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We’re Obsessed With These 23 Party Hairstyles

We’re Obsessed With These 23 Party Hairstyles

Going to a party? It’s the perfect excuse to wear that outfit you’ve been saving for a special occasion—or treat yourself to a new one—and take your look up a notch.

The perfect party hairstyle boosts your confidence, but also allows you to let loose and have fun. We’ve curated a selection of glamorous, stunning styles that will complete your look, no matter if you’re heading to a formal event or a night of dancing.

1. High Half-Up Half-Down Ponytail


To create this ultra-high flattering half-up half-down ponytail, make it a little narrower than usual. Starting at the arch of your eyebrows, gather the top section of your hair and tie your half-pony on top of your head. Fluff it up for extra volume.

2. ’90s Updo


This Pamela Anderson-inspired messy updo is soft and relaxed, yet sexy—a great hairstyle for a casual party or a romantic date. Curl the front pieces after you’ve pinned your hair up to create the perfect frame for your face.

3. Vintage Waves


If your party is a formal one, elegant vintage waves complement even the most elaborate gowns, including bridal dresses. They look beautiful with strapless necklines, creating a refined and minimalist look.

4. Braided Half-Up Bun


Wearing your braids in a half-up bun is a simple way to switch things up that results in a stylish and cool look. If using bobby pins to secure your bun, use the flexible kind without balls at the tip to avoid damaging your braids.

5. Sleek Ponytail


From the gym to a wedding ceremony and anything in between, a sleek ponytail can be worn anywhere. It won’t feel out of place at any type of party, so your only task is to make it last. Use a toothbrush with some hair gel to slick it back and keep it smooth all night long.

6. Messy Bun


The artfully messy bun is the perfect mix of laid-back and sophisticated. With a casual outfit it shows that your look is intentional, and it makes a more formal ensemble feel softer and more relaxed.

7. Glam Curls


Want to be a diva for a night? Voluminous, glamorous large curls that show off the beauty of your hair and frame your face will make you look sensual and confident.

8. Slicked Back


If you have a pixie or a short bob, changing up your hairstyle can be a challenge, but there’s always a slick-back to fall back on. It’s a cool and sexy way to do something special with your hair to show that you’ve made an effort. Use a wet-look product for extra glam.

9. Sleek Low Ponytail


Here’s another way for your look to say business in the front, party in the back. A low sleek ponytail is minimalist and elegant, so it won’t take the attention away when you want to make your outfit the focal point of your look.

10. Accessorized Hair


Accessories are the absolute easiest way to spice up your hair. Even the simplest clip will make your hairstyle special, and a thought-out accent will complete your head-to-toe look.

11. Bouncy Blowout


A voluminous, bouncy blowout is a gorgeous way to frame your face and look glamorous. You’ll get the best results if you use velcro rollers to let your strands cool off as you blow dry your hair.

12. Fishtail Braid


When a regular plait is a little too ordinary for a party look, a boho fishtail braid is the way to go a step further. It looks far more complicated than it is—quickly learn how to make it by following this tutorial.

13. Braidout Puff


The simple but striking puff is equal parts elegance and drama—pick the direction you want your look to take with your choice of makeup and outfit.

14. Bubble Braid Ponytail


It might not seem that versatile at first, but the bubble braid ponytail has many faces. You can style it to be anything from casual to cool to romantic by making softer, looser or sleeker and using accessories.

15. Sleek Low Bun


The sleek low bun is simple and classic, so it can handle lots of personalization. Here, baby hairs styled into gorgeous curlicues make it look romantic, especially paired with pearl accessories.

16. Fancy Headband Hairstyle


Don’t have time to create a party hairstyle? An elaborate hairband adds a pop of color to your hair and can be used to complement or contrast the rest of your look.

17. Glam Pony


Sleek, accessorized and impeccably curled, this ponytail hairstyle is a work of art. Pair with a simple outfit to emphasize its dramatic minimalist vibe.

18. Half-Up Space Buns


Half space buns are underrated. This easy hairstyle will make you look twice as adorable however you wear it, so the next time you’re in the mood for a cute look, you know what to do.

19. Low Chignon


As elegant as it gets, a chignon is a go-to style for any formal occasion, so knowing how to do it can come in handy. The best part? It works with all hair lengths.

20. High Ponytail


A high pony exudes the it-girl vibe like no other hairstyle, and it looks amazing on nearly everyone. Wrap a strand of hair around the base to make it extra fancy.

21. Bun With Front Pieces


Soften a bun with bangs or front pieces while keeping the sharpness in the back for more formal events or make it loose and relaxed for a casual party.

22. Low Ponytail


This ultra-easy romantic hairstyle will look best if you prep your hair with a product that smooths frizz without disrupting your natural texture. Simply tie your hair at the nape, decorate with a cuff or pin and throw the ponytail over your shoulder.

23. Space Buns


Planning to dance the night away? Here’s a hairstyle that’s as cute as it’s practical: the space buns. They keep your hair out of your face and look adorable at the same time.