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21 Stylish Summer Curly Hairstyles To Help You Beat The Heat

21 Stylish Summer Curly Hairstyles To Help You Beat The Heat

We love summer and that awesome feeling it brings and wouldn’t mind having it all year long. But every season has its challenges, and for curly-haired girls, managing their wild hair during the hot months is a big one. Are you dreaming of pulling your curls out of the way while still showing them off and looking stylish and cute? Well, this is totally possible! Here are the 21 prettiest summer curly hairstyles that will make the heat more bearable!

1. Large Headband Hairstyle

Anytime I see a large headband, it puts a smile on my face because it reminds me of my childhood days when every girl wore this hair accessory. Yes, big headbands are back, and they will help you achieve the easiest summer style for your curly hair. Just put it on your forehead and let your curls effortlessly fall over it. It takes less than a minute to get this hairstyle that will make you feel young again!

2. Bubble Braids

I just love the bubble braid trend because it combines an ordinary braid and a ponytail into a much more fun hairstyle. All you need is a bunch of elastics to create two bubble braids from your long curly hair, and voilà, you have a cute summer style in no time!

3. High Messy Bun With A Headband

A cute headband and a high messy bun won’t give the impression that you tried too hard, but at the same time, you’ll still look so pretty and ready to endure even the hottest summer day with style and a smile on your face!

4. Low Ponytail With A Cute Scarf

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a basic low ponytail, but sometimes it feels like something’s missing. Is there a way to make this simple style a bit more fun? Absolutely! Just see how a pretty scarf can transform this plain hairstyle into a far more stunning one. You’ll love this trick for those hot summer nights ahead.

5. Side-Part High Ponytail

For those occasions when you need a more dramatic, glamorous look with your curls, choose this side-part high ponytail. It looks elegant and bold, and it’s just too gorgeous not to try, especially if you’re in your long hair phase right now.

6. Slicked-Back Half Updo

When you’re not in the mood for having all your curls flying around your head, but also don’t want to completely tame them into a high updo, go with a slicked-back half updo. It’s always a cool and pretty option for your curly hair.

7. Cornrows With Beads

Cornrows are one of the best protective styles for your natural hair, allowing you to avoid styling your curls daily. Additionally, they look so flattering, especially when you add decorations like these adorable beads, transforming your cornrows into an even cooler summer look.

8. Claw Clip Updo

When we talk about easy and quick summer hairstyles, it doesn’t get easier and quicker than using a claw clip. This simple tool will be your favorite thing during summer, allowing you to get ready in a few seconds and leave the house with a pretty, effortless updo that’s just ideal for hot days.

9. French Braids

French braids are another classic you need as your go-to style on rushed summer days when you don’t want to think about your hair at all!

10. Mid-Height Bun With Face-Framing Pieces

Instead of always choosing a strictly low or high bun, try this mid-height option next time. Leave some face-framing pieces and slick back the rest of your hair, and you’ve got yourself an elegant and graceful summer hairstyle.

11. Festival Curly Hairstyle

I hope your summer will be full of festivals, parties, and fun—basically everything we think of when the word “summer” crosses our minds! When you need an easy festival hairstyle, here’s a great idea for long curly hair you must try. Guaranteed, you won’t go unnoticed at the festival!

12. Low Sleek Bun

Some occasions this summer will require you to have a sophisticated, classy updo. On those days, there’s no better option than a sleek low bun that will still let you show off your gorgeous curls, tied down at the nape of your neck.

13. Bandana Curly Hairstyle

A bandana is another hair accessory you should use this summer. It’s such an easy way to make your curls look cooler and give you a unique look.

14. Short Summer Hairstyle

If you’ve been thinking about a major chop lately, there’s no better time to do it than during summer. Believe me when I say that you’ll experience a whole new level of comfort without your long hair! And don’t worry, short curly hairstyles are amazing too, as this picture confirms!

15. Effortless Messy Bun

There will be summer mornings when you won’t have time to do anything special with your curls because you’ll be rushed to get out of the house. In these moments, choose an effortless messy bun that will save you time and still make you look adorable!

16. Space Buns

Don’t you sometimes just want to recreate some of your favorite childhood hairstyles, like space buns? Don’t let this be just a fantasy—make it happen as soon as possible! Space buns are a fabulous summer hairstyle, no matter your age, as they will make you look cool, bold, and ready to party!

17. Simple Hairstyle With Hair Pins

Sometimes you’ll want to keep your hairstyle as simple as possible, with the desire to just pull some hair away from your forehead. In these moments, use simple hair pins, which will give you a cute summer style and let you show off your gorgeous curls.

18. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are another awesome hairstyle you need to try at one of the festivals or parties this season. Slightly edgy and absolutely fantastic, they will make you feel like the star of the event.

19. Elegant Bun

If you have a wedding or any other fancy event ahead of you this summer, don’t skip trying this super elegant curly bun.

20. Criss-Cross Braids

Whether for a party or an everyday style, criss-cross braids are an awesome summer hairstyle that will make you constantly look in the mirror and admire your fabulous braids!

21. Bun Mohawk

Enjoy your summer day or night without worrying about your long curls by tying them up into this beautiful bun mohawk.