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45 Top Dark Ginger Hair Ideas Trending In 2024

45 Top Dark Ginger Hair Ideas Trending In 2024

What makes dark ginger hair so special? You mean besides being so gorgeous and trendy? Well, the thing with this shade of red is that it offers so much diversity that girls with different skin undertones and complexions can find their right match.

1. Classic Dark Ginger Hair

Fiery red tones and deep auburn hues combine together to make a stunning classic dark ginger hair color.

2. Dark Ginger Hair On Dark Skin

How does dark ginger hair look on dark skin? Absolutely amazing, I can guarantee you that!

3. Dark Brown Ginger Hair

What if you’re tired of your boring brown hair but are still not ready for a big change? In that case, dark brown ginger hair is the right choice for you.

4. Dark Red Ginger Hair

Dark red ginger hair is for all of you fierce ladies who like to make an impression with their looks. Just check out this beauty and you’ll love it right away.

5. Blonde Ginger Hair

Blonde ginger hair is the most flattering for girls with a cool skin undertone and light complexion. Even though it’s technically not a dark ginger shade, it would be a shame not to mention it.

6. Dark Ginger Afro Hair

If you’re a fan of Afro hair like I am, it’s time to show this inspo pic to your hair colorist. Trust me, dark ginger Afro hair is the hairstyle everyone is crazy over.

7. Natural Ginger Hair

This is what natural ginger hair looks like. Don’t worry, even if you didn’t get it by birth, you can still achieve it with the help of the right hair colorist.

8. Dark Copper Ginger

Dark copper ginger is luxurious, elegant, and classy. The only condition for this hair color is for your hair to be as healthy as possible. Trust me, the combination of split ends and dark copper ginger is not a good one.

9. Dark Ginger Lob Cut

Are you ready for the most beautiful long bob there is? That means that you’ve been waiting to see dark ginger lob cut.

10. Pumpkin Spice Dark Ginger

One thing is for sure: pumpkin spice dark ginger will get you loads of attention. It goes amazingly well on a brown base color.

11. Curly Dark Red Ginger

You have curly hair but have no idea what to do with it? Well, the first step is to keep your curls healthy, of course. After that, dye them dark ginger red.

12. Dark Ginger Red Beachy Waves

Newsflash: you don’t have to be blonde to have beach waves in your hair. In fact, dark ginger beachy waves are even more appealing since they’re unique.

13. Medium Length Dark Ginger Hair

If you want to spice up your medium-length dark ginger hair, adding the right type of bangs for your face shape will do the trick.

14. Dark Ginger Highlights On Brown Hair

Here’s another great way to update your brown hair: add dark ginger highlights. They’re easier to maintain in comparison to dyeing all of your hair but they’re equally beautiful.

15. Fiery Dark Ginger

There is only one word to describe fiery dark ginger hair: stunning. This really is a spotless hair color that will get you everyone’s undivided attention.

16. Dark Ginger Balayage

Dark ginger balayage is an old-money hairstyle you’ve been craving. It’s great for ladies of all ages and it’s a hairstyle for all occasions.

17. Rose Dark Ginger Balayage

Rose dark ginger balayage is eye-catching, fashionable, and fresh. Show this inspo pic to your hair colorist and you’ll get a unique look no one else has.

18. Cowboy Copper Dark Ginger

If you’re into fashion trends, you already know that the entire hair industry is crazy over cowboy copper. But I bet you haven’t seen cowboy copper dark ginger just yet.

19. Black Ginger Red

This is the darkest shade of ginger: black ginger red. It’s definitely easier to maintain and more beautiful than the jet black.

20. Deep Copper Ginger

We’ve already established how great copper and dark ginger go. Well, it would be a shame if you missed this deep copper ginger hue.

20. Natural Dark Ginger Hair

You’ve seen natural ginger hair. But you haven’t seen what natural dark ginger hair looks like and it’s even more astonishing.

21. Dark Ginger Hair With Dark Lowlights

Dark lowlights on ginger hair don’t have an aesthetic purpose only. They’re also here to give depth and dimension to your hair.

22. Dark Ginger Transformation

Wow! Just take a closer look at this transformation and you’ll be more than convinced to get dark ginger hair.

23. Low Maintenance Dark Ginger Highlights

If you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain hairstyle that always looks good, low-maintenance dark ginger highlights are the thing for you.

24. Dark Ginger Hair With Bangs

Remember how I told you that this hair color looks great on different cuts? Well, dark ginger hair with bangs is living proof of that.

25. Copper And Dark Ginger Blends

Copper and dark ginger blends are an astonishing combination. They give your tresses the illusion of volume and make your hair look better than ever.

26. Dark Ginger Short Hair

Looking for the hottest short hairstyles of the season? Congratulations, you’ve just found your perfect match!

27. Dark Ginger Finger Coils

I can promise you one thing: finger coils have never looked better! Dye your locks dark ginger and you’ll always have the perfect hairstyle.

28. Dark Ginger Hair With Light Ginger Money Piece

Here’s the ultimate combination of dark and light ginger hair. A darker base is a match made in heaven with a lighter money piece.

29. Dark Ginger Cut With Black Roots

Dark ginger cut with black roots doesn’t only look awesome; it’s also easier to maintain if your base color is black.

31. Dark Ginger Dreadlocks

One thing is for sure: dark ginger dreadlocks won’t leave anyone indifferent. For the best effect, dye your eyebrows dark ginger as well.

32. Black And Dark Ginger Curls

Yes, you can use black and dark ginger curls as a great way to enhance your Halloween costume. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rock this hairstyle throughout the rest of the year.

33. Edgy Dark Ginger Cut

Here’s something for all my brave ladies out there: edgy dark ginger cut. Everything about it is bold and unique and not everyone can pull this hairstyle off.

34. Dark Ginger Auburn

Auburn hair color is the ultimate combination of brown and red hues. Combined with dark ginger makes wonders!

35. Ultra Short Dark Ginger Finger Coils

I guess we’re not done with finger coils. But how could we be when they look so stunning paired with dark ginger hair color?

36. Dark Ginger For Older Ladies

I wasn’t lying when I told you that dark ginger hair color looks spotless on women of all ages. This dark ginger hairstyle for older ladies is living proof of that.

37. Dark Ginger With Blonde Money Piece

Blonde money piece on dark ginger hair will spice up your look, frame your face beautifully, and accentuate all of your astonishing features.

38. Chocolate Dark Ginger Lowlights

Well, technically, this hair color is more brown than it is red. However, this chocolate dark ginger lowlight idea is equally beautiful and astonishing.

39. Dark Ginger Long Wavy Hair

Long wavy hair can never go out of style, especially if you pair it with an attractive hair color such as dark ginger.

40. Dark Ginger Bob Cut

Looking for the perfect bob hairstyle? Congratulations, you’ve just found one!

41. Dark Ginger Mullet With Undercut

Are you brave enough to pull off an edgy dark ginger mullet with undercut. If the answer is yes, what’s exactly stopping you?

42. Dark Ginger Hair With Blonde Highlights

Red hair with blonde highlights is always a good idea. But dark ginger hair with blonde highlights is pure perfection.

43. Dark Ginger Buzz Cut

When you have a buzz cut, you can experiment with different hair colors without being scared of damaging your tresses. So why not try a dark ginger buzz cut?

44. Blonde And Dark Ginger Blend

Where does the blonde stop and where does the dark ginger begin? Who knows? But that’s exactly the beauty of this blonde and dark ginger blend.

45. Dark Ginger Pixie Cut

A dark ginger pixie cut is an edgy hairstyle that will get you loads of attention. This is your sign to chop off those long locks and dye your hair this shade.