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Mushroom Brown Hair Is The Minimalist Trend Of The Season

Mushroom Brown Hair Is The Minimalist Trend Of The Season

Mushroom brown is the neutral brunette shade taking social media by storm, and we can’t get enough.

This soft, earthy, light-to-medium brown comes in a variety of tones, from ashy and fawn to taupe, so finding the exact hue that complements your coloring should be easy. Mushroom brown hair looks stunning on its own, but also serves as a gorgeous base for blonde highlights or an accent color to add dimension to darker hair.

If you’re ready to step away from bright colors and switch to neutral shades, mushroom brown might just be the perfect hue you didn’t know you needed.

1. Chocolate Mushroom Brown Hair

Mushroom brown hair can be high-maintenance if you’re set on keeping it as ashy as possible. It becomes much easier to care for when it’s mixed with a hint of slightly deeper and warmer hues like chocolate.

2. Light Mushroom Brown Hair

Light mushroom brunette was once known as mousey brown that had to be fixed with blonde highlights, but now it’s a trendy shade that everyone wants. Once you achieve it, use purple color-depositing hair products to enjoy it longer.

3. Mushroom Brown Balayage

Blending your natural roots with hand-painted highlights, mushroom brown balayage is the seamless way of trying out this beautiful color.

4. Mushroom Brown Balayage On Dark Hair

Lightening dark hair always comes with the issue of brassiness. While the balayage technique will allow you to go longer in between touch-ups, you’ll still need regular toning treatments to correct the color.

5. Mushroom Brown With Blonde Highlights

Mushroom brown base allows blonde highlights to shine, but your look will still be subtle and minimalist, if that’s what you’re going for.

6. Mushroom Brown Highlights

This masterful combination of mushroom brown highlights, lowlights and babylights results in a beautiful dye job with lots of natural-looking dimension.

7. Golden Mushroom Brown Hair

Leaning slightly warmer, golden mushroom brown is rich and radiant without being loud. Old money aesthetic type of glam!

8. Medium Mushroom Brown Hair


Medium mushroom brown is easy to achieve if your hair is a light to medium blonde or brunette, but if it’s darker than that, it will need to be lightened to level 6-7 to get this shade.

9. Mushroom Brown Curls

Curls love highlights, but they’re not absolutely necessary—this stunning look is proof of it. A great curly cut paired with glossy color will make them pop just as beautifully.

10. Warm Mushroom Brown Hair

If your skin has a warm undertone and neutral shades tend to get too ashy on you, warm mushroom brown hair will give you the earthy, understated look you’re going for.

11. Sandy Mushroom Brown

This sandy mushroom brunette is the perfect neutral tone that looks amazing on skin types with neutral undertones, but it won’t look unflattering on warm or cool skin tones either. A drop of honey or ash can tip it over to your side to make it suit you even better.

12. Mushroom Brown Hair With Money Piece

Face-framing money pieces are easily the most powerful way to transform your hair. Here, they brighten the complexion and make the gorgeous mushroom brown base stand out.

13. Ash Mushroom Brown

This delicate ash mushroom brown needs lots of TLC to stay fresh. Start with including a color-depositing blue or purple shampoo to your routine to protect it against brassiness.

14. Mushroom Brown Hair With Highlights

The beauty of mushroom brown lies in how natural it seems despite taking lots of work to achieve. With subtle highlights, it gets a lived-in look that perfectly blends with minimalist aesthetics.

15. Ashy Mushroom Brown Hair


While it might not be the most difficult hair color to maintain, ashy mushroom brown is definitely up there. Following the tips for the upkeep of the notoriously difficult silver hair color should be enough to care for it.

16. Ombre Mushroom Brown Hair

You don’t need to go all out to get a fresh look—this mushroom brown ombre balayage is a fun and easy way to try a color much lighter than your base.

17. Chestnut Mushroom Brown Hair

This subtle and beautiful chestnut mushroom brunette looks sun-kissed and cozy—a gorgeous way to create dimension in dark hair.

18. Dark Brown With Mushroom Highlights

Thanks to the expert blending, these light mushroom brown highlights introduce brightness to dark hair while looking natural and clean.

19. Mushroom Brown Face-Framing Highlights

Face-framing highlights can be all you need to transform your look: you can keep the rest of your hair natural and still achieve a stunning brightening effect.