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22 Edgy Short Gray Hair Ideas That Instantly Boost Youthful Vibes

22 Edgy Short Gray Hair Ideas That Instantly Boost Youthful Vibes

Edgy short gray hair is reserved for those who want to bring out their edgy side and stay on-trend. From bold pixie cuts to versatile bob cuts, these popular short gray hairstyles can be customized to flatter all hair types and face shapes. Here are the boldest short gray hairstyles to inspire your next look!

1. Layered Short Gray Hair With Piecey Bangs

layered short gray hair with piecey bangs

Layered short gray hair is full of natural volume and has that edgy texture that pairs perfectly with piecey bangs (read: defined bangs with separated strands). Pro tip: Cut your hair to a micro bob for an even edgier look!

2. Gray Burst Taper Fade Haircut

Burst taper fade haircuts create an edgy contrast between voluminous hair on top and tapered sides including the nape area. Therefore, a gray burst fade taper haircut is the perfect choice for those who want to bring out their edgy side!

3. Wavy Salt And Pepper Hair

Salt and pepper hair combines dark hair with gray or white shades creating a gray blending effect. Combining dark and gray shades with pixie cuts and wavy textures creates a stylish, bold look.

4. Gray Pixie Cut With Feathered Layers

Feathered layers feature feather-like layers reminiscent of a bird. Gray pixie cut with feathered layers has everything you need to rock a flawless edgy cut – volume, texture, and flattering layers.

5. Sleek Pixie Cut

If you’re not a fan of voluminous pixie cuts, you can always rock an equally cool alternative – a very short pixie hairstyle with a sleek texture. To create this stunning style, apply hair gel and some oil (optional) and brush your hair with a fine-tooth comb.

6. Gray Balayage Short Hairstyle

If you’re looking for an edgy low-maintenance hairdo, a gray balayage short hairstyle is the way to go! With this natural-looking style, you’ll be able to skip frequent salon visits which is every woman’s hair dream. Am I right?

7. Silver-Gray Mid Taper Pixie Haircut

Pairing silver and gray hues with a mid-taper pixie cut creates an eye-catching look full of volume and texture. This hairstyle is the epitome of bold, youthful vibes and you customize it to your liking.

8. Natural Short Gray Hairstyle

Natural short gray hair is primarily playful but also gives off this edgy vibe that can uplift any style. I suggest going no part to bring out the best in this hairstyle.

9. Braided Short Gray Pixie Cut

braided short gray pixie cut

The braided short gray pixie cut features an edgy look paired with a dash of romance. This hairstyle is an excellent choice for a special occasion when you don’t have much time to style your hair.

10. Shoulder-Length Salt And Pepper Hair

You can rock multiple hairstyles with shoulder-length salt and pepper hair. You can opt for a voluminous hairstyle with a deep side part or style your hair into a chic and edgy updo. Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure: your hairdo will be a real head-turner.

11. Short Gray Hair With Stacked Layers

Stacked layers create a textured and voluminous look, and are a godsend for those with thin hair. You can add stacked layers to both bob cut and pixie cut to create a powerful, edgy look.

12. Voluminous Gray Pixie Mullet

voluminous gray pixie mullet

Pixie mullets are trending now and have never looked so good when paired with gray tones! The voluminous gray pixie mullet features longer layers at the back with voluminous hair on the crown. It’s a great choice for achieving a modern look.

13. Gray Wavy Micro Bob

Gray wavy micro bob will not only give you badass vibes but also stylishly frame your face. This versatile cut is low maintenance meaning you can always grow it into a short bob or long bob aka lob.

14. Short Gray Hair With Spiky Ends

Hello, edgy lady! If you’re looking for a unique, bold cut then look no further because short gray hair with spiky ends has everything you would ever want from an edgy cut. It’s stylish, daring, and extremely cool.

15. Gray-Silver Undercut Pixie Cut

The gray-silver undercut pixie cut is a classic among edgy haircuts. To bring out the best in this haircut, apply curl cream and hair gel to damp hair and dry your hair with a diffuser. Enjoy your hot look!

16. Short Gray Hair With No Part

Side parting and middle parting look stunning but nothing can beat the no-part hair trend, especially on short gray hair. This hair parting screams effortlessness and edginess. And yes, it also enhances your best features.

17. Gray Pixie Cut With Tapered Nape

Just like the no-part hair trend, tapered napes are also popular this year! However, a gray pixie cut with tapered nape requires regular maintenance, so it’s not the best choice for those who are looking for a low-maintenance edgy hairstyle.

18. Gray Short Bob Half Updo

Take your gray short bob to the next level with a half updo style. There are multiple ways to spice up this beautiful hairstyle, and these are my two favorites: decorative hair pins and stylish bows.

19. Voluminous Long Pixie Cut

A voluminous long pixie cut will give your hair an instant volume boost for a youthful aesthetic. Besides that, this hairstyle has plenty of edgy vibes and looks amazing on all hair textures from curly to straight.

20. Salt And Pepper Hair With A Deep Side Part

Opt for salt and pepper hair with a deep side part to accentuate your best features and add an oomph of volume to your hairstyle. This beautiful hairstyle is a great example of the popular saying: less is more.

21. Gray Edgy Pixie Cut

Use hair gel to create an edgy pixie cut that will erase a few years, give you a mini facelift, and spoil you with good vibes. To gray edgy pixie cut: don’t ever change.

22. Feathered Pixie Bob Cut

Pixie bob cut with feathered layers has lots of volume, texture, and edginess. This hairstyle is a good choice for those who want to debulk their thick hair and enhance the texture of their natural hair.