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24 Medium-Length Hairstyles With Layers For Ultimate Volume Boost

24 Medium-Length Hairstyles With Layers For Ultimate Volume Boost

You’re always looking for ways to make your flat or fine hair look fuller and more movable? You’re in the right place because you’ll finally discover the secret of voluminous hair.

Layers are the ultimate hack for adding volume, bounce, and movement to the hair! If you aren’t sure about the type of layers you should get, these medium-length hairstyles with layers below will help you figure out what kind of layers would suit you the best.

1. Airy Layers

The soft, face-framing layers make this look so airy and breezy. This way, you will get rid of tangled hair, and the front strands will jump up and move in a viable way.

2. Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut has been ruling the trending for the past few years, and no other cut could dethrone it. It’s an interesting, elegant, and stylish look, and, sincerely, I think it deserves all that hype.

3. Layered Ends And Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs and any type of layers make the most amazing pair and suit everyone, no matter their face shape or hair type. The layers above make the more formal look that you can wear to work or some gatherings that demand elegant and formal hairstyles.

4. Signature Volume Layers

The best thing about layers is that they aren’t defined. You can make them however you like and think would suit you. If you can trust your hairdresser, if they’re good at their job, you’ll get these stunning signature layers, and your hair will always look like you’ve come straight from Hollywood.

5. Short Layers + Bouncy Blowout

Short layers and a good blowout are the fastest way to make your hair bounce. This style fits all face shapes, but it complements women with rectangular faces the best because they bring softness and dimension to the face.

6. Textured Layers

If you’re really bored with your flat hair, that means your hair is missing texture and volume. Here is a perfect example of the transformation a few layers can do and make the hair look so much healthier and bouncy.

7. Face-Framing Long Layers

Long face-framing layers work best for women who want to soften and feminize the area of their face around the jawlines.

8. 90s Layered Cut

The 90s were all about these fun layers and mid-length hair. I’m so glad they’re going viral all over again. It’s one of those hairstyles that immediately brighten your day.

9. Oval Low Layers And Korean Bangs

If you want to refresh your hair, good fringes like these see-through bangs will always do that job perfectly.

They fit perfectly all face shapes but are mostly recommended for women with small or narrow foreheads. In this cake, the flipped-in layers are the icing on the cake because they add a bit of charm and elegance to the look.

10. Soft Butterfly Layers

If you’re a fan of the butterfly cut but don’t like to layer your hair on so many levels, try this. You’ll get just enough layers to add volume and still have that ‘butterfly fluttering its wings’ look.

11. Layers On Curly Hair

Even though layers aren’t so visible on curly hair, it doesn’t mean they give any less volume to the hair. A layered cut will revive your curls and make them bounce on every step you make.

12. Feathery Layers

If you want to bring the texture of your hair to the maximum, consider getting these feathery layers. Even though these layers give body and movement to the hair, your hair will still feel lighter and softer.

13. Light Layers

Many women fear getting layers because they think it could thin out their hair which is absolutely wrong. Layers don’t make your hair thinner or thicker, they just create the visual effect of fuller, voluminous hair.

If you still aren’t convinced, start by getting these light layers and once you make sure my words are the truth, I’m sure you’ll dare to take your layered cut to a new level.

14. French Roast With Layers

This layered cut is amazing, but this French coffee beans-inspired brown hue made me put it here. The dimensional French roast hue is perfect for women with cool skin tones and the way it highlights the layers makes the hair look even more voluminous.

15. Flipped Out Layers

In case you don’t want face-framing layers but want to draw attention and highlight your face, these flipped layers are for you. Besides these advantages, you’ll get the most elegant hairstyle suitable for all opportunities. 

16. Layers On Layers

If you have straight hair, adding layers on layers will enrich your hair texture and create movement. Your hair will never look dull and frizzy again and you’ll get a pretty low-maintenance hairstyle.

17. Wolf Cut Layers

The wolf cut is made of small, choppy, and face-framing layers that suit those with round face shapes the best. Also, these wolfy layers have the power to soften some of the harsh facial features and make them more feminine.

18. Layered Copper Hair

Vibes that this bright copper hue radiates are so romantic and gentle. And when you pair a nice layered cut and bouncy blowout with this color, perfection is the least you can get.

19. Invisible Layers

The internal layers are perfect for all of you who have fine hair and are afraid to get it layered because you think it may make it look even thinner. Layering those shorter pieces of hair on the inside will give your hair a natural lift, make it bounce, and give that fuller look.

20. Face-Framing Tousled Layers

If your aim is to achieve an effortless, low-maintenance look, the tousled layers should be your go-to haircut. That point cut will soften the ends and impart volume and texture to the hair interior.

21. V-Cut With Layers

The V-cut fits square and oblong face shapes because these layers make the cheeks appear thinner and provide the effect of a slimmer face. They’re also a great way to tame or even totally get rid of puffy and frizzy hair.

22. Shaggy Layers

Shaggy layers suit almost everyone except those with particularly round face shapes because of the way the hair falls on the face and makes it look shorter. It’s designed for women who want to make a stand and express their edgy personality through their hairstyle.

23. Softly Layered Blunt Cut

Yes, that is also possible, to pair blunt cut with layers. This way, you’ll be able to remove a bit more excess weight, spice up the blunt cut, and increase hair body and movement.

24. Flaming Layers

This is the right name for this type of layers because this look is on fire. Your hair will feel so much lighter even though it’ll seem so thick and voluminous to everyone else. Also, these long curtain bangs will enhance your best facial features.