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20 Fabulous Milk Tea Hair Color Ideas To Try Out

20 Fabulous Milk Tea Hair Color Ideas To Try Out

A color named after a delicious drink is taking over Instagram and TikTok this season. It’s time for you to join the trend and try out the fabulous new milk tea hair color! This isn’t just a single shade: it includes a blend of brown, gray, and ashy blonde tones. Thanks to this neutral tone, the milk tea color is universal, wearable, and looks good on all skin tones. Keep scrolling to see 20 stunning ways to rock this latest hair trend.

1. Ash Brown Milk Tea Hair Color

Here is a milk tea hair color with an ash brown shade, which is basically a cool brunette color with a gray undertone. There’s something so pretty and flattering about this cool, smoky shade, making it a good choice for any skin tone.

2. Milk Tea Color On Long Wavy Hair

Long wavy hair is definitely a blessing. If you have it, it would be a shame to miss out the milk tea hair color trend, as it looks so beautiful on this type of hair.

3. Milk Tea Brunette

This pretty brown color resembles the shade of milk blended with black tea. This photo proves why milk tea hair color is the absolute hit lately. You don’t have to go all blonde to wear a milk tea hair color; see, it also looks so good when brunette is the prevailing hue.

4. Milk Tea Pink Hair Color

It’s possible to add other hues, too, to spice up your milk tea hair color additionally. This pink shade is a nice, romantic option if you’re aiming for a softer look.

5. Babylights On Black Hair With Milk Tea Brown Color

Is it impossible to achieve a milk tea shade on black hair? Not at all! Here’s an example of the magic of babylights and milk tea brown color on black hair.

6. Milk Tea Hair Color With Hidden Pink Highlights

This is a creative way to play with your hair color and receive plenty of compliments! At first, it looks like you have a pretty milk tea hair shade. But when you run your fingers through your hair, you’ll reveal awesome pink highlights underneath!

7. Milk Tea Color On Shaggy Hair

A piecey, shaggy, and wispy style paired with milk tea hair color makes a fantastic combination, doesn’t it?

8. Light Milk Tea Cream Hair Color

If you have light skin and naturally light hair, this is one of the most flattering shades of milk tea color that you can choose.

9. Platinum Milk Tea Hair Color

Everyone has a different take on what the milk tea shade could be. If you want it to lean more towards the platinum side, this is the photo you should show your hair colorist.

10. Creamy Beige Milk Tea Hair Color

Creamy beige milk tea is another shade that will look good on you, no matter your skin tone. It just evokes those summer vibes and carefree days!

11. Soft And Feminine Milk Tea Hair

If you’re looking for a hair color that will bring out the best of your soft and feminine side, this is the one I would go with.

12. Milk Tea Brown Hair Color

Your brown hair will definitely use a nice makeover. It doesn’t have to be drastic and you don’t have to become blonde or something. Just use this picture of a pretty brown milk tea color as your inspiration!

13. Milk Tea With A Touch Of Ash Blonde

Just a slight tinge of ash blonde color makes this milk tea hair breathtaking.

14. Milk Tea With A Muted-Darker-Ash Color

A bit muted, darker ash color is the awesome change you’ve been looking for to transform your hair this season.

15. Milk Tea Blonde Hair Before And After

A before-and-after picture is the best way to witness the transformative power of the milk tea hair color.

16. Light Silvery Milk Tea Brown

Light silver, brown, or gray—you can describe it as you like, but one thing is sure: this milk tea color is absolutely fabulous!

17. Milk Tea Balayage

How to make your blonde balayage even more stunning? Simply, by adding a milk tea shade!

18. Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Make your everyday hairstyle sweeter with this brown sugar milk tea hair idea.

19. Blonde Milk Tea With GHD Curls

This blonde milk tea color offers the perfect mixture of warm and ash tones. It looks especially shiny and healthy with GHD curls.

20. Milk Tea Blonde On Long Hair

Long hair offers the best possible view of how natural, flattering, and wearable the milk tea color is.