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50 Middle Part Bob Haircuts About To Be Everywhere

50 Middle Part Bob Haircuts About To Be Everywhere

If you’re looking for a classic haircut, look no further than a middle part bob.

This popular hairstyle has been around forever, and there’s a reason why we keep coming back to it—it’s easy to style and nearly universally flattering. Whatever your face shape or hair type, a middle part bob will work for you.

We’ve rounded up 50 middle part bob pics guaranteed to inspire you to ask for a bob at your next salon appointment.

1. Shadow-Roots Middle Part Bob


Visible roots make light color hair vastly more manageable, since you won’t require frequent touch-ups. Just make sure to use purple or blue shampoo to get rid of any brassiness.

2. Blunt-Cut Bob


A single strand in a vivid color doesn’t sound like much, but it has completely transformed the look of this bob, making it look chic and fresh.

3. Chin-Length Bob Haircut


If a blunt bob with no layering is too harsh for you, you can soften it with subtle layers at the bottom and thin long bangs that frame the face.

4. Green Medley Short Bob


Bobs need regular trims to stay sharp, so their ends are always fresh. This makes a bob the ideal hairstyle if you like playing with colors—it’s long enough to show your colorist’s work and it’s trimmed frequently enough to stay healthy.

5. Wavy Middle Part Lob


A long bob with soft, natural waves is very flattering on sharp face shapes, like diamond or square, but opt for a shorter bob to avoid elongating your face if it’s long.

6. Flirty Italian Bob


This timeless style will make you feel like a diva. To easily create these gorgeous soft waves, use a large barrel curling iron to wrap two inch strands around it once and let the heat go through, then let cool off before you shake them out.

7. Sleek Middle Part Bob


This sleek middle part bob is as versatile as it’s stylish. It’s a classic hairstyle that’s appropriate for any occasion—it wouldn’t be out of place on the red carpet or at the gym.

8. Middle Part Bob With Long Bangs


Long curtain bangs break up the long line, create movement and frame the face. Paired with the enchanting peach color, this entire hairstyle leaves a soft and gentle vibe.

9. Short Voluminous Middle Part Bob


This short middle part bob works best on longer faces. It has been styled to frame the cheekbones, so it will particularly suit a heart or diamond-shaped faces. Avoid if your face is round—longer bob styles will be much more flattering.

10. Effortless Middle Part Lob


This golden blonde lob looks even more radiant thanks to the slightest bend at the center breaking up the line and softening the blunt ends.

11. Wavy Copper Middle Part Bob


Waves complement a blunt bob because they make it less sharp. For a modern look, make sure to always curl your hair away from the face.

12. Chocolate Bob With Long Bangs


This minimalist style is sophisticated and chic, but it will take some effort to keep looking this sleek. Keeping your hair moisturized will make it less prone to frizz, so you’ll have to use less heat to style it.

13. Choppy Middle Part Bob


A choppy bob is super-flattering and completely on-trend. It looks best if you don’t overstyle it, but let it work with your natural hair texture instead.

14. Long Angled Ombre Bob


The play of color and the angled shape creates a unique look. The barely off-center parting is at the same time an unexpected feature and very flattering for all face shapes.

15. Platinum Bob With Hair Pins


Pins don’t only keep your hair out of your face, they also create a point of interest. This quick hairstyle is also a quick way to create a middle part if you have a cowlick on one side and your hair won’t stay put.

16. Classic Chin-Length Bob


If you like the look of a classic blunt bob but you’re not sure it would suit your face, you can still go ahead and get it if you add bangs that work for you—from a few long face-framing pieces to a full fringe.

17. Blonde Middle Part Bob


Straight, mid-length, middle part bob is a minimalist style that shines when combined with a strong color: natural, but intense shades like this platinum blonde or vivid unnatural tones.

18. Red And Blue Middle Part Bob


This fun dye job really makes the whole look pop, yet the unusual color combination being only near the face makes it manageable.

19. Curly Middle Part Bob


If your hair is curly, one of the styles that will make your curls more defined is a layered bob. Layers also enhance the texture of wavy hair and make it easier to style.

20. Ash-Blonde Middle Part Bob


Bangs that consist of a small short piece at the center of the forehead and longer pieces on the side frame the face without being overwhelming. This hairstyle flatters all face shapes and draws attention to the eyes.

21. Bob With Vanilla Highlights


Light strands in the front brighten the face and highlight the features, and they work particularly well with a middle part.

22. Long Straight Bob


When growing out your hair from short to long, a lob is the perfect stop that can replace the awkward transitional phase.

23. Chunky Middle Part Bob


A middle part creates symmetry, and tucking the hair behind one ear creates asymmetry. Combining the two results in an interesting contrast that looks playful and fun.

24. Middle Part Bob For Thin Hair


Thin hair can fall flat if it’s all the same length, so to create body and volume, ask your stylist for texturizing layers. Instead of making the hair seem even thinner, they make it look fuller.

25. Soft Brown Bob With Bangs


Brown hair and a classic bob are a perfect match—they’re both simple and understated, but always pretty and flattering.

26. Long Bob With Platinum Balayage


A blunt lob works with any color, but blonde balayage is a classic—lightening the hair from mid-strand to the ends adds dimension to your style.

27. Classic Middle Part Bob


A sleek bob with beveled ends is elegant and timeless—it never looks outdated or boring.

28. Wavy Pink Bob


The wavy styling and the soft pink color contrast the blunt ends and the balanced middle parting to create a fun, playful look.

29. Colorful Middle Part Bob


This bob hairstyle has been parted slightly off-center to avoid drawing attention to asymmetry. Most people’s faces aren’t symmetrical, so this is a good trick to use if something isn’t fitting just right when you part your hair in the middle.

30. Rounded Curly Bob


To prevent a blunt bob looking bulky, especially if your hair is wavy or curly, ask for invisible layers that create shape without taking away any volume.

31. Beige Bob With Curtain Bangs


Customize your bob to suit you perfectly—these barely-there curtain bangs frame the face and soften the sharp angles created by the blunt ends.

32. Short Brown Middle Part Bob


All types of bangs can transform your look: thanks to the wispy long bangs this bob looks soft and relaxed.

33. One-Length Blonde Bob


Small adjustments are the way to wear any haircut even if it shouldn’t work on you in theory—by tweaking a detail or two, you can pull off any hairstyle. This short blonde bob has a few shorter strands near the face to soften the sharpness, making it work on an angular face.

34. Jaw-Length Wavy Bob

Flipped-out ends create movement and give this blunt bob a playful touch. Style it using a flat iron.

35. Strawberry Blonde Lob


A shoulder-length lob lies somewhere between a bob and medium-long hair. If you’re not ready for the chop but want to try a bob, you can start there.

36. Black Sliced Bob


Rounded ends are super trendy when paired with blunt ends. Blow dry using a rounded brush, then apply a smoothing serum to finish off the look.

37. Laid-Back Short Bob


Parting your bob an inch to the side from the middle is a great way to boost volume around the face without a full side part.

38. Copper Short Bob


If your bob is looking too severe, wispy bangs will make it look soft and dainty.

39. Platinum Wavy Lob


Create a chunky crimped look using a hair straightener. Section your hair, then clamp the strands and move downward in alternate directions.

40. Brown Bob With Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs are always the right choice when you need some face framing and when you want to soften your look.

41. Light-Brown Short Bob


Sleek bobs are great, but there’s a certain charm in letting your hair look a little bit frizzy.

42. Tousled Middle Part Bob


This tousled bob with choppy ends is full of dimension and movement.

43. Straight Short Bob


Tucking your hair behind one ear creates a flirty and charming look. If your hair won’t stay put, use a bobby pin to keep it in place.

44. Medium Length Bob


This lived-in, effortless look takes a bit of work—but that can stay your secret.

45. Classic Dark-Brown Bob


A straight bob that hits mid neck looks flattering on oval faces, but other face shapes might need some bangs or face-framing layers.

46. Lob With Choppy Layers


This choppy wavy lob is super-flattering and trendy. To get a piece-y look, you can use a texture spray or dry shampoo.

47. Short Bob With Money Piece


Front pieces styled away from the face open up your look and emphasize your features.

48. Blonde Choppy Lob


A long wavy bob works with casual or glam looks—it’s versatile and easy.

49. Voluminous Bob With Curtain Bangs


Choppy layers and voluminous bangs make this bob the perfect choice if you want to make your face appear smaller.

50. Long Bob With Middle Part


To prevent your straight lob from falling flat, use a a volumizing product before blow drying to to prevent your roots from getting dragged down.