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60 Popular Burgundy Hair Color Ideas Dominating 2024

60 Popular Burgundy Hair Color Ideas Dominating 2024

Burgundy hair color is a beautiful mixture of brown and purple tones. These two hues combined give a one-of-a-kind shade of wine red you’ll absolutely love!

1. Dark Burgundy Hair Color

The dark burgundy hair color is mysterious yet classy and intriguing. What woman could resist this stunning shade?

2. Burgundy Plum Hair Color

Burgundy plum hair color is the “it” shade of the season. Trust me when I tell you that the entire hair industry has gone mad about this hue.

3. Deep Burgundy Hair Color

At first glance, someone might think that your hair is black. But once they take a second look, they’re up for a surprise.

4. Burgundy Magenta Hair Color

If you’re into magenta hair color (a blend of purple and red), here’s the most beautiful shade out there: burgundy magenta hair color.

5. Burgundy Hair Color With Highlights

Dyeing your base burgundy and adding some highlights is always a good idea, especially if you’ve grown tired of your base color.

6. Burgundy On Black Hair

Here’s a pro tip: if you’re putting burgundy on black hair, always use a slightly lighter shade to get the desired effect due to the base’s darkness.

7. Brown Burgundy Hair Color

Brown burgundy hair color is for all of you who are still not sure about their transformation. It’s a great transition shade.

8. Black Burgundy Hair Color

Welcome to the darkest hue of burgundy: burgundy black hair color. It’s more beautiful than the classic black and it’s easier to maintain.

9. Burgundy Hair Color On Black Girl

No matter your complexion and skin undertone, burgundy hair looks extraordinary on everyone. African-American ladies love it the most.

10. Burgundy Ombre

If you want to keep your root’s health intact, I strongly suggest you get a burgundy ombre instead of dyeing your entire hair this color.

11. Medium-Length Burgundy Hair

It’s time to make your medium-length hair spectacular. And there is no better way of doing it than by dyeing it burgundy.

12. Rose Burgundy

Rose burgundy is a romantic and gentle hair color that looks great on all skin undertones and complexions.

13. Intense Burgundy

If you really want to make an impression with your hair color, intense burgundy should be your top pick.

14. Burgundy Coke

Burgundy Coke is not so easy to maintain. But I know I wouldn’t mind the trouble if I’d end up looking like this.

15. Sangria Burgundy

Sangria burgundy, just as its name says is juicy and intoxicating at the same time. It’s perfect for girls with warm skin undertones.

16. Wine Burgundy

On the other hand, wine burgundy is more flattering for girls with lighter complexion and cool skin undertones.

17. Burgundy Bob Cut

Burgundy bob cut is one of the most classic hairstyles out there. However, it doesn’t make it any less modern.

18. Burgundy Balayage

You’re not in trend if you have never had balayage, are you? Well, now it’s time to step up your game and get yourself a burgundy balayage.

19. Feathered Burgundy Hair

Haven’t you heard? Feathered hair is back in fashion, especially if you pair it with a trendy hair color, such as burgundy.

20. Natural Burgundy

Natural burgundy hair color is extremely rare. However, if you want to achieve a natural look, you can. All you need is a skilled hair colorist.

21. Ultra Long Shiny Burgundy Hair

There is only one way to describe this ultra-long shiny burgundy hair: flawless. This is the ultimate inspo pic for when you’re searching for burgundy hair ideas.

22. Different Shades Of Burgundy

Look at this piece of art! It really is much more than simply hair dyeing; achieving this color is mastery!

23. Burgundy Curly Lob

Are you ready for a big change? The burgundy curly long bob is calling your name!

24. Burgundy Transformation

Here’s what the right choice of hair color and a crafty hair colorist can do to your tresses and to your entire look.

25. Red Burgundy

We all loved red burgundy back in the ’90s. Well, it’s time for this hair color’s big comeback.

26. Burgundy Hairstyle With Braid

Here’s an inspo-pic for all of the ladies who already have burgundy-colored hair: ask your stylist for this braid and accentuate your color even more.

27. Subtle Burgundy

There is a power hidden in this subtle burgundy: it changes depending on the light. Here’s a secret: it looks the best under the Sunlight.

28. Rainbow Burgundy

Are you brave enough to pull off this rainbow burgundy? If the answer is yes, I don’t know what else you’re waiting for.

29. Soft Burgundy For Older Ladies

Soft burgundy is an excellent choice for all the older ladies out there. It offers great gray coverage and it’s low-maintenance.

30. Burgundy With Pastel Pink Money Piece

Check out the funkiest hairstyle in this collection: burgundy with pastel pink money piece. It’s for the bravest only!

31. Shoulder Length Burgundy Hair

Are you waiting for your hair to grow back or you’re simply enjoying your shoulder length? Either way, dye your locks burgundy.

32. Burgundy Hair With Black Underdye

We’ve already established one thing: burgundy and black are a great match. But they look the best with the black as the underdye.

33. Midnight Burgundy Hair

It’s luxurious, elegant, and chic. That’s right, I’m talking about midnight burgundy which is an ideal choice for the season.

34. Deep Burgundy Brown

Deep burgundy brown is quite similar; it’s just a bit brighter than the previous color. Nevertheless, it’s equally beautiful.

35. Cherry Burgundy

Only passionate women who have life figured out have what it takes to pull off this appealing shade of cherry burgundy.

36. Burgundy Knotless Braids

One thing is for sure: your knotless braids never looked better. Here’s a pro tip: keep the roots darker.

37. Burgundy Bixie Cut

If you can’t seem to decide between a pixie and a bob cut, it only means one thing: it’s time for a burgundy bixie cut.

38. Ginger And Burgundy Fusion

But what if you can’t decide between burgundy and ginger hair? You put them both on your dark base!

39. Naturally Curly Burgundy Hair

If you choose to dye your naturally curly hair burgundy, don’t forget to keep it hydrated due to frequent retouches.

40. Burgundy Pixie Cut

You’re looking at the hottest pixie haircut of all time. That’s right, it’s the burgundy pixie cut.

41. Burgundy Red With Copper Pops

It seems that copper hair color is all around us. Well, it’s time to beat everything to it and introduce a unique shade: burgundy with copper pops.

42. Ashy Burgundy

You would think that ashy burgundy looks good on girls with cool skin undertone only. And that is where you would be wrong.

43. Black Hair With Burgundy Money Piece

This burgundy money piece on a black base color is so delicate and yet so powerful. I know I couldn’t get myself to forget about it since the very first time I saw it.

44. Cherry Cola Burgundy

Does this cherry cola burgundy remind you of a certain cartoon character? That’s right, I’m talking about Jessica Rabbit.

45. Burgundy Ponytail

The burgundy color looks awesome combined with almost all hairstyles. Ponytail is definitely one if them.

46. Black And Burgundy Pixie Cut

We’re not done with pixie cuts! I know you wouldn’t want to miss this black and burgundy pixie cut for the world.

47. Burgundy Auburn

You know what else I know? That we all love auburn hair color. Well, I promise you that you’ll love burgundy auburn even more.

48. Red Burgundy With Blonde Bangs

Red burgundy with blonde bangs is another funky hairstyle bold women will love. Try it and see for yourself.

49. Black Hair With Burgundy Babylights

Want to freshen up your dark hair but you’re not ready for some major changes? Black hair with burgundy baby lights is the right choice for you!

50. Dark Hair With Burgundy Highlights

Dark hair and burgundy highlights are a match made in heaven and this inspo pic is here to prove that!

51. Burgundy Dutch Braids

I already told you: that burgundy hair color looks amazing, no matter the hairstyle. Of course, Dutch braids are no exception.

52. Burgundy Short Curly Cut

Burgundy short curly cut is great for every day wear as well as for special occasions. Just make sure to keep your color fresh at all times.

53. Burgundy With Dark Roots

Burgundy with dark roots gives your locks depth and dimension. And it’s easier to maintain it this way.

54. Blonde Bob With Burgundy Underdye

If you want to be under the spotlight wherever you show up, a blonde bob cut with burgundy underdye should be your top pick.

55. Burgundy Wavy Hair

Burgundy wavy hair is easy to maintain and it looks beautiful. It looks like a win-win situation to me.

56. Black And Burgundy Blend

How sophisticated and high-fashion does this black and burgundy hair look? It’s reserved for special ladies only.

57. Layered Burgundy With Curtain Bangs

If you want to put the focus on your beautiful facial features while making your hair look thicker, burgundy layers with curtain bangs are your thing.

58. Mulled Wine Burgundy

Mulled wine burgundy is an astonishing hair color that looks good on everyone, especially on warm-skinned girls.

59. Plum Burgundy Balayage

You’ve already seen how spectacular plum burgundy looks like. Well, plum burgundy balayage is another level of beautiful.

60. Long Blonde Hair With Burgundy Underdye

Peek-a-boo burgundy under long blonde hair is a real game-changer. If you’re adventurous, I’m sure it’s your cup of tea.