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20 Curly Balayage Hair Ideas To Enhance Your Hair’s Texture

20 Curly Balayage Hair Ideas To Enhance Your Hair’s Texture

Balayage is such a wonderful technique, excellent for creating a gentle, natural gradation of lightness in your hair. It looks great on all hair types, but it’s especially charming on curls, bringing out your beautiful natural hair texture! If you need some inspiration for your next hair salon visit, take a look at these 20 awesome curly balayage hair ideas.

1. Natural Warm Honey/Caramel Curly Balayage

Caramel hair color is a gorgeous blend of brown and blonde hues. When combined with warm honey tones, it creates a dreamy balayage!

2. Golden Caramel Curly Balayage

With this golden caramel balayage, your curls will achieve a shine, elegance, and definition like never before!

3. Sandy Beige Curly Balayage

Sandy and beige balayage is the perfect mix of lighter and darker hues that you need to try on your curls ASAP.

4. Cool And Honey Blonde Curly Balayage

Honey blonde is one of the trendiest hair colors of the season. And we totally get why, since it looks so elegant and sophisticated. This cool and honey blonde balayage is the best way to lighten up your curls.

5. Sunkissed Golden Beige Curly Balayage

Summer is just around the corner, and are you looking to achieve that awesome color, similar to the natural hue the sun gives your hair? If so, this sunkissed golden beige curly balayage is perfect for you!

6. Dimensional Curly Balayage

If you’re dreaming of added depth in your curls, then this dimensional balayage is the right choice.

7. Ashy Beige Curly Balayage

So stylish, elegant, and sophisticated: the ashy beige balayage will take your awesome curls to a whole new level!

8. Curly Balayage With A Cadō Cut

A balanced shape, volume, and cascading layers are a dream came true for every curly girl. You can achieve this with a cadō cut! And, if you want your hair to also have an awesome color together with the new cut, show this balayage photo to your stylist.

9. Buttery Blonde Curly Balayage

Buttery blonde is one of the most beautiful blonde hair colors, offering a warm, gentle, and deep look. This stunning buttery blonde curly balayage blends warm and cool tones together, resulting in a chic and absolutely charming hair hue.

10. Blonde Beige Curly Balayage

Looking for the perfect summer blonde hair? This blonde beige balayage might have everything you’re asking for!

11. Soft Curly Balayage

If you’re looking for just a minimal pop of color without it being too overwhelming, this soft balayage is a great option.

12. Gold Copper Curly Balayage

This color is truly breathtaking. Look how beautifully gold and copper blend together in this balayage, creating the richest and most luminous hue you can imagine.

13. Multidimensional Neutral Honey Brown/Bronde Curly Balayage

If you have darker hair and would love to achieve that sunkissed effect, save this photo of the perfect neutral honey brown/bronde balayage for your next hair salon visit!

14. Buttery Blonde Curly Balayage With Money Piece

Buttery blonde balayage is so pretty on curly hair and it becomes even cooler with this money piece detail.

15. Curly Balayage Before And After

A before-and-after picture is the best way to see the magic that balayage can work on your curly hair!

16. Caramel Curly Balayage

Sweet as caramel, this balayage is simply too beautiful to resist!

17. Warm Brunette Curly Balayage

Soft curls paired with a warm brunette balayage create a perfect duo for an elegant and feminine short hairstyle.

18. Curly Balayage On A Wolf Cut

Looking for a really unique haircut and color? Then there’s no cooler look than balayage combined with a wolf cut on your fabulous curls!

19. Strawberry Copper Curly Balayage

This strawberry copper curly balayage is made for those ladies who really want to make a statement with their hair.

20. Reverse Balayage On Curly Hair

Darker roots with reversed balayage bring dimension and depth to your hair, offering a stunning hairstyle.