zig-zag black and white color blocks. It’s an edgy, and cool look that will make you look younger than ever.

10. Black And White Hair For Older Ladies

Speaking of hairstyles that will make you look younger… Black and white hair for older ladies should be your go-to style especially if your grays are showing since this is great coverage.

11. Half Black Half White Bohemian Braids

Bohemian braids are a trendy upgrade on classic box braids. They incorporate box braids and wavy, loose strands.

12. Black And White Dutch Braids

There are more black-and-white braided hairstyles worthy of your attention. If you don’t believe me, check out these Dutch braids you’ll fall in love with right away.

13. Black And White Split Dye On Bob Cut

A black and white split dye looks stunning on all haircuts and this bob cut is living proof of that. It’s a great way to make your dull style more interesting.

14. Black And White Curly Pixie Cut

Here’s another awesome idea for those of you who prefer simple cuts: a pixie cut that never goes out of style. Spice it up with a combination of black and white.

15. Silver Balayage On Black Hair

Silver balayage on black hair is the best gray coverage you can think of. It is elegant, low-maintenance and trendy.

16. Black And White Split Dye On Long Curly Hair

Long curly hair can never go out of fashion. But if you’re looking for ways to skyrocket this classic style, go for a black-and-white split dye.

17. Black And White Bangs

You’re not sure if black and white hair is too much of a commitment for you? Don’t worry, I have a solution for you: start with black and white bangs. If you like the combo, it’s easy to start from there and dye the rest of your tresses.

18. Black Hair With Chunky White Highlights

Chunky highlights were the “it” trend of the 90s and they’re back in fashion. If you really want a fresh look, go with white chunky highlights on black hair.

19. Pearly White Money Piece On Jet Black Hair

Here’s another vogue look: black hair with a money piece. But let me tell you a little secret: a white money piece looks the best on black hair.

20. Black Shaggy Cut With White Bangs

A shaggy cut is low-maintenance and it gives you a relaxed, careless “I woke up like this” look. Adding white bangs to it will work like a charm and make you look even cooler.

21. Black Hair With Platinum Gray Underdye

Platinum gray gives a breathtaking contrast to jet-black hair. I’ll be honest: it’s not the easiest style to maintain but just look at how fabulous it looks.

22. White Hair With One-Sided Black Money Piece

You’re looking at a unique, upgraded version of a typical money piece: a one-sided black money piece on white hair. One thing is for sure: this style isn’t for everyone.

23. Panda Black And White

A panda black and white hairstyle is over-the-top. It’s a dope, funky hairstyle made for all of your girlies who like to experiment with their locks.

24. Black And White Gradient On A Bob Cut

A gradient black and white combination on a bob cut is the most elegant variation of this pairing. It’s a professional look that allows you to express your wild side.

25. Cute Black And White Hairstyle

The thing about black and white hair is that it offers you so much variety. Even a simple braid like this one gets a new dimension when paired with these shades.