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50 Hairstyles With Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

50 Hairstyles With Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Blonde highlights on dark hair are a spectacular new trend you’ll absolutely love if you want to upgrade your style. The contrast between the two gives you a chance for an eye-catching look you’ll never get tired of!

1. Blonde Highlights On Dark Red Hair

I bet you could have never imagined blonde and dark red going together. Well, this inspo pic is about to change your mind.

2. Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

Who would have thought that blonde highlights are this flattering on dark brown hair? It’s the contrast that gives this hairstyle so much richness.

3. Honey Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Honey blonde highlights on dark hair are a great choice for all of you beautiful girls with warm skin tones. If you don’t believe me, just look at this amazing hair.

4. Ash Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

On the other hand, ashy blonde highlights are more suitable for women with cool skin undertones. But what matters in both cases is the dark base.

5. Light Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

If you find a skilled hair colorist, they won’t have a problem with giving you light blonde highlights, no matter your base color.

6. Platinum Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

The platinum blonde never goes out of fashion, especially if it’s combined with a dark base. Upgrade your hair with this amazing style.

7. Dark Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

You’re not ready to go all the way blonde? No problem! Dark blonde highlights on an even darker base should be your top pick.

8. Blonde Face-Framing Highlights On Dark Hair

Face-framing highlights have the incredible power of accentuating your cheekbones and jawline, no matter your hair length.

9. Blonde And Caramel Highlights On Dark Hair

This hairstyle has it all: caramel, dark brown, and blonde. With this combination, you’ve covered all the trends in the hair industry right now.

10. Thin Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

If you’re sick and tired of your boring brown hair, thin blonde highlights are just the thing for you. The best thing about them is that they’re incredibly low-maintenance.

11. Icy Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Here’s a blast from the past: icy blonde highlights on dark brown or even jet-black hair. Well, this old trend is back in fashion.

12. Thin Caramel Highlights On Brunette Hair

These thin caramel highlights are not just an effortless way to upgrade your entire look. They’re also here to give your hair depth.

13. Blonde Highlights On Dark Round Bob Cut

Blonde highlights are not reserved for long tresses only. Just look at how good this combination of colors looks on a bob cut.

14. Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair For Black Women

What if you have a darker complexion? Do blonde highlights on dark hair suit you? Absolutely yes!

15. Blonde Balayage On Bronde Hair

If you’re a bronde girl, and your base color is somewhere between blonde and brown, you need lighter blonde highlights to create the desired contrast.

16. White Highlights On Black Hair

Speaking of contrast… just look at this inspo pic and see how amazingly well white highlights look on extra dark hair.

17. Blonde Highlights With Money Piece On Dark Hair

The ’90s are back and they have brought the iconic money-piece hairstyle along. Let this coloring bring you back to your youth.

18. Brunette Balayage

When you think of balayage, I bet that blonde balayage is the first thing that comes to your mind. Well, that won’t be the case anymore once you try this brunette balayage.

19. Chunky Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Chunky blonde highlights make dark hair look much thicker and give it the illusion of depth and dimension.

20. Beige Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Beige-blonde highlights are for gentle, girly girls with dark hair. If this is something you could easily relate to, go for it.

21. Ash Bronde Highlights On Dark Hair

We’ve already talked about ashy blonde highlights. But have you ever heard about ashy bronde? You can thank me later.

22. Soft Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Soft highlights are for all those ladies who want a change but don’t want to invest a lot of money, time, and effort into the coloring in the future.

23. Smokey Mushroom Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Smokey mushroom blonde highlights will give your dark hair a mysterious touch and will give you a whole new appearance.

24. Dimensional Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

If you have a thin or fine hair type, you must add a bit of depth and dimension to it. And that’s exactly what these highlights are here to do.

25. Ash Highlights On Hazelnut Hair

Get ready to wow everyone around you with the ultimate combination of hazelnut hair and ashy highlights.

26. Copper And Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

The trick to this hair coloring is for the copper and the blonde highlights to be intertwined and to complement each other.

27. Ash Blonde Highlights On Dark Medium-Length Hair

You can’t wait for your hair to grow back and you need inspiration on how to make it more fun until that finally happens? Well, you’ve just found one.

28. Blonde Highlights On Edgy Short Curly Dark Hair

Are you brave enough to undergo a complete transformation? If the answer is yes, just show this pic to your hairstylist.

29. Blonde Highlights On Warm Chestnut Hair

Warm chestnut hair is breathtaking but I understand if you got bored of it. Instead of dyeing all of your tresses, just add some blonde highlights to it.

30. Blonde Ombre On Dark Roots

Sick and tired of constant root retouches? Well, who isn’t? Luckily, I’ve found the best possible solution for your problem.

31. Blonde Foilyage On Dark Hair

The foilyage coloring technique will make you look and feel like you’ve just gotten a fresh set of tresses. Just make sure to find a skilled hair colorist.

32. Textured Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Textured blonde highlights are another way to make your hair look thicker than ever since they’ll give it much-needed movement.

33. Creamy Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

With these creamy blonde highlights, you get to have a beachy look all year round. How awesome is that?

34. Popping Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

If you pay close attention, you’ll see that blonde highlights are just casually popping from the model’s dark hair. Do they remind you of sun rays?

35. Funky Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Let’s get wild. Unleash the funky, flirty, fun beast inside of you. I mean, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

36. Blonde Highlights On Shoulder Length Dark Hair

I can promise you one thing: your shoulder-length hair never looked better! Blonde highlights gave her a completely new life!

37. Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair For Women Over 50

If you’re in your 50s and looking for inspiration for your new look, you’ve just found one. Stay in trend with this incredible pairing.

38. Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair Transformation

This is the perfect example of what blonde highlights on dark hair can do to your hair. If I haven’t convinced you until now, I know this transformation will.

39. Blonde Highlights On Dark Curly Hair

Want to add some spice to your dark curly hair? Blonde highlights should, without a doubt, be your first choice.

40. Blonde Highlights On Dark Layered Hair

Layered hair has been the ultimate trend for some time now. And that means you simply must combine it with another trend: blonde highlights on dark hair.

41. Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair For Women Over 40

If you’re a lady in your 40s, looking for a low-maintenance yet beautiful look, you’ve just found your match made in Heaven.

42. Blended Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Just check out this masterpiece. The highlights transformed this bob cut, making it look multidimensional and therefore much more volumnious.

43. Blonde Highlights On Dark Feathered Hair

Remember what I told you about the ’90s? Well, the same goes for the ’80s, as well; at least, when it comes to feathered hair.

44. Blonde Highlights On Short Dark Hair

Your short dark hair will look cuter than ever if you add a splash of color to it. And by color, I mean blonde highlights.

45. Strawberry Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Dare to be unique and different and experiment with this breathtaking hue of strawberry blonde. One thing is for sure: everyone will ask you where you got your idea from.

46. Blonde Highlights On Dark Latina Hair

Dark Latina hair will look even better with carefully colored blonde highlights. They will bring the freshness you needed to your style.

47. Blonde Highlights On Dark Pixie Cut

You’ve decided to chop your tresses off but that’s not a change enough for you? Add some blonde highlights to your pixie cut.

48. Rose Gold Highlights On Dark Hair

Here’s another way to be blonde but to stand out from all the other blondes surrounding you: rose gold shade of highlights.

49. Bleach Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

I have to warn you: bleached blonde color requires some extra hair care. However, if you are ready for this commitment, you’ll have a hairstyle nobody can stay indifferent to.

50. Subtle Blonde Highlights On Dark Non-Binary Cut

Add a bit of fun to your non-binary cut with these subtle blonde highlights on your dark base color. Trust me, you’ll love it!