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60 Trendy Red And Black Hair Ideas

60 Trendy Red And Black Hair Ideas

You’re having second thoughts and can’t decide between red and black hair? Luckily, I have a solution to your problem: get the combination of both! This way, you’ll get a versatile hairstyle and the best of both hues.

1. Black And Red Short Hair

Short hair is a piece of cake if you have enough imagination. Or in this case, if you have the right inspo-pic.

2. Red Ombre On Black Hair

Red ombre on black hair will make everyone stare at you. In a good way, of course, since everyone will want to know where you got the inspiration for this unique hairstyle.

3. Blonde And Red Highlights On Red Hair

There is a lot going on in here, I’ll admit that. But with each layer, this hairstyle gets better and better.

4. Half Red And Half Black Hair

I won’t lie to you: half-red and half-black hair isn’t the easiest thing to maintain. But if you’ll end up looking like this, it’s definitely worth it.

5. Red And Black Peekaboo Hair

Peek-a-boo hair comes in different shapes and forms. But if I’m being honest, this one is my favorite yet.

6. Bright Red Money Piece And Highlights On Black Hair

What’s the base color here and what are the highlights? Does it really matter? What’s important is that it looks awesome.

7. Black Ombre On Red Hair

You’ve already seen red ombre on black hair. But what if the tables turn? Well, a black ombre on red hair looks equally awesome.

8. Red, Black And Silver Hair

It has blonde silver, black, and red colors. It sounds like a perfect match to me, doesn’t it?

9. Black Hair With Red Underdye

At first glance, you have typical, classic black hair. But then, voila, there is a surprise waiting for everyone: a red underdye.

10. Harley Quinn Split Dye

Finally, you can look like your favorite character Harley Quinn. You just need to show this inspo pic to your hair colorist.

11. Black Hair With Red Block

Red blocking on black hair is chic and badassy at the same time. Looks like a perfect hairstyle for a girl like you.

12. Red Balayage On Black Hair

Blonde balayage might be the most popular coloring technique right now but if you want to stand out of the masses, red balayage on black hair should be your choice.

13. Black Hair With Red Money Piece

This red money piece will accentuate all of your beautiful facial features while making you look younger than ever.

14. Red And Black Chunky Strands

I know you’re used to chunky highlights. But this is more than simple highlights; these chunky strands of hair are next level.

15. Long Straight Red And Black Hair

If you don’t want to mess up with your cut but are craving change, just go for red and black hair. You can thank me later.

16. Black To Subtle Red

How elegant is this black to subtle red hair? It will allow you to look professional while also providing diversity to your style.

17. Black Bob Cut With Fiery Red Tips

Fiery red tips on black hair are the best choice for those of you who are scared of damaging your hair’s health. They will be gone soon enough either way.

18. Black, Red, And Copper Hair

Is black, red, and copper too much color on your locks? Honestly, for many, the answer is yes. But if you’re a bold girl, you’ll know how to rock this style.

19. Magma Red And Black Hair

If you’re fiery and fierce like a magma, this is the perfect combination of hues for you. Make sure to pair the color with this modern cut.

20. Black Hair With Pinkish Red Tips

Want to add a dash of adventure to your look? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place and found the right hairstyle to help you do it.

21. Wine Red Highlights On Black Hair

Wine-red highlights will give your hair a touch of mystery. This color screams luxury and old money.

22. Blood Red On Black Base

Haven’t you heard? The Princess is out of the picture and the red-headed evil witch is the most popular Disney hero now.

23. Red Balayage On Black Medium Length Hair

One thing is for sure: red balayage on black medium-length hair is a real head-turner. Everyone will fall in love with your hair the moment they see you.

24. Cherry Red On Black Base

Is cherry red on a black base too contrasting? Not if you’re into vivid hair colors and want to truly refresh your style.

25. Red And Black Butterfly Cut

A layered butterfly cut will make your hair look thicker than ever. And if you want to add some dimension and depth to it, use this combination of colors.

26. Copper Color Blocking On Black Hair

Your black hair will never look better than with copper color blocking. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

27. Bright Red Bangs On Black Hime Cut

Here’s an interesting fact: the word Hime means Princess or a noblewoman. What does this have to do with a hairstyle? Well, this is the style ladies of higher birth wore during the Heian period and it’s about time you join them.

28. Black And Magenta Hair

Magenta hair color is, without a doubt, the ultimate hair color of the season. And it looks even better when paired with black.

29. Fiery Red Hair With Black Patterns

There is only one word to describe this red hairstyle with black patterns: wow. It’s flattering for Goth girls who enjoy drawing attention.

30. Red Chunky Highlights On Black Hair

Speaking of attention, this combination of colors will surely bring you a lot of it. Nobody will stay immune to this style.

31. Black Hair With Hot Red Bangs

Red bangs, in contrast to black hair, will accentuate your gorgeous face. This look is made for girls with big, fluffy cheeks.

32. Black, Blue, And Copper Hair

This is the right moment to refresh your hairstyle. Cutting your tresses isn’t enough; you need a color renewal as well.

33. Black Hair With Red Roots

Black hair with red roots is chic, nasty, funky, and edgy. What else could a bold woman like you look for?

34. Black Wolf Cut With Red Highlights

Are you looking for a hairstyle to reflect your strong personality? Well, you’ve found one!

35. Black Hair With One-Sided Red Highlights

Black hair with one-sided red highlights isn’t exactly the definition of feminity most would think of. But it’s definitely a style that reflects your individuality.

36. Hot Red Hair With Black Roots

This funky haircut blends perfectly into the modern red and black combination of colors. At the same time, it helps you look youthful and trendy.

37. Black And Magenta Medium Length Hair

Speaking of youthful and trendy hairstyles, this one is made for you! It’s a modern casual style you’ll love forever.

38. Orange-Red Color Blocking On Black Hair

This orange-red color blocking on black hair is powerful and puts you on the fashion peak. Don’t miss out on this style.

39. Red Balayage On Black Curly Bob Cut

Curly bob cut is back and it looks better than ever. To be exact, this is the new, updated version of the timeless hairstyle.

40. Black And Magenta Non-Binary Cut

The beauty of this hairstyle is that it looks equally amazing on all genders. It’s a unique combination of cut and color that will add a super-trendy flair to your look.

41. Burgundy And Black

If you have an olive or ebony skin undertone, you’ve found your match made in haven. Burgundy and black will get the best of your features!

42. Light Copper And Black

If all of these inspo pics didn’t convince you to ask your colorist for red and black hair, I know what will: a black to red and black transformation!

43. Spicy Gold Rose And Black

Spicy gold rose gives you a rock vibe while remaining elegant and classy. A killer combination, I know.

44. Edgy Red And Black Pixie Mullet

This mullet is an edgy cut even when your hair is dyed in one of the “classic” hues. But when you add a dash of red to your black base, you get a wow effect.

45. Mahogany And Black Hair

The best way to describe mahogany hair color is to call it a purple reddish brown hue. Add it to your black hair and push your colorist’s creativity to the max.

46. Red And Black Punk Hairstyle With Undercut

Are you ready to awaken the punk rock star inside of you? If the answer is yes, here is the best way to do it.

47. Black And Magenta Pixie Cut

We’ve already established one thing: black and magenta go extremely well together. But what we didn’t know is that they look so great on a pixie cut.

48. Edgy Red And Black Mullet

You’re so not ready for this bright red and black pixie mullet. It’s a spectacular look with a structural quality and that’s what is so great about it.

49. Black Braids With Red Strands

Welcome to the world of stunning box braids. You’ll have to admit that this color combination in this style is spectacular.

50. Red Box Braids With Black Roots

Of course, we’re not done with black and red box braids. Just take a look at this breathtaking style and you’ll understand why.

51. Half-Red, Half-Black Braids

Split dye is a must-have this season. And braids are a timeless hairdo that never goes out of style. Combine the two trends!

52. Emo Red And Black Hair

The emo era is long over. Or is it really? Here is an upgraded, new, and improved version of the never-forgotten look.

53. Red Baby Bangs On Black Hair

Here’s a pro tip: baby bangs are perfect for oval faces since they make your face more angular.

54. Red And Black Bangs On Black Hair

Two-colored bangs? Why not? What’s exactly stopping you from getting this awesome hairstyle?

55. Cowboy Copper And Black Split Dye

If you want to have a unique color everyone will go crazy for, go for cowboy copper and black split dye to rock a wild look.

56. Auburn Hair With Black Roots

No, this style doesn’t require a color retouch. The black roots are here with a purpose: to create a more interesting look.

57. Maroon Red Highlights On Black Hair

Do you want your hair to have some attitude? Get yourself some maroon-red highlights on a black base color.

58. Touch Of Red On Feathered Lob

A long bob is one of the trendiest and fanciest medium-length hairstyles. But a two-colored feathered lob is out of this world!

59. Bright Red And Jet Black Split Dye

Enough with the split-dye hairstyles? Not until you see this beauty!

60. Red And Black Curly Hair

The curls and the layers allow red and black hues to blend perfectly. And let’s not forget how much versatility these hues bring to your locks.