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17 Most Beautiful Hair Color Ideas For Women Over 50

17 Most Beautiful Hair Color Ideas For Women Over 50

We cannot avoid aging, but we can stay young at heart! Also, refreshing your hair color is a great way to feel confident and good in your skin. If you aren’t quite sure what dye would suit you, here are 17 fabulous hair color ideas for women over 50. In case you haven’t felt bold enough to change your standard hair color, this is your sign to go for it!

1. Gentle Blonde

It’s true that blonde hair is high-maintenance, requiring regular salon visits to keep it looking its best. However, the effort is all worth it when you see how beautifully this gentle blonde complements your age!

2. Dark Auburn

We’re crazy about auburn hair because it offers the perfect combination of two timeless colors: red and brownish. If you prefer a more subtle red hue, dark auburn is an ideal choice for you.

3. Subtle Rose Gold

This subtle rose gold is the most beautiful spring hue you can choose! It will instantly make you feel fresh and feminine.

4. Copper And Blonde Shades

Copper and blonde shades work so well in combination. With this hair color, people will find it hard to guess your true age!

5. Platinum Blonde

If you want your hair to be as light as possible, this platinum blonde hue is a wonderful option.

6. Babylights Mimicking Natural Grey Hair

Are you growing out your gray hair? A great technique is gray blending with babylights that mimic your natural gray hair. This way, your grow-out will be subtle and seamless.

7. Ash Blonde

If you want to stay on top of hair trends this season, ash blonde is a color you simply must try!

8. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is a classic hair color, flattering for women of all ages and skin tones. It offers rich, shiny locks that will make you feel sophisticated.

9. Mushroom Brown

Looking for the perfect neutral shade of brunette? Then you’ll love the mushroom brown hue! At first glance, it may seem like a typical brown, but a closer look reveals light brown and gray hues peeking through, making this hair color simply irresistible!

10. Light Brown

So subtle, but so effective, light brown hair is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a change that won’t be too overwhelming.

11. Burgundy

If you’re up for some spectacular color, I’m sure you’re gonna adore the burgundy hue! It’s a mix of purple and brown tones, resulting in a lovely wine red color.

12. Peach

Peach hair color, which is basically a neutral orange, looks great with all skin tones. Its gentle intensity doesn’t create a harsh contrast with your skin, making it a great choice for anyone.

13. Red

Is red hair color reserved only for young, bold girls? Not at all! Actually, this color is perfect for spicing up your look and feeling young and alive again!

14. Copper Brown Highlights

It’s time to refresh your long bob hairstyle. There’s no better way to do this than by adding copper brown highlights.

15. Subtle Dimensional Highlights On Black Hair

Does your black hair suddenly feel dull and lifeless? You can easily bring it back to life without a drastic color change by simply adding subtle dimensional highlights.

16. Dark Brown With Some Red And Violet

Darker hair with some red and violet hues sounds like the perfect color for winter!

17. Super Dark

It’s not completely black, but it’s super dark: this hair color is perfect for achieving that mystical and elegant shade you’ve dreamed of!