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22 Mom Cut Hairstyles That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

22 Mom Cut Hairstyles That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

You’re a busy mom who doesn’t have time to visit salons too often? However, just like any other woman, you also want your hair to look nice and stylish every day?

I completely understand you and I’m here to help. I gathered some low-maintenance, modern mom cut hairstyles below that will help you look great while running your daily errands and housework, and make others envy you and wonder how you manage to do it all.

1. Rooty Blonde

These blonde highlights are being put under the root to create a subtle faded look. It’s not only a super modern look, it’s also a low-maintenance hairstyle because these highlights don’t require very often retouching. Although, I do recommend using a purple shampoo to neutralize the brassiness.

2. Partial Balayage And Beachy Waves

The best thing about partial balayage is that you (or your colorist) can choose to color the layers that will enhance your finest facial features. As you can see, the model in this picture has this subtle, bright money piece that softens her face and creates that natural-looking glow.

3. Curly Hair With Bangs

Natural curly hair always looks beautiful, but curly ladies know best how hard it is to maintain the curls. I will share a secret that can help you with that demanding job.

Get a layered haircut, and your curls will be thankful to you forever. And if you want to take your look to another level, add any type of bangs that would suit your face, too. You’ll get an ultra-modern, youthful hairstyle.

4. Layered Hair With Golden Teasy Lights

Let’s start with the golden teasy lights. They add subtle brightness to the natural hair color and suit perfectly every skin complexion. When it comes to layers, they’re always the most proven way to add volume and movement to dull, flat hair.

5. Dyed Bangs For Edgy Look

Here is a hairstyle for all my moms who want to show off their edgy personality. Dyed bangs radiate those youthful vibes and draw attention to your eyes.

6. Blunt Cut With Soft Money Piece

If you’ve experienced excessive shedding or have naturally thin hair, the next time you visit your hairdresser, ask them to give you a blunt cut. It’ll make your hair appear thicker.

7. Iconic 70s Shag

It’s also known as a gypsy haircut. It consists of those evenly cut layers that add even more volume to the hair. Nowadays, many women are cultivating that messy look, and that is the reason this 70s shag is more popular than ever before.

8. Choppy Layers

If you decide to get choppy layers, you’ll never have to worry about styling your hair again because these layers will instantly style your hair with volume, bounce, and movement. These wispy, micro bangs mostly flatter long and oval face shapes.

9. Shaggy Perm

Radiant color, lively perm curly, and long-lasting hairstyle… Sounds like perfection, right? If you maintain it correctly, your perm may last up to six months. I think it’s something every mom secretly longs for, a beautiful, lasting hairstyle.

10. Contouring Haircut

As you can see, you don’t only need makeup to contour your face. Sometimes, a good hairstyle can do the job perfectly fine. This way, you’ll add dimension and soften some angles of your face shape while instantly enhancing your best facial features.

11. Modern Shag And Bright Face-Framing Pieces

The subtle money piece can make the face look brighter and more gentle. A messy and effortless look is the whole point of modern shag, but it still displays cool-girl vibes.

12. Wavy Shadow Root Blonde Balayage

Here is a good option for everyone who wants to refresh their color without touching the root. 

The most important thing about this balayage is to pay attention to the transitioning part, to make it look as natural as possible. Shadow root balayage needs to be retouched every 8-10 weeks, which is also one of the reasons you’ll love this balayage.

13. Micro Bangs

If you want to enhance your eyes and the upper area of your face, micro bangs are the right choice for you. Besides, no matter how you decide to style your hair, these bangs will make sure that you always have a unique, edgy hairstyle.

14. Cool Mid-Length Mullet

You want to be a cool punk mom with a unique hairstyle? I’ve got you covered there, too. This mullet cut with a pastel blue color will make you the coolest and most popular mom. Both the cut and color suit all skin tones and hair textures, however, if you want to get a shade like this one, pre-lightening your hair is a must.

15. A-Line Lob

This is the perfect example of a hairstyle that is made for every occasion. It’s mostly designed for women with thinner hair because of the blunt cut that can make their hair look fuller and thicker.

16. Choppy Bottleneck Fringe

If you have thick hair and want to make it look thinner and softer, you should get bottleneck bangs. They go with every hair type and texture, but they suit the best women with oval face shapes.

17. Deep Side Part

Just look how gorgeous and glowy look you can get with a simple side part and adding a few bobby pins. This hairstyle is the most amazing blend of formal and classic hair and can definitely be used for different occasions.

18. Wispy Bangs And Rich Layers

The way layers add volume and make the hair look fuller always manages to amaze me. If you have an oval face shape, I strongly recommend these wispy bangs because they have a slimming effect and will add dimension to your face.

19. Layered Rose Gold Balayage

This cooler rose gold hue complements women with fair, cool skin tones. And if you have ever wondered about the best color for covering grays, I would put this one somewhere at the top of that list.

20. Textured Mid-Length Hair With Korean Bangs

The reason most of us love Korean bangs is that they’re completely neutral and can flatter every face shape. Texturizing your hair will create movement and give you a chic and effortless look.

21. Soft Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers flatter everyone, all skin tones, hair types, and textures. That is one of the biggest reasons we love them! Other reasons are accentuating our facial features, contouring the face, and allowing the hair to fall and bounce in a more natural way.

22. Razor Cut

Razor cut is suitable both for straight and curly hair. It can make curly hair lighter and more airy, while it gives movement and bounce to straight hair. However, it is important that your hair isn’t prone to frizziness because the angled ends may cause your hair to frizz even more.