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60 Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas Trending In 2024

60 Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas Trending In 2024

Why is ash blonde hair such a popular hue this season? Well, there is only one way to find out: to join the trend and see for yourself! Trust me, you’ll never look back when you finally start rocking this hair color!

1. Dark Ash Blonde Hair

One thing is for sure: the ash-blonde part is quite subtle here. However, it doesn’t make this hairstyle any less beautiful.

2. Silver Ash Blonde Hair

Silver ash blonde hair will make you look more expensive than ever. It’s one of the best choices for gray coverage.

3. Ash Blonde Hair With Lowlights

Contrary to highlights, lowlights are darker than your base color. In this case, they make a wonderful contrast and give you an amazing hue.

4. Light Ash Blonde Hair

Light ash is similar to platinum blonde, but still unique enough to help you make a statement. It looks awesome on curls.

5. Ash Icy Blonde Hair

Ash icy blonde hair was probably one of the most popular hair colors in the 2000s. And now, it’s back!

6. Pale Ash Blonde Hair

The pale shade of ash blonde hair will give your hair a romantic, careless vibe you’ll love forever. If you don’t believe me, see it for yourself.

7. Ash Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

How do ash blonde highlights go on dark hair? I think that this inspo pic is the answer enough.

8. Curly Ash Blonde Hair

Naturally curly hair, or even afro hair, is incredibly flattering for an ash blonde color. If you have this hair type, don’t dye your entire hair. Instead, go for highlights or balayage.

9. Ash Blonde Balayage

Speaking of blonde balayage, it looks great on naturally straight or wavy hair, as well. And it’s low-maintenance in comparison to dyeing all of your tresses.

10. Ash Blonde Ombre On Long Bob

A long bob cut is always a good idea. It looks even better when paired with this trendy hair color.

11. Ash Brunette Hair

Want to keep your brown hair but also crave ash undertones? It can be done; under the condition that you have a skilled hair colorist and the right inspo pic.

12. Ash Blonde Upgrade

Here’s an example of the marvelous upgrade from plain blonde to ash blonde hair. If this upgrade doesn’t convince you into dyeing your hair, I don’t know what will.

13. Ash Blonde Babylights

Babylights are everything your hair needs but even you had no idea. You can thank me later for this appealing hair inspiration.

14. Ash Blonde Color On Long Straight Hair

Who says that long, straight hair has to be boring? Not anymore; at least not with this hair color.

15. Ash Blonde Hair On Bowl Pixie Cut

A bowl pixie cut has never looked better. Update your favorite childhood haircut with a beautiful ash-blonde color.

16. Bright Ash Blonde Hair

Have I already mentioned that ash-blonde hair comes in endless variations? Well, bright ash is one of them.

17. Stormy Ash Blonde

Will stormy ash blonde turn you into a fierce, strong woman in a blink of an eye? Well, I can promise you one thing: it will help you get there sooner.

18. High-Contrast Ash Blonde

The thing that makes this hairstyle so spectacular is the contrast between dark and light hues. It’s definitely a statement-making color.

19. Dark Ash Blonde Balayage

A dark ash blonde balayage is not the biggest change in the world if you’re a brunette. But it’s definitely a great idea for a transitional period.

20. Ash Blonde On Dark Roots

Leave the roots dark while dyeing the tresses ash blonde? It sounds like the perfect idea to me!

21. Ash Blonde Foilayage

Haven’t you heard of foilyage? It’s a new coloring technique that includes applying color to your hair and then wrapping it in foil. After that, the tresses are heated under the foil which helps the color penetrate into the hair better.

22. Warm Ash Blonde Hair

Ash blonde is all about cool tones, there is no doubt about that. But can you reverse the situation and make it all about warmth? Absolutely yes.

23. Seamless Ash Blonde Blend

There is only one word to describe this charming hairstyle: subtle. Seamless ash-blonde makes you look classy and elegant.

24. Ash Blonde On Layered Haircut

If you’re looking for the trendiest haircut right now, layers are the thing for you. Pair them with ash-blonde highlights for maximum effect.

25. Ash Blonde Bleach And Tone

What is bleach and tone? Well, your hair colorist will first apply bleach to your entire hair. After that, they will apply a toner to get this stunning shade.

26. Mushroom Ash Blonde Ombre

Mushroom ash is one of the most popular hair colors at the moment. And when you see how great it looks, you understand why.

27. Ash Blonde On Fine Hair

Ash blonde highlights are incredibly flattering for fine hair because they give your locks much-needed dept and give you the illusion of volume.

28. Mushroom Bronde

This hair color has it all: it’s the perfect mixture of blonde and brown, with just the right amount of mushroom undertones.

29. Platinum Blonde With Ashy Lowlights

Platinum blonde combined with ashy lowlights sounds great. But the good news is that it looks even better.

30. Mushroom Mauve On Short Hair

Mauve hair color is a mesmerizing combination of purple and gray hues. Add a bit of mushroom to the equation and this is the result you get.

31. Ash Blonde Balayage On Blunt Bob

A blunt bob cut is a timeless haircut that can never go out of style. Pair it with ash blonde highlights to get the wow effect.

32. Ash Blonde Mid-Length Hair

What about mid-length hair? What color suits this cut the best? Isn’t it obvious? It’s ash-blonde.

33. Ash Blonde Hair For Women Over 50

Do you have trouble covering your grays? Ash-blonde hair is the perfect solution for you!

34. Ash Blonde Short Hair

Make a difference and update your looks. If you need inspiration, here is a trendy short hairstyle you’ll absolutely love.

35. Ash Blonde Curly Bob

How cool is this ash-blonde curly bob cut? It’s fun, effortless, and most importantly: it will make you look younger than ever.

36. Volumized Ash Blonde Lixie Cut

If you have thin or fine hair (or a combination of the two), what you need is both cut and color to make it look more volumized. And it looks like you’ve found the perfect match.

37. Ash Blonde Hair For Women Over 40

Ash-blonde hair should be your top pick if you’re a lady in her 40s. It’s a low-maintenance, trendy style that will make you look fashionable at all times.

38. Ash Blonde Pixie Cut

If you’ve wanted to cut your hair short, this is your sign to do it. Get a pixie cut, dye your hair ash blonde, and start a new chapter of your life.

39. Classic Ash Blonde Highlights

It’s really a wonder what a couple of highlights can do to dull long hair. If you don’t believe me, go for classic ash-blonde color and see the difference.

40. Ash Blonde Short Cut With Baby Bangs

Are you looking for an edgy hairstyle that can look professional at the same time? You’ve just found one.

41. Ash Blonde Hair For Oval Face

If you have an oval face, I strongly recommend a volumized crown that will balance your shape. Of course, don’t forget the right color!

42. Ash Blonde Hair For Round Face

What about round-faced ladies? Long bangs and asymmetrical cuts are the real deal since they elognate your face.

43. Ash Blonde Bixie Cut

A pixie bob or a bixie cut is perfect for those of you who can’t make up your mind regarding the length of your hair.

44. Low Maintenance Ash Blonde Hair

Blonde hair has never required less effort. Just keep in mind to use a purple shampoo every now and then and you’re good to go.

45. Silver Ash Blonde Short Hair

Are you ready to take over the spotlight? If the answer is yes, this s the perfect haircut to do so.

46. Ash Blonde Haircut For Long Face

Here’s a pro tip for all long-faced girlies: avoid long, straight hair. Instead, what you need is a cut with a lot of movement. And of course, let’s not forget the appropriate hair color.

47. Ash Blonde Cut With Purple Bangs

Want to bring some excitement to your ash blonde short haircut? Purple bangs should be your number-one choice!

48. Short Ash Blonde Hairstyle With Dark Roots

Ash-blonde haircut with black roots will give you an adventurous, yet classy look suitable for all ages and hair textures.

49. Edgy Ash Blonde Hairstyle

However, if you want to reveal your wild side, here is an option for you to consider. Don’t forget to choose the right hue of ash blonde!

50. Black Bixie Cut With Ash Blonde Streaks

Sometimes, you don’t have to dye most or all of your tresses ash-blonde to make a change. Sometimes, just a few streaks of this marvelous color are exactly what you need.

51. Smokey Blonde Hairstyle

Smokey blonde hair color is here to make you look more mysterious, chic, and ladylike than ever. This hue gives you the power you didn’t know you had.

52. Vanilla Ash Blonde Hair

Who could stay immune to this vanilla hue of ash-blonde hair? Just make sure to find a skilled colorist to turn this hair inspiration into reality.

53. Ash Caramel Blonde Hair

Caramel blonde is one of the most popular hair colors of the season. Add a dash of ash blonde to it and you’ll be a real trendsetter.

54. Platinum Ash Pearl Blonde Hair

Here’s another hue the entire fashion industry has gone wild for: platinum ash pearl blonde color. And when you see it, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

55. Ash Blonde Hair With Full Bangs

Ash blonde color on hairstyles with bangs is here to help you reinvent your style and make you look better than ever.

56. Ash Blonde Face Frame Foils Around Hairline

This is not your typical money piece. It’s something even better! Ash-blonde face foils will accentuate your cheeks, and jawline and help you shine.

57. Extra Shiny Ash Blonde Hair

Speaking of shining… this shiny ash-blonde hair is an unforgettable shade that will help you capture everyone’s undivided attention.

58. Honey Ash Blonde Hair

If you’re looking for a change, here is a unique idea: honey-ash blonde hair. It is the perfect balance between warm and cool tones.

59. Partial Highlights With Ash Blonde Tone

Partial highlights with a blonde tone are great for everyday looks as well as for special occasions. The best part is that it’s a color suitable for all age groups.

60. Blended Ash Blonde With Lighter Face Frames

The lighter face frames blend in perfectly with the rest of the ash-blonde tones. Show this inspo pic to your colorist if you’re ready to look better than ever.