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Shaggy Long Haircuts With Choppy Layers That Will Define This Year 

Shaggy Long Haircuts With Choppy Layers That Will Define This Year 

You have long hair, and you’re thinking about a new stylish look that will leave a rebellious statement? In that case, I’m sure these shaggy long haircuts with choppy layers will instantly sweep you off your feet.

This haircut is perfect for those who want to show off their natural hair texture. It also flatters every face shape and is easy to style and maintain, which are the main things that will make you fall in love with this love.

1. Wavy Shaggy Cut With Choppy Layers

The loose wavy texture of this shag gives off the effortless but stylish vibes and would suit every woman. This cut is an excellent choice for this type of hair because it offers bouncier movement and definition to the waves.

2. Shaggy Cut With Feathered Choppy Layers

Besides the chic flare they give to a haircut, most women love feathered, shaggy, choppy layers because they give the illusion of thicker and longer hair. You won’t have to worry about styling your hair because the feathered layers will do that job instead of you.

3. Flipped Shaggy Cut With Choppy Layers

These luxurious layers will bounce with every step of your and make everyone around envious. This way, your hair will also get serious texture and feel smoother than ever.

4. Curly Shag With Choppy Layers

It’s possible to get this cut even if you have type 3 hair. Actually, it’s beneficial for your locks because choppy layers will give them tons of definition, texture, and bounce.

5. Retro Shag With Choppy Layers

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this look because I sure did. Face-framing layers and lots of tiny choppy layers take this shag to a whole new dimension, the one we’ll always be looking forward to bringing back into fashion.

6. Shag With Choppy Layers And Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are always the best way to upgrade a simple hairstyle. They add balance and softness to the face and have the power to make a woman look younger. Paired with these choppy, shaggy layers that give so much volume to the hair, they create the most elegant yet simple hairstyle.

7. Soft Shag With Subtle Choppy Layers

Here is a modern version of the classic shag cut that features more subtle layers throughout the hair and is more suitable for hair with lower density levels. Of course, choppy cuts are always there to get all this amazing volume and chic shape. 

8. Shaggy Wolf Cut With Choppy Layers

Because of these choppy, face-framing layers, this cut represents the perfect choice for women with round face shapes.

On the other hand, the shaggy layers cropped through the hair contribute to the body and movement of the strands. Wrapping this cut up with a nice hair color results in this extra stylish and modern look.

9. Razored Shag With Choppy Layers

Executing a perfect razor-cut shag with choppy layers has many advantages for your hair, maximizing hair volume, texture, and body. However, if you have frizzy hair, you should keep it away from this cutting technique as it may provoke more split ends and damage.

10. 70s-Inspired Shag With Choppy Layers

The shag cut became popular in the 70s, and all the other haircuts became defined by it. It features choppy layers cut shorter at the top of the head and longer on the sides and the back to give shaggy vibes to this cut. 

11. Shag With Choppy, Face-Framing Layers

If your hair is flat and lifeless, these choppy face-framing layers will add depth and lots of movement. This kind of cut will also emphasize the long length of your hair and highlight your most precious jewelry, the thing you’re the most proud of, your stunning hair. 

12. Shaggy, Choppy Cut With Disconnected Bangs

Bangs are intentionally left unequal here to create that bold, eye-catching look. Layers, on the other hand, are here to remove unnecessary weight and allow easier movement of the strands. 

13. Bang-Free Shaggy Cut With Choppy Layers

I am well aware that there are girls among us who don’t like fringe at all, and as you can see, it’s impossible to rock this cut even without bangs.

It’ll be easier to maintain your hair this way because, after all, bangs require styling. You don’t have to worry about whether your hair will lack volume or not because these choppy layers will create the illusion of a fuller, voluminous mane.

14. Rockstar Shaggy Cut With Choppy Layers

Enjoy this cool shag that brings us those 80s vibes of good music and bold haircuts. The cut features many choppy layers, especially at the crown, and micro bangs to achieve the super-edgy look.

15. Frizzy Choppy Shag On Long Hair

As I said above, if your hair texture is frizzy and you want to get choppy layers, you should be extra careful. If this kind of cut is done by a professional, it can actually reduce frizz and make hair more manageable. Remember, healthy and natural-looking hair is and must be our main goal. 

16. Side Bangs Shag With Choppy Layers

Another great thing about shag cuts is that they look amazing with all types of bangs. A modern and stylish choppy shag cut combined with side-swept bangs can take years off a woman’s face and give her that special chic glow. 

17. Blonde Shaggy Cut With Choppy Layers

This picture totally proves that blondes can also pull off this choppy shag. Blonde highlights and choppy layers add dimension and depth to the hair which leads us to this voluminous effect.

18. Shaggy, Choppy Layers On Dark Hair

If you don’t want to dye your dark hair but still want to refresh it somehow, you should consider getting the shag cut with choppy layers. It’ll lift your strands and give your hair texture and desirable shape.

19. Vivid Shag With Choppy Layers

If you feel bored and aren’t afraid to play with your hair color, you’re welcome to recreate this look. It definitely looks fun, bold, and youthful. The vivid colors will emphasize choppy layers and create even more hair movement.

Lastly, no matter which haircut you choose, I only want you to leave the salon with the exact smile and happiness as the woman in the last pic.