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40 Top Cherry Red Hair Ideas To Try In 2024

40 Top Cherry Red Hair Ideas To Try In 2024

It’s juicy, tasty, mystique, glamorous, powerful, and sophisticated color. That’s right, I’m talking about cherry-red hair— I know you’ve guessed it right away. And now you have the chance to see its full richness.

1. Dark Cherry Red Hair

If you want to achieve the legendary Snowhite look, and already have a fair, cool complexion, all you have to do is add some dark cherry red to the equation.

2. Cherry Coke Red Hair

Now you can finally have two of your favorite tastes mixed together on your hair: cherry and Coca-Cola.

3. Bright Cherry Red Hair Color

Is this a low-maintenance hair color? Sadly, it’s nowhere near that. But if you use a color-protecting shampoo, you can save yourself many retouching appointments.

4. Black Cherry Red Hair

Here’s another hair color that is difficult to maintain but definitely worthy to have. A pro tip: always wash your hair with slightly cooler water to keep your color from fading away.

5. Medium Cherry Red Hair

If you’re looking for a book example of cherry red hair color, this is it. Pair it with a trendy cut and you’re good to go.

6. Deep Cherry Red Hair Color

Remember how I described cherry red hair color as mysterious? Well, I was talking about this hue: deep cherry red.

7. Cherry Red Hair With Pink Money Piece

Here’s something for all the girls who have been wearing their cherry red for some time and are looking for ways to refresh it: add a pink money piece to it.

8. Plum Cherry Red Hair

I’m not biased when I say that this is a better version of the classic plum hair color since it has red tones that make it even more spectacular and warmer.

9. Dark Cherry Red Unicorn

Dark cherry red unicorn hair color will make you look like a fantasy character. You know, the one you dreamt of becoming when you were a child.

10. Cherry Wine Red Hair

Here are some more wine shades in your hair. But can anyone really resist them combined with a cherry-red hue?

11. Black Hair With Cherry Red Money Piece And Bangs

Adding red to your black hair is, without a doubt, the best way to update your style. But adding cherry red is an extra level.

12. Cherry Red Burgundy Hair

If you have a golden or peachy skin undertone, cherry burgundy hair color will accentuate your beauty and your incredible complexion.

13. Cherry Red Curly Hair

Curly hair has never looked better. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

14. Long Shiny Cherry Red Hair

Wouldn’t this hairstyle be a dream-come-true for every woman in the world? Well, start repairing your hair and dye it cherry red.

15. Hot Cherry Red

I’ll be honest: this hair color needs frequent retouching appointments. And it washes out pretty fast. But if you’ll end up looking like this, it’s worthy a try.

16. Ultra Dark Cherry Red

If you’re a fan of black hair in the heart but are scared of going all the way jet black, ultra-dark cherry red is the perfect alternative.

17. Velvet Cherry Red

Maroon, red, burgundy, black, and violet… All of these hair colors join together to form the ultimate shade: velvet cherry red.

18. Shoulder-Length Cherry Red

Have no idea what to do with your hair since you’re in desperate need of change? Show this inspo pic to your hairstylist.

19. Violet Cherry Red Hair

This hair color is somewhere in the middle of cherry red and violet and that’s why only the greatest hair colorists know how to achieve it.

20. Cherry Red Highlights On Dark Hair

What do you get when you put cherry red highlights on dark hair? A breathtaking hairstyle you fall in love with at first sight.

21. Cherry Red Middle-Part Bob

If you want to add a captivating touch to your classic haircut, dyeing your middle-part bob cherry red is an ideal option for you.

22. Ruby Cherry Red

I hope you’re not tired of difficult-to-maintain cherry red hues because this is one of the most complicated ones. But it’s one of the most attractive ones, as well.

23. Cherry Red For Women Over 50

Don’t want to get too funky? Worry not, here’s a solution: keep your cut and get subtle cherry red highlights.

24. Cherry Red And Blonde Babylights On Light Brown Hair

This hairstyle is a real composition of all sorts of hair colors. There are different shades of blonde, light brown, and of course, cherry red.

25. Cherry Red Pixie Cut

It’s time to update your pixie haircut and spice things up a bit. Trust me, the ideal way to do so is to dye your hair cherry red.

26. Cherry Red Hair For Young Girls

What if your teenager wants to dye her hair and you’ve already allowed it? This shade of cherry red is perfect for her age since it’s subtle yet gorgeous.

27. Cherry Red Balayage On Black Hair

You’ve already seen how amazing a cherry red hue looks on black hair. But the combination you see on this inspo-pic is something else.

28. Subtle Cherry Red

Subtle cherry red won’t be too much of a change for you but it will still make your hairstyle more interesting and mesmerizing than ever.

29. Cherry Red Wavy Bob

If you have a cherry-red bob cut, make sure to wave it without using heat. Otherwise, you’ll risk damaging your locks.

30. Cherry-Kissed Lob

A strike of cherry red hair color is more than enough to transform your entire hairstyle and this is exactly what’s going on in here.

31. Cherry Red Beach Waves

Guess what? Beach waves don’t include blonde hair only. On the contrary, they might look even better with an appropriate hair color.

32. Cherry Red With Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are the easiest type of bangs to maintain. Most importantly, they go amazingly well with cherry red hair color.

33. Edgy Black And Cherry Red Cut

Here’s one of the boldest cherry red haircuts nobody will stay immune to. It helps you express your individuality while looking smoking hot.

34. Creamy Cherry Red

Creamy cherry red will make you look gentle and adventurous at the same time. Also, it’s flattering for both cold and warm skin tones.

35. Natural Cherry Red

If you’re into a natural look, ask your hairstylist for this hue. Trust me, everyone will think you were born with it!

36. Cherry Pink Coke

Can’t decide between cherry red and pink hair? Luckily, you don’t have to because I present you with the solution to your problem.

37. Middle-Length Cherry Red

If you feel like you’re out of ideas to style your medium-length hair, it will be more than enough to dye it cherry red.

38. Smokey Cherry Red

Smokey cherry red hair is actually deep cherry red’s fraternal twin. But what matters is that both shades look spectacular.

39. Cherry Red Wolf Cut

If you want to stand out from the masses and nourish your uniqueness, cherry red wolf cut is calling your name.

40. Bright Cherry Red With Black Underlights

Underlights are a huge hit in the hair industry. But black underlights on cherry red hair top all other combinations.