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Turn Heads With These 25 Medium-Length Updos

Turn Heads With These 25 Medium-Length Updos

Maybe you haven’t really tried wearing your hair up because you think it’s not long enough to look stylish. Well, I can assure you that you’re missing out! Medium-length hair is just right for pulling off versatile ponytails, braids, and buns.

You can use many of these styles to spice up your casual looks or work outfits, but also to steal the spotlight at birthdays, parties, or weddings. Here are 25 stunning updos for medium length hair.

1. Infinity Bun

This isn’t a bun you see everyday. It’s a chic hairstyle that elegantly accentuates your neck. I suggest you save this one for a special occasion! The best part is that you can definitely create it yourself. Simply tie your hair into a low ponytail, then roll it a couple of times to achieve this distinct bun look.

Secure it with bobby pins and use a hair straightener to perfectly straighten a strand of hair that sticks out.

2. Low Bun With Pearls

This one is definitely wedding-worthy. A low sleek bun and a lot of pearls to ensure you shine bright like a diamond.

3. Soft Prom Updo

A low bun decorated with a romantic hair accessory: a great prom updo for all girls with medium-long hair. It’s elegant, keeps your hair away from your face, and allows you to dance the night away comfortably.

4. Cute Low Bun

This hairstyle is pure elegance. It’s suitable as a work updo when you aim to look exceptionally professional, yet it’s sophisticated enough for formal occasions like weddings.

5. High Textured Bun

A high textured bun doesn’t only make your hair look more voluminous, but it also provides you with a great hairstyle when you want to hide dirty hair. Fringe gives a special touch to this hairstyle and frames your face beautifully.

6. Clean Bun With Hair Ornament

This might not be your go-to everyday hairstyle, but it’s guaranteed to turn heads at events like Christmas or New Year’s parties!

7. Low Ponytail With Braid

Keep it simple, but definitely not ordinary, by adding this eye-catching braid to your low ponytail.

8. Braided Hairstyle With A Scrunchie

This simple braided look gives a gentle and romantic vibe, with a scrunchie in a pretty color elevating the hairstyle.

9. Effortless Updo

If you’re aiming for style without giving off the impression that you’ve spent hours on your hair, give this effortlessly chic, slightly undone updo a try.

10. Sleek High Bun

Classy, trendy, and elegant: a sleek high bun is a versatile hairstyle that’s perfect for a casual night out with friends, yet formal enough to serve as a wedding hairstyle.

11. High Ponytail

This simple high ponytail proves that beauty really is in simplicity. Striking red hair and this classy hairstyle go together perfectly, creating a feminine and stylish look.

12. Loose Low Bun

Hair shades like these don’t need much to stand out. A loose low bun will do the trick, adding volume to your medium-long hair while looking effortless and charming.

13. Dutch Braid

A Dutch braid is always in style. If you’ve overlooked this classic hairstyle, it’s time to return to the basics!

14. Dutch Braids Tied Into Buns

If dullness is your biggest concern with your medium-long hair, try out this hairstyle! Simply create two Dutch braids and tie them into buns at the nape of your neck. It’s a stylish and unique look, perfect for keeping your hair off your face on hot summer days, and also a clever way to conceal unwashed hair.

15. Double Bun

Play with your hair and make it look chic with this double bun style!

16. Low Ponytail With A Bow

A low ponytail is a timeless classic that pairs beautifully with a black bow, giving your hair an elegant appearance. This simple yet effective style is perfect for any event!

17. Knotted Bun With A Cute Scrunchie

Break away from styling your medium-long hair the same way every day. Make a statement with this knotted bun, accentuated with a large, cute scrunchie.

18. Bow Updo

This hairstyle is utterly feminine and charming, adding a touch of romance and tenderness to your look.

19. Simple Updo With A Claw Clip

Let’s not overlook the simplicity of an updo secured with a claw clip! It’s the perfect choice for running errands, visiting a friend’s house, or even a casual day at work.

20. Curly Ponytail

Your curly hair might not always cooperate, but its beauty lies in how it makes even the most basic hairstyles look special. A high ponytail is a prime example. Select a few curls to frame your face, adding a touch of delicacy to your style.

21. Barbie Ponytail

While blonde Barbie may be the most recognized, you can still channel the iconic Barbie vibe with your dark hair by styling it into this fabulous ponytail!

22. Curly Bun With Micro Braids

A curly bun works beautifully on its own, but the true standout of this charming updo are the micro braids.

23. High Bun With Fringe

A glamorous high bun paired with fringe and gold dangling earrings is all you need to stand out at any event.

24. Low Messy Bun

The perfect choice for those mornings when you’re running late: it only takes a minute to create the iconic low messy bun, and you’re ready to take on the day!

25. Space Buns

Space buns aren’t just for festivals. They’re trendy, fun, and stylish, suitable for various occasions. Don’t hesitate to try something new!