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Razor-Cut Bob Is The Coolest Hair Trend Of The Season

Razor-Cut Bob Is The Coolest Hair Trend Of The Season

Sure, it’s trending at the moment, but the razor-cut bob never really went anywhere. It’s light and airy, and looks gorgeous on nearly all hair types. As each strand is carefully carved, the hair gains weightlessness and flow—you’ll hardly need to do anything to style it. Plus, it grows out beautifully, keeping your look fresh for ages.

Ready to see some stunning inspo pics that will tempt you to get the chop?

1. Chin-Length Bob With Fringe

The razor-cut bob looks amazing on a wide range of face shapes, like round, square or heart-shaped. You can customize the length and layers to highlight your best features, and it works with or without bangs. As versatile as it gets.

2. Wavy Razor-Cut Bob


Razored haircuts sometimes feature skinny ends, but they don’t have to. This blunt bob has been shaped with a razor to create a strong outline but also add lots of movement.

3. Textured Razor-Cut Bob


You’ve got many ways to style the razor-cut bob: smooth and sleek or something more tousled and fun—this haircut can do it all.

4. French Razor-Cut Bob


A subtle wave matches the soft texture of the razored bob perfectly, looking effortless. If your hair isn’t easily styled into natural beachy waves, here’s all you need to know to do it.

5. Razor-Cut Micro Bob


The textured ends of this razor-cut micro bob give the hair natural movement and bounce. This look is easy to wear and easy to style.

6. Side Part Bob


Styling a razored bob is easy, especially if you’re into the tousled look. Apply some anti-frizz product, then let your hair air-dry while flipping your parting to create volume at the crown.

7. Razor-Cut Bixie


The bixie is a gorgeous style that keeps coming back in fashion. This short haircut is super versatile and can look very different depending on how you style it.

8. Razor-Cut Lob


A razor-cut lob isn’t just about the effortless look—it also boosts the volume in your hair. Texturizing helps lighten the load while maintaining a strong silhouette which makes your haircut easier to manage.

9. Curly Bob With Bangs


Giving your curly bob some bangs can revive your style. No more flat hair or wondering how to part it—just add some adorable bangs and instant refresh!

10. Lip-Length Blunt Bob


This adorable little bob is stylish and wearable. With its choppy texture and short length, it can be styled very quickly. The lip length gives it a chic, high-fashion look.

11. Short Bob With Choppy Bangs


This choppy bob with even choppier bangs is a fun, playful haircut that combines the chic mood of a French bob and an edgy vibe.

12. Razor-Cut Long Bob


As your hair grows out, the razor-cut bob evolves—it changes without losing a stylish look to give you a smooth and graceful transition between salon appointments.

13. Shaggy Bob

A shaggy bob looks its best when left to air-dry naturally, fully playing up the effortless look. However, a little boost is always welcome—try a volumizing spray at the roots to add some extra body.

14. Ear-Length Bob With Bangs


An extra-short bob with micro fringe is for those who like an edgy look. You can play with unique styling or tone it down. It’s all about making it your own!

15. Bob With Long Bangs


Longish bangs will give you the flowy style of face-framing that usually comes with longer hair. Experiment with partings and volume to create different looks and choose what suits you best.

16. Razor-Cut Bob For Thick Hair


You’ll recognize the razor-cut bob by its textured and feathered ends, crafted with a razor instead of scissors. This technique gives it a softer, more lived-in look compared to traditional scissor cutting, making it perfect for thinning out thick hair.

17. Razor-Cut Angled Bob


Structured bob haircuts tend to look outdated, but the light, airy look created by razor cutting will give any bob hairstyle a modern, touchable look.

18. Choppy Razor-Cut Bob


The razor-cut bob works with nearly all hair types, from straight to wavy and curly and works well on both fine and thick hair. Now it’s only up to you and your stylist to find the perfect shape for your features.