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30 Best Pixie Cut For Oval Face Hairstyles

30 Best Pixie Cut For Oval Face Hairstyles

The good thing about an oval face is that it can play with almost any hairstyle. However, the most flattering cut for this face shape is, without a doubt, a pixie. That’s why we’re bringing you the trendiest pixie cut for oval face haircuts.

1. Feminine Pixie Cut For Oval Face

Guess what: you can look quite feminine with a short haircut, as well. A feminine pixie cut for oval face is a living proof of that.

2. Edgy Pixie Cut For Oval Face

If you have been looking for a sign to get rid of your dull, long hair and choose a bold hairstyle, this is it. This is the perfect edgy haircut for ladies with oval faces.

3. Pixie Cut For Oval Chubby Face

What if you have an oval and a chubby face at the same time? Worry not, we have a solution for you, as well. In that face, you have an ideal face shape to rock an adventurous pixie cut like this.

4. Long Pixie Cut For Oval Face

Basically, you get the best of both worlds with this haircut: you get a long pixie cut on one side, and a shaved haircut on the other side. The bonus side is that the accent is on your beautiful cheekbones.

5. Low Maintenance Pixie Cut For Oval Face

You’re tired of spending hours in the salon and spending a significant amount of money on your hair every once and a while? Your torments will come to an end with this low maintenance pixie cut for oval face.

6. Pixie Cut For Oval Face Fine Hair

A pixie cut is the ultimate hairstyle for fine hair since it makes it looks thicker. Paired with an oval face, it turns into a flattering hairstyle you don’t want to miss.

7. Pixie Cut For Oval Shaped Face

Here’s another trending pixie cut for an oval face. The only thing you need to keep these long angled bangs is a long-lasting hairspray and you’re good to go.

8. Pixie Cut For Oval Face Black Woman

Most women with oval-shaped faces have sharper jawlines. That is exactly why this kind of pixie cut is perfect for your face shape: it draws attention to the volumized crown.

9. Pixie Cut With Baby Bangs For Oval Face


Haven’t you heard? Baby bangs are making a big comeback! And the best way to style them is with a pixie cut!

10. Pixie Cut With Curly Bangs For Oval Face

If you want to look like a retro pin-up girl, a pixie cut with curly bangs is the right choice for you. Add a fun-looking accessorize, like a colorful headband and you’ll have all the attention for yourself.

11. Copper Pixie Cut For Oval Face

Right here, you have a pixie cut for oval face flattering for all ages. If you think about changing your hair color together with your haircut, why wouldn’t you try a copper red?

12. Scarlet Red Pixie Cut For Oval Face

Or maybe you want a softer shade of red? In that case, scarlet red is your to-go dye. Pair it up with a carefree pixie cut for oval face.

13. Pixie With Bangs For Oval Face

If you want a pixie cut with bangs for an oval face, we strongly recommend shaggy bangs. You can style it in more than one way, so you’ll never get bored with this exciting haircut.

14. Oval Face Pixie Cut For Older Women

Pixie cut is a great solution for older ladies with oval faces. This is one of the hairstyles that really shows off your cheekbones and a plus side is that it’s incredibly low maintenance.

15. Short Blonde Pixie Cut For Oval Face

One thing is for sure: you can’t go wrong with a combination of blonde color, pixie cut and an oval face shape. This is a top pick for short hairstyles for a reason!

16. Wolf Cut Pixie For Oval Face

Here’s the newest and the hottest version of the good, old wolf cut. It’s a combination of the currently most popular haircuts: a mullet, the shag, and of course, the pixie.

17. Pixie Cut For Oval Face For Women Over 40

For all of you ladies over 40, a pixie cut like this will frame your face in just the right way and accentuate all the right places. A bangs chopped like this will help soften your harsh forehead contours.

18. Pixie Cut For Oval Face With Asymmetrical Bangs

An effortless pixie cut with side bangs is the perfect everyday style for an oval face. Besides, it’s incredibly easy to style and maintain.

19. Pixie For Oval Face With Long Bangs And Undercut

If you’re craving a shaved haircut, but don’t want to lose all of your hair length, a pixie with long bangs and an undercut should be your number one choice. This cute hairstyle screams adventure and fun.

20. Extra Short Pixie Cut For Oval Face

I have to warn you: a buzzcut like this is for courageous ladies only. If you see yourself as brave enough to pull this extra short pixie cut off, what’s exactly stopping you from showing this photo to your stylist?

21. Pixie For Oval Face With Caramel Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

It’s time to step up the game and bring some fun to your dull dark brown hair. Caramel highlights will give you exactly the amount of change you need and they will go great with a pixie cut on your oval-shaped face.

22. Asymmetrical Pixie For Oval Face With Undercut

Want to add bangs to your style but don’t want to go for a blunt straight across look? Why wouldn’t you try asymmetrical bangs?

23. Pixie For Oval Face For Women With Glasses

A pixie cut is a super trendy style right now for women with glasses, too. Since the glasses are covering enough of your face already, you need a face-revealing haircut.

24. Pixie Mullet For Oval Face

Bangs on this pixie cut can be worn to cover up some of the forehead but can also easily be pinned back or all the way to the side. Whatever option you choose, one thing is for sure: a pixie mullet will never be a boring haircut!

25. Ultra Short Edgy Pixie Cut For Oval Face

Are you ready to go ultra short? This short pixie cut is perfect for anyone who wants a hassle-free style. 

26. Oval Face Blonde Pixie Cut For Older Ladies

Here’s another amazing short haircut for older ladies with oval faces. Here’s a pro tip: if you want to hide your gray hair, go with the blonde dye. This way, the roots won’t show and you won’t have to dye it so frequently.

27. Curly Pixie Cut For Oval Face

If you have natural curls, this is a sign to stop damaging your hair by ironing it all the time. Instead, let your locks free and give them a chance to shine with this awesome curly pixie cut.

28. Brunette Pixie Cut For Oval Face

Who says that brunette hair must be boring? If you pair it up with a modern pixie cut and complete the look with these contemporary bangs, nobody will stay indifferent to your look.

29. Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut For Oval Face

You know what they say: blondes have more fun? Well, just imagine how much fun this blonde pixie cut will bring you? It’s a careless and spontaneous hairstyle that looks amazing on all hair types.

30. Colorful Bowled Pixie For Oval Face

Chic, nasty, edgy— it’s a perfect way to describe this colorful bowled pixie cut for an oval face. One thing is for sure: wherever you appear, you’ll catch everyone’s undivided attention.