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The Micro Bob Is Spring’s Most In-Demand Haircut

The Micro Bob Is Spring’s Most In-Demand Haircut

Short, sweet and fresh, the micro bob is about to be everywhere, especially as we head into spring. If you’ve been wearing your hair long for a while, this is your chance to switch things up.

The versatility and simplicity of styling this trendy cut are unbeatable. Its clean lines and flattering structure will lift your face and accentuate your features in ways you’re not expecting.

Ready to be inspired? Let’s find the perfect micro bob for you!

1. Ear-Length Bob With Middle Part


An ear-length blunt bob will show off your neck and jawline—it’s effortless, youthful and requires minimal styling time. Tuck behind the ears for a retro ’90s look.

2. Sleek Micro Bob With Blunt Bangs


This sleek, ultra-short look is both timeless and edgy, making a bold statement that suits styles ranging from classic to alternative.

3. Textured Micro Bob With Fringe


Add your favorite bangs to your micro bob to get a face frame and make it much more wearable. Combine with texturizing layers for a low-maintenance look that requires no effort whatsoever.

4. Classic Short Bob


As classic as it gets, this short bob is the little black dress of haircuts. It’s the ultimate versatile and universally flattering style that never goes out of fashion.

5. Bob With Face-Framing Side Part


A chop can look too severe if you have soft features, and the solution? A face-frame. The subtle layers/long bangs in the front make styling much easier, letting your strands fall into place naturally.

6. Sleek Lip-Length Bob


Go for drama with a super-short bob that commands attention, but keep in mind, maintaining its crisp length requires regular salon visits.

7. Textured Blunt Bob


Enhance the shape of your one-length blunt bob with layers and avoid bulk in the bottom. Choose invisible texturizing layers for a subtle effect or go for the layered look if you like more dimension.

8. Layered French Bob


Upgrade your short layered bob and frame your eyes with bangs cut above the eyebrows. Adjust the finish to suit your face shape and aesthetic: choose a blunt cut if you have an angular face shape or go for a choppy look if your face is round.

9. Choppy Micro Bob


Effortless, choppy bangs have a laid-back vibe perfect if you’re going for a tousled finish. FYI, they need a bit of styling, especially if you have any cowlicks in the front.

10. Voluminous Bob With Side Bangs


Side bangs soften this short bob and beautifully frame the face. An easy everyday look for this style can be created with a spritz of texturizing spray to damp hair and tousling it as it dries.

11. Blunt Bob With Middle Part


A bob featuring blunt ends and long layers gives you lots of styling options. Style it straight and blunt for an edgy look or bevel the ends by curling them in for a more flirty vibe. Wear it middle-parted for a super trendy look.

12. French Micro Bob


Chic and charming: the definition of the French micro bob. This short cut paired with choppy baby bangs is perfect for quick styling and looks lovely on a round face shape.

13. ’90s Short Bob


If you’re looking for an easy-to-style option, the ’90s jaw-length blunt cut with subtle layering is a foolproof solution—it looks best unstyled and worn with your natural texture.

14. Micro Bob With Micro Bangs


The short bob with micro bangs is sleek and simple, but it remains edgy, bold and incredibly cool.

15. Shaggy Micro Bob


Add some oomph to your short bob with undone styling and shaggy layers. Voluminous bangs that frame the face are particularly flattering for tall foreheads.

16. Bob With Wispy Bangs


Define your features with a sharp, structured bob hairstyle that frames the eyes. It’s elegant and timeless, but the bright blue color makes it unexpected and futuristic.

17. Wavy Jaw-Length Bob


Effortless and laid-back, this wavy bob requires minimal styling—simply apply texture cream and air dry, or speed up the process with a blowdryer using a diffuser and your fingers for a tousled finish.

18. Classic French Bob


You can’t beat the chic simplicity of the French bob. Always fresh, it works with any hair texture and looks best when it’s worn as natural as possible.

19. Bob With Long Bangs


Long bangs frame the face and soften the strong outline of a blunt bob. This look is at its best when it’s not overly styled, so it’s as effortless as it’s gorgeous.

20. Chin-Length Textured Bob


A chin-length bob with blunt ends is perfect for easy styling—just flip and shape with your fingers while drying for a natural, tousled look.

21. Short Bob With Side Part


Crisp, fresh length of this bob featuring invisible layers is perfect if you want a chic look with no hassle. Experiment with partings when you want to switch things up.

22. Wavy Blunt Bob


Low maintenance and versatile, the blunt, chopped bob has it-girl vibes with its textured finish. It’s all about the texture—simply apply styling cream to damp hair and air dry for instant style.