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22 Dyed Wolf Cuts To Add A Pop Of Color To Your Style

22 Dyed Wolf Cuts To Add A Pop Of Color To Your Style

If you want to hit the hair trend this season, then the wolf cut is the hairstyle you should try! It offers the perfect mix of shag and mullet haircut and suits all face shapes. If you’re feeling extra bold, adding some color to the wolf cut’s volume and layers could be your style jackpot.

Check out these 22 awesome ideas on dyed wolf cuts that are anything but ordinary.

1. Red Wavy Wolf Cut

Short wavy hair and a wolf cut: how do these two look in combination? Awesome, especially when you dye your hair in fiery red! 

2. Lime Green Wolf Cut

A wolf cut is a great way to spice up your short blonde hairstyle. And green tips really make a charming and creative addition to this style!

3. Blue And Silver Wolf Cut X Hime

The hime cut is as cool as the wolf cut, so, why not try combining these two into a cool, unique style? Things get even better with this subtle combination of blue and silver color on your chic haircut.

4. Coral Pink Wolf Cut

If you’re ready to add some color but afraid of choosing something too vibrant for your wolf cut, I recommend going with this coral pink shade. It’s gentle and subtle, easing you out of your comfort zone without overwhelming you, at least to start. As time goes on, who knows? You might find yourself ready even for some really bold hair colors!

5. Pale Blue Wolf Cut

Wolf cut on wavy hair looks so good, especially if you’re blessed with really long hair! Make it even more special by showing this picture to your stylist and requesting some lovely pale blue highlights in your fresh cut.

6. Green Wolf Cut

It’s time to get a little unconventional! Say goodbye to dull hair and get yourself this fierce wolf cut with a splash of fabulous green.

7. Navy Blue Wolf Cut

A soft little wolf cut paired with navy blue hue is another fantastic option for your next hair appointment. This blue looks so pretty on dark hair.

8. Pink And Orange Wolf Cut

Why settle with only one color on your hair when you can dazzle with two? The pink is the dominating one with this wolf cut, while the orange gives the final charming touch to this stunning style.

9. Dark Wolf Cut With A Blonde Lock

If you’re looking only for a glimpse of color in your long dark wolf cut, this one is made for you. So sexy, chic, and just stylish!

10. Gemini Wolf Cut

In case you’re looking for a creative way to lift up your wolf cut, try going with gemini hair. This is the split-tone hair trend, featuring two different colors on either side of the hair part. This black and purple is one of the many cool combinations you can explore, though it’s always wise to consult with your stylist before making the leap.

11. Blue, Black, And Pink Wolf Cut

Black hair with subtle hints of pink and blue: a good choice if you’re beginning to experiment with your wolf cut and aren’t ready to commit to a single, vivid color just yet.

12. Emerald Green Wolf Cut

A wolf cut with long layers and an emerald green hue looks exceptionally cool and is perfect for clients who are ready for a bold, colorful change!

13. Purple Wolf Cut

Deep purple color will give your wolf cut a vibrant look. Get prepared for some flattering compliments on your hair dye!

14. Split Dye Wolf Cut

Combining dark pink, ginger, and green with dark hair results in a creative and head-turning wolf cut.

15. Peekaboo Wolf Cut

The peekaboo hair technique is another cool way to add a special spark to your short wolf cut. With this method, color is applied to the bottom layer of your hair, allowing the hue beneath to subtly peek through the top layer.

16. Blonde Wolf Cut

This might seem basic, but remember, the wolf cut is a standout style by itself. It’s enough to dye it blond to create a special effect!

17. Gray Beige Wolf Cut

The gray-beige color gives your wolf cut a romantic and gentle note: it isn’t too overwhelming, but just interesting enough to achieve a fresh new look. 

18. Pale Orange Wolf Cut

Dying your wolf cut pale orange is a nice way of bringing life to your short and thin hair.

19. Platinum Panels Wolf Cut

The wolf cut offers the texture you’ve been dreaming of. Make it even more attractive with pixie bangs and platinum panels. It’s a subtle but significant change – just enough to freshen up your hairstyle.

20. Wolf Cut With Purple Highlights

Wolf cut on dark hair gives that mystique vibe, but it can easily become boring. I believe you would like to escape from this, so, one suggestion here is to add pastel purple highlights and make a statement with your hair.

21. Ginger And Black Wolf Cut

The combination of ginger and black hair is ultra-modern, stylish, and it would just be a shame to miss it out! It makes your wolf cut cooler and so fashionable.

22. Black And Red Wolf Cut

Black and red is another combination of colors that work so well. Layers, texture, and fierce color – you get it all with this black and red wolf cut!