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50 Best Pixie Cuts For Women Over 50

50 Best Pixie Cuts For Women Over 50

Who says you must have boring hair when you turn 50? Pixie cuts for women over 50 are your best bet, if you want to look trendy, youthful and glamorous. Choose the one for you!

1. Short Pixie Cut For Women Over 50


If you’re looking for a sign to chop your long hair off, this is it. A short pixie cut for women over 50 is trendy and stylish!

2. Long Pixie Cut For Women Over 50


But what if you want to keep some of your hair length? Worry not, because we have a solution for you: a long pixie cut for women over 50!

3. Pixie Cuts For Black Women Over 50


If you’re a black woman with naturally curly hair, don’t try straightening it— instead, leave your curls and cut your hair in a pixie. For a trendy hairstyle, try caramel highlights on the top— they will make your hairdo even more perfect.

4. Feminine Pixie Cuts For Women Over 50


A pixie haircut is not reserved for tomboys only. Here’s a living proof that it can be a feminine haircut, as well.

5. Pixie Cuts For Thick Hair Women Over 50


Can you rock a pixie cut if you have thick hair? Absolutely yes! This hairdo is easy to style and it is flattering for all face shapes.

6. Feathered Pixie Cuts For Women Over 50

One thing is for sure: a feathered pixie cut will make you look younger. Instead of weighing your face down, it’s opening up your features.

7. Pixie Spiky Cuts For Women Over 50


A pixie spiky cut is striking and eye-catching. It’s ideal for all hair types and it emphasizes your cheekbones and jawline.

8. Pixie Cuts For Women Over 50 With Thin Hair


Even though this is a short haircut, the bangs on the side will frame your face perfectly. A short pixie cut will give your hair the illusion of fulness— exactly what you needed.

9. Pixie Cuts And Color For Trendy Women Over 50


It’s time to add some color to the traditional pixie cut? So, what if you’re over 50? Who says that you can’t rock this hairstyle off better than someone younger?

10. Medium Length Pixie Cut For Women Over 50


A pixie haircut doesn’t have to be all that short. In fact, if you want to add some extra sass to your hairdo, a medium-length pixie cut for women over 50 is your bet bet!

11. Shaggy Pixie Cut For Women Over 50


A shaggy pixie cut is one of the most popular haircuts for women over 50. This hairdo adds layers to your hair and dials up the volume.

12. Ice-Blonde Pixie Cuts For Women Over 50


Is your hair naturally turning gray? In that case, dying it ice-blonde is the best thing you can do. When you combine this bold hair color with a pixie cute, you get a statement-making hairstyle!

13. Blonde Pixie Cut For Women Over 50


Blondes do everything better, am I right? If ice-blonde is too much for you, just stick to the typical shade for a bombing look.

14. Brunette Pixie Cut For Women Over 50


Some say that brunette is a staple hair color. Well, it’s time to prove them wrong and rock this awesome pixie cut off!

15. Short Pixie Cut With Baby Bangs


Who says that senior ladies can’t rock baby bangs? I promise that you can wear this trendy haircut with style and elegance!

16. Balayage Pixie Cut For Women Over 50


The balayage technique works wonderfully on all hair lengths and it’s certainly not cut out for long hair only. A balayage pixie cut for women will get you tons of compliments!

17. Outgrown Pixie Cuts For Women Over 50


Was your hair meant to be this long from the start? Are you trying to grow a bob haircut? Is your pixie cut outgrown? Let them guess!

18. Edgy Short Pixie Cuts For Women Over 50


Are you brave enough to pull off this edgy pixie cut? Stick to the pastel colors if you want to get a gentle and more appealing look.

19. Wavy Pixie Cuts For Women Over 50


If your hair type is wavy, a pixie is a good haircut to try. It goes perfectly with glasses and it leaves enough room on your ears for some unique earrings.

20. Pixie Cut For Women Over 50 With Shaved Nape


Nothing says seductive than a shaved neck. Give your boring pixie cut an individual, spicy touch and capture everyone’s attention!

21. Pixie Cuts For Women Over 50 With White Hair


Why hide your natural hair color? Show the world that you see getting older as a privilege and that you’re enjoying it to the max!

22. Light Blonde Pixie Cut With Darker Roots


On the other hand, if you want to fool everyone that your grays haven’t started growing just yet, this one is for you! The brunette

23. Tousled Pixie Cut With Bangs


Do you know what’s the best thing about a tousled pixie cut? It’s the fact that it’s so low-maintenance that you only need some styling cream and you’re good to go every morning.

24. Copper Pixie Cut For Women Over 50


Why give up on dying your color red once you turn 50? This copper red pixie cut for women over 50 is a great example how amazing it can look.

25. Curly Pixie Cut For Older Women


This cut is perfect for all of you who have authentically curly hair. Besides, it gives you the chance to style your hair with ease!

26. Extra Short Pixie Cut


A modern take on the classic look, an extra short pixie cut will emphasize your beautiful facial features. It’s so low maintenance, that you don’t have to even own a blow dryer anymore!

27. Messy Pixie Cut For Women Over 50


Don’t let anyone fool you by saying that short hair limits your styling options. A messy pixie cut is a simple but effective way to take years off your look.

28. Pixie Cut For Women Over 50 With Highlights


Add some texture and fun to your monotonous haircuts with these eye-catching highlights. This timeless hairstyle looks good on almost everyone!

29. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut


Chic with a dash of elegance. It’s the best way to describe this asymmetrical pixie cut! It can be styled easily— just let the bangs grow out.

30. Pixie Cut With Long Bangs


Are you looking for a sophisticated haircut that screams confidence? In that case, a shorter pixie cut with longer bangs is the one for you!

31. Brushed Back Pixie Cut For Women Over 50


An ideal look for formal events or for every day look, a brushed back pixie cut with wavy, longer bangs will give you a fashionable, elegant, and sophisticated appearance.

32. Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut


If you have pale or light complexion, and you’re a women over 50, you can’t go wrong with a platinum blonde pixie cut!

33. White Pixie Cut For Women Over 50


Minimal layers of this white pixie will give a trendy shape to your cut. Besides, one thing is for sure: the color won’t leave anyone indifferent.

34. Wispy Pixie Cut For Older Women


They say that wispy hair is hard to style. Well, with a pixie cut, that is part of the past. It will be enough to finger-comb your hair while blow-drying it, and you’ve got yourself a perfect hairstyle!

35. Red Pixie For Women Over 50


A fiery red pixie cut will take at least ten years off your look. It screams sexy, glam, and fearless.

36. Pixie Cut With Shaved Lines For Older Ladies


Forget the rule book and rock this wild pixie cut. Remember: you’re never too old to wear a bold haircut!

37. Tapered Pixie Cut


Take your hairstyle to new heights with this deep tapered pixie cut for women over 50. The hair is rich in the front, but then you see a whole new dimension in the back.

38. Pixie Cut For Dark Brown Hair


I’ll be honest: a dark brown pixie cut might not be the best option for you if your natural hair is growing gray, since you’ll have to dye it constantly, due to the lighter roots. However, you can always rock this haircut with another hair color.

39. Two-colored Pixie Cut For Older Ladies


A two-toned pixie for women over 50 will give your cut a wild dash— exactly what you need to look and feel younger.

40. Dark Hair Pixie Cut


Angled layers make your crop brave and stylish. This amazing haircut will bring edge and definition to your hair, and it will give you a more youthful look.

41. Pixie Cut With Stacked Layers


This trendy pixie with stacked layers will frame your face in an incredible way. It will add more texture to your hair, and it will get the volume and shape it desperately needs.

42. Voluminous Elegant Pixie Cut


If you want to look elegant and refined while having short hair, this one is the ideal choice for you. This haircut works best with coarse and thick hair.

43. Undercut Pixie Cut


Trust me when I tell you that an undercut pixie cut is not for younger girls only. What’s stopping you from trying out this fun and youthful hairstyle?

44. Choppy Pixie Cut For Older Ladies


A choppy pixie cut is, without doubt, a fashion-forward look. Besides, it will make your life easier, since this haircut requires minimum washing and styling time and effort.

45. Side-parted Pixie Cut For Older Ladies


If you’re considering classy and simple short haircuts for women over 50, you should definitely give a side-parted pixie a chance. It will frame your face beautifully, while still keeping some of your hair length.

46. Long Gray Pixie Cut


To be exact, this haircut is somewhere in between a pixie and a bob, a so-called bixie. It’s an ideal choice if you still feel uncertain about cutting your hair all the way up!

47. Pixie Cut For Oval Face


If you have an oval head shape, you want to leave the bangs longer, so your face looks thinner and slimmer. And this pixie cut gives you exactly the look you want!

48. Pixie Cut For Women Over 50 With Side Bangs


A side bang will transform a simple cut into a head-turning look. It adds a mysterious touch to your hairstyle and it helps cover the wrinkles.

49. Pixie Cut With Tattooed Sides


Believe me when I tell you that there is no age limit to having fun and edgy hair! This pixie cut with tattooed sides is for the brave only, but it certainly is an unforgettable hairdo.

50. Retro Pixie Cut For Women Over 50


Didn’t you hear the news? The 80s are coming back! A retro pixie cut will make you feel young again and it will give you a classy everyday look.

To Wrap Up:

Pixie cuts for women over 50 are trendy, versatile, and most importantly, easy to style. Besides, let’s not forget how younger this haircut will make you look. You can combine a pixie cut with your natural gray hair, or dye it— the choice is all yours. What matters is that this hairstyle will surely make you feel more confident!