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These 30 Black Hair With Highlights Trends Are Calling Your Name

These 30 Black Hair With Highlights Trends Are Calling Your Name

Single-tone hair is so last year, especially if we’re talking about boring, dark hair. Therefore, if you want to give your locks a fresh, updated look, adding at least one more shade is the way to go. But what to choose exactly? Well, these 30 black hair with highlights inspo-pics might help you out.

1. Ashy Balayage On Black Hair

Ashy balayage on black hair might be exactly what you need to turn your style into pure perfection. It’s low-maintenance and it looks great on every haircut.

2. Caramel Highlights

Caramel hair color is one of the most popular shades of the season. And that’s exactly why you should choose it for your highlights.

3. Cowboy Copper Highlights

Speaking of trendy hair colors, it would be unfair to skip the “it” shade of the year: cowboy copper. Just look how awesome it looks on the black base.

4. Pastel Pink Babylights

One thing is for sure: pink highlights will never go out of style. However, if you don’t want to make too big changes, pink babylights are your number one choice.

5. Cool Tone Foilayage

If you have fair skin and are looking for black hair with highlights ideas, you’ve found your match made in heaven: cool tone foilayage.

6. Violet Highlights On Black Pixie

It’s easy to get sick and tired of your classic black pixie, no matter how beautiful the cut itself is. Well, to avoid that from happening, I strongly suggest adding violet highlights.

7. Subtle Blonde Highlights

I think that blonde highlights are the most versatile hair color out there. But if you’re looking for blonde highlights on dark hair inspo pics, this is the one for you.

8. White Highlights

White highlights on black hair are definitely striking. If your gray hair has already started to show, white color will go awesome with it.

9. Blonde Highlights On Naturally Curly Hair

Do you have naturally curly black hair? If the answer is yes, blonde highlights will help you define your curls and make it look more texturized.

10. Blonde Face-Frames On Black Lob

A long bob cut, or a lob, is always a good idea, especially if it comes in black color, with blonde face-frames as a cherry on the top.

11. Blue Highlights On Raven Black

Raven black can be “tough” to wear for some facial features. The best way to soften and balance the color is to add blue highlights.

12. Red And Blonde Highlights

Women around the world have gone crazy over red and blonde highlights on black hair. And once you see this inspo pic, you’ll join the club.

13. White Blonde Money Piece

White blonde money piece on black hair is exactly what your style needs if you want your gorgeous face to be accentuated.

14. Yellow Blonde Highlights

Remember when I told you that blonde highlights are extremely diverse? Well, a yellow shade is one of those numerous options.

15. Rainbow Highlights

Rainbow highlights are not the easiest style to maintain, especially if you put them on a black base. But they sure will get your more fun and confidence.

16. Rainbow Ombre

Rainbow ombre on black hair gives off an adventurous, easy-going vibe. No matter how old you are, this style will make you look and feel younger and fresher than ever.

17. Mermaid Rainbow Underdye

A similar thing can be said about the mermaid rainbow underdye. This style is funkier but it’s also more difficult to maintain.

18. Black And Rainbow Split Dye

Okay, technically, black and rainbow split dye isn’t black hair with highlights ide but I know you couldn’t have forgiven me if I hadn’t shown you this unique photo.

19. Vibrant Color Block On Black Pixie

What if you end up not liking a vibrant color block on a black pixie cut? Well, you’ll just chop it off and continue with your life.

20. Violet And Pink Bangs And Face-Frame

Wow! Violer and pink bangs and face frame is an edgy hairstyle not meant for everyone. But if you’re brave enough to pull it off, what’s stopping you from doing so?

21. Platinum Ombre In Black Curly Bob

Platinum blonde ombre in a black curly bob sounds chic and fancy, doesn’t it? Well, it looks even better!

22. Black Hair With Highlights Transformation

Speaking of hairstyles that look good… How could one stay immune to this breathtaking transformation? I bet you’re already booking your next hair appointment.

23. Fiery Orange Balayage

While you’re at it, tell your hair colorist that you would love to try this fiery orange balayage on your black hair. You can thank me later.

24. Dark Sunset

What does this combination of colors remind you of? That’s right, it looks so similar to a dark sunset and it’s as amazing as it sounds.

25. Orange Sherbet Face Frames

Orange sherbet face frames are flattering for women who have different complexions and skin undertones. But the trick is for your hair colorist to adjust shades of orange to your skin hue.

26. Hot Pink Face Frames

If you’re looking for a massive change, this is your sign to get hot pink face-frames on your long, black hair.

27. Red Wine Balayage

On the other hand, a red wine balayage is a more subtle transformation. But it isn’t any less beautiful, that’s for sure.

28. Ashy Violet Balayage Transformation

Ashy violet balayage looks best on girls with a cool skin undertone. Just be careful because this hairstyle requires a skilled hair colorist.

29. Fall Balayage Transformation

Here’s the perfect combination for fall: black hair with brownish highlights of different shades. This style gives your locks depth and dimension.

30. Unicorn Highlights

On the other hand, unicorn highlights give all that with an extra spice of fun and adventure. It’s a great choice if you want to completely transform your look.