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53 Maroon Hair Trends Perfect For 2024

53 Maroon Hair Trends Perfect For 2024

Maroon hair is an ideal compromise between reddish and purple or blue hues. And the best part is that it’s trending this season! Let’s take a look:

1. Maroon Money Piece On Gray Blue Hair

I know what you’ll say: Gray-blue hair looks extraordinary alone. But hey, it looks even better when you add a maroon money piece to it.

2. Maroon Foilyage

The name says it all: foilyage is different than balayage because, in this coloring technique, your stylist will use foils.

3. Dark Red Velvet

There is only one way to become a vamp woman: add some dark red velvet to your dark-colored hair.

4. Simple And Elegant Maroon Style

Don’t we all crave a simple-to-make but effective-to-look-at hairstyle? Well, after all this time, you’ve finally got it.

5. Shiny Long Maroon Hair

Let’s face it: maroon shiny long hair is every girl’s dream. But it won’t be enough to color your hair to get this effect. You’ll have to take care of its health as well.

6. Dimensional Maroon

Dimensional maroon is not only aesthetically pleasing. It also gives your hair depth and movement.

7. Maroon Color On Dark Base

Even though different shades of maroon hair color look great on different base hues, this is the best possible combination: maroon on a dark base.

8. Maroon Brown

There is only one way to describe maroon brown: quiet luxury. It’s an elegant and chic hair color you don’t want to miss out on.

9. Berry Bordeaux

One thing is for sure: berry bordeaux hair color is a real head-turner. If you go for this style, you’ll become an inspiration to many.

10. Red Bordeaux

Red bordeaux is even more intense and therefore, more eye-catching. I promise you that this color will give you the spotlight.

11. Maroon Hair With Pastel Blue Color Blocks

Wow! Maroon hair with pastel blue color blocks is only for the bold ladies who are not scared of experimenting with their styles.

12. Maroon Red Shoulder Length Hair

Who says that shoulder-length hair has to be boring? Spice things up by adding maroon hair color to your cut.

13. Deep Maroon

Deep maroon gives off a mysterious vibe but it’s also classy at the same time. Sounds like an ideal combination to me.

14. Cherry Cola Maroon

One thing is for sure: if you choose cherry cola maroon, you’ll get all the compliments in the world. And you’ll feel better about your look.

15. Maroon With Streaks Of Blonde

At first glance, you’ll probably think that maroon doesn’t go well with blonde. But if you find a skilled hair colorist and pick the right blonde hair color, you might end up surprised.

16. Maroon Box Braids

Box braids are always a good choice. But maroon box braids are out of this world. This is a must-try style you’ll keep coming back to.

17. Maroon Pink

Will maroon pink wash out quickly? Absolutely yes. Will you get a bomb look while wearing it? Even more so.

18. Deep Maroon Red Balayage

Red balayage on deep maroon hair gives your classic and dull hairstyle an interesting twist you’ll fall in love with right away.

19. Ashy Maroon

Ashy maroon will keep your locks multicolored and give you a more distinctive tone when compared to your standard hues.

20. Burgundy Maroon Hair

Burgundy maroon hair is a real game-changer. Trust me when I tell you that nobody will remain indifferent to this hair color.

21. Red Wine Maroon

Red wine maroon balayage is an excellent choice for jet-black-haired girls who want a change for the better.

22. Red Violet

Red violet is everything but a classic hair color, which means it will help you look unique while also giving you a dash of elegance.

23. Maroon Textured Bob

If you have trouble styling your textured bob, it means it’s time to change your hair color. And what could be a better choice than maroon shade?

24. Black Cherry

Black cherry hair color doesn’t just sound tasty; it looks even better than you could have imagined it.

25. Maroon Highlights On Burgundy Bob

How do maroon and burgundy hair colors go together? Well, you know what they say: a picture says a thousand words.

26. Classic Maroon Red

What is a to-go shade of maroon hair color? Well, I promise that you can’t go wrong with classic maroon red.

27. Different Shades Of Maroon

Can’t make up your mind and decide about the most attractive maroon hue? It can only mean one thing: you’re ready for different shades of maroon.

28. Vibrant Maroon

It’s a funky hair color that requires frequent maintenance. But that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a shot.

29. Maroon Hair With Blue And Violet Highlights

Speaking of funky and daring hair colors… I present you with maroon hair with blue and violet highlights.

30. Brown To Maroon Transformation

Here’s the transformation you’ve been waiting for. This girl made the right choice when she ditched her old, boring brown hair and chose maroon color instead.

31. Maroon Highlights On Dark Base

Highlights are always a good idea for a low-maintenance hairstyle. But maroon highlights on a dark base are the best idea you’ve ever had.

32. Elegant Maroon Updo

If you already have maroon hair, this updo is a must-try style. It’s not just versatile and elegant; it’s also easy to make.

33. Maroon, Blue, Blonde, And Pink Highlights

Are maroon, blonde, blue, and pink highlights too much for you? If the answer is no, show this inspo pic to your hair colorist.

34. Deep Purple Maroon

Deep purple maroon is always impressive, regardless of the length of your locks. Don’t forget to use color-protecting shampoo.

35. Maroon Crochet Braids

Maroon crochet braids offer you a versatile style while allowing you to look stunning all the time. Sounds like a dream come true to me.

36. Maroon Blunt Lob Cut

A blunt long bob is a timeless cut you can’t go wrong with. Skyrocket it with maroon hair color.

37. Cherry Bomb Maroon Transformation

Just look at the shine and freshness the cherry bomb maroon color gave to this lifeless, dull hair and you’ll fall in love with it immediately.

38. Cool Maroon Undertones

Most people assume that maroon shade is all about warm undertones. Well, here is proof of how awesome it looks with a cold tone as well.

39. Rainbow Maroon Ombre On Blonde Hair

Is it a rainbow or bubble gum? Who cares? The important thing is that this maroon ombre on blonde hair will make you the center of attention.

40. Ultra Dark Maroon Hair

This ultra-dark maroon hair gives off an attractive gradient effect. The balayage is subtle which gives your locks a dash of elegance.

41. Dark Ginger Maroon

The dark ginger maroon color is the way to go if you want to achieve a sophisticated yet edgy look everyone will ask you about.

42. Dark Burgundy Maroon

Dark burgundy maroon hair is especially flattering for girls with darker complexion and olive and warm skin undertones.

43. Maroon Ombre

You know what’s the best thing about maroon ombre? The diversity it brings along. This coloring looks equally beautiful on every hairstyle you can think of.

44. Maroon Color Block On Gray Pixie

Are you ready to shock everyone and to make the transformation of your life? Chop off your long tresses, dye your pixie cut gray, and add a maroon color block to it.

45. Maroon Underdye

If you are torn between having to look professional all the time and wanting to express your wild side, a maroon underye should be your top pick.

46. Maroon Babylights On Dark Hair

If you want to get a new look even with your basic haircut and hairstyle, maroon babylights on dark hair have your name written all over them.

47. Maroon And Bright Red Blend

A maroon and bright red blend won’t be hard to update when your roots grow out. And it will make you look spectacular.

48. Wine Ombre On Black Hair

Wine ombre on black hair is exactly what you need for a low-maintenance change of style, especially if you’re a natural dark-haired girl.

49. Rich Grape With Hints Of Lilac

Rich grape with hints of lilac is probably the sweetest shade of maroon. Somehow, it’s girly and badassy at the same time.

50. Maroon Hair With Pastel Pink Face Frame

This pastel pink face frame on maroon hair is extravagant, youthful, and daring. Do you have what it takes to pull it off?

51. Maroon Dark Brown

Maroon dark brown will give you a professional yet fashionable look. And on top of that, it’s also low-maintenance.

52. Ginger To Maroon Transformation

That’s right: maroon hair color looks exceptionally well on ginger tresses as well. I mean, is there anything this shade cannot do?

53. Deep Maroon Pixie

A deep maroon pixie cut is the safest way to change your look while staying loyal to your favorite haircut.