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These Spring Hair Colors Will Be In Full Bloom This Season 

These Spring Hair Colors Will Be In Full Bloom This Season 

It’s time for spring awakening, and that includes your hair, too. The harsh winter temperatures have weakened your strands and affected your hair’s behavior; now it’s time for refreshment.

I bring you the most stunning spring hair color ideas you’ll see everywhere this season. It won’t only change the color of your mane but also make your hair shiny and lively again. After all, dyeing your hair is a great way to welcome the new season and embrace everything that comes with it.

Blonde Hues For Spring

There are several reasons most women decide to go blonde. It’s because blondies have more fun and also because most men consider blonde hair color the most attractive.

However, the most important reason is that blonde color can suit everyone, and it’s only important to choose the right shade. With the advice below, you’ll choose the one that will flatter you the best and totally rock your new spring look.

Strawberry Blonde

The strawberry blonde hue looks gorgeous on women with light skin tones and warm undertones.

Sun-Kissed Blonde

It’s a perfect shade to welcome the spring sun. The sun-kissed blonde has those beachy, vacation vibes and looks especially great on women with medium skin tones.

Honey Blonde

Here is a blonde hue for my gentle ladies who like these neutral tones. The honey blonde also enhances and brings out dark eyes, like chocolate and black-brown eyes. 

Icy Blonde

The icy blonde shade is for those who feel like ice queens this winter and want to keep looking like that during the spring. It matches with warm complexions but also makes a great contrast when paired with cool skin tones. 

Buttercream Blonde

This creamy blonde shade provides hair with depth and dimension. It’s my favorite blonde hue because it looks so gentle and flatters every skin tone. 

Champagne Blonde

If you’re a lazy blonde, choose the champagne hue because it’s one of the easiest blonde tones to maintain. 

Lilac Blonde

This spring also brings the lovely lilac-blonde hue back into the game. It’s perfect for those who got bored of classic blonde shades and need something different and definitely more modern.

Spring Hair Colors For Brunettes

Brunette is the second most common hair color. It’s quite resistant to fading, which makes it pretty low-maintenance. And the best thing about it is that it’s the most natural-looking hair color of all, and that natural look is back in fashion this spring.

Cherry Cola

This amazing brunette shade adds dimension and warmth to the hair and works well with all skin tones.

Spicy Chestnut Brown

If you have natural dark hair and want to refresh it, look no further than this spicy chestnut brown. It’ll make your strands shiny again and your hair softer. 

Toffee Brown

The toffee hue is a warm brown shade that looks great on women with medium complexions who want to achieve that neutral but classy look. 

Caramel Honey Brown

This delicate brown shade looks flattering on women with natural light to medium hair color.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is probably the most authentic brown shade. It’s perfect for everyone who wants or needs to dye their hair but wants to make it look as natural as possible.

Mushroom Brown

This earthy brown shade works perfectly as gray hair coverage, and I recommend it to all those who still aren’t ready to embrace their grays.

Red Hair Ideas For Spring

These red hues will experience revival this spring, and I’m really looking forward to it. They’re cool, boldy, romantic, and extremely attractive.

Cowboy Copper

Even though most people would call this cowboy copper hue a true fall color, this spring is here to refute it. It’s a glorious red hue that suits absolutely every skin tone and hair type.

Auburn Red Hair

If you’re seeking ways to add warmth to your cool complexion, this auburn red shade is the best way to do it. 

Cinnamon Hair

Here is a deep reddish-brown hue that looks flattering on women with warm complexions. It makes the hair appear more dimensional and fuller.

Shades Of Pink For Spring

If you want to live in a pink paradise this spring, you need to know which pink shades will be trendy. Let’s help you choose the shade that will evoke your inner pink princess. 

Rose Gold

Even though it’s high-maintenance, we simply adore the rose gold hair color. After all, we all know that beauty costs, and we should be ready to pay its price.

Pastel Peach

The pastel peach shade flatters warm and creamy complexions. It’s a playful and very charming choice for this spring. 

Dusty Pink

Dusty pink shade can work with all complexions. What I like the most about this hue is the special spark and glow it adds to the woman’s hair and face. 

Bubblegum Pink

Are you searching for a hair color that will embody happy spring vibes? Look no further because the bubblegum pink shade is the most vibrant, happy color you’ll find.

Orange Hair Colors For Spring

There is an interesting fact about orange hair color, it symbolizes confidence and independence. Truly, women with this hair color have that certain aura that sets them apart from other girls. They’re more self-confident, bold, and fearless.

If you’re thinking about dyeing your hair orange, here are the hues that will dominate this spring.

Gingerbread Hair

Gingerbread is a perfect tone for those who want orange to brunette hair. If you have brownish-hazel eyes and a medium skin tone with warm undertones, you have just discovered the perfect hair color. 

Pumpkin Pie Hair

This orange hue works miracles for all those who want to add warmth to their dark complexions. 

Neon Orange Hair

Even if it’s hard to maintain the vibrance of this neon orange hair color, it really has so much to offer. It’s stylish and unique, can work with all skin tones, and looks incredibly stunning. 

Tangerine Hair

It doesn’t matter what your hair type, length, or skin tone is, you will absolutely be able to rock this orange hue. I’m sure the radiant and playful tangerine shade will be one of the trendiest hues during the summer, too. 

Hair Color Trends For This Spring

Besides simply dyeing your hair into one color or doing balayage, there are other ways to elevate your style. The rumors are that these hair coloring trends and techniques will be HUGE this spring. 

Dip Dye Hair

If you want to achieve this striking look, dip dye the ends of your hair in a contrasting color. Of course, you can choose the color you like, but the more contrast you make, the edgier and more effective look you’ll get. 

Hot Roots

The hot roots trend is something like reverse ombre. It’s a rebellious look created for sassy ladies who want to express their edgy personality through their hairstyle.

Chunky Highlights

This 90s trend is highly versatile and looks great on each hair type and length. Chunky highlights enrich the hair with depth and volume.

Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair can be tailored to suit everyone and every season. In other words, it’s highly adaptable, and that’s why we love it. Besides, it looks alluring and can never go unnoticed, that is for sure. 

Color Melt

Color melt is a hair-coloring technique where a few colors are seamlessly blended. The smooth transition gives that soft and natural look we all long for.