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22 Easy Festival Hair Ideas To Get You In The Party Mood Quickly

22 Easy Festival Hair Ideas To Get You In The Party Mood Quickly

Summer is coming, and that means fun festivals are just around the corner! Along with a cool outfit, you’ll also want to think about a stylish hairstyle. But you might not have time for a crazy festive look. Don’t worry! There are hairstyles that won’t take much time and are perfect for these occasions. Keep scrolling to see 22 fabulous ideas for easy festival hair!

1. Pink Pigtails Half Updo

When you have a beautiful pink hue like this, you don’t need much to feel festival-ready! However, if you don’t want to just let it all down, you can create an easy pigtail half-updo that will do the trick and make you feel super cute.

2. Mini Bubble Braids With Colorful Hair Ties

The bubble braid is very popular and can be worn for both elegant and casual occasions. For festivals, one of the best ways to rock this trend is by creating mini bubble braids and tying them up with colorful bands.

3. Space Buns With Baby Braids

Space buns are an all-time festival favorite, screaming youth and fun! Combine them with cute baby braids for the ultimate charming style.

4. Cute Braided Look

Even if you have no idea what to do with your hair for the festival, you can’t go wrong with any type of braid. Here’s a lovely braided hairstyle that’s both feminine and festive!

5. Sleek Bubble Braids

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your party hairstyle, these sleek bubble braids are a great option!

6. Festive Low Ponytail

If you have long hair, even a simple low ponytail can be a great choice for a festival hairstyle! Add a nice accessory like this, one that runs through the length of your hair, and you’re all set to go!

7. Flower Headband Style

Feeling out of ideas for your hairstyle? Any type of accessory can be perfect for your festival look, especially a flower headband like this one. It’s pretty, romantic, and super easy and quick, which is all you need to enjoy your day without worrying about your hair!

8. Beady Braids

Here’s another simple idea that doesn’t involve braiding or any challenging techniques: handmade beaded pin braids that are absolutely adorable!

9. High Ponytail With Mini Braids

A high ponytail is one of those classic hairstyles that’s always popular. Whether you need a quick solution for unruly hair or are looking for a sleek night out updo, a high ponytail is here to save the day! Add some mini braids, and this timeless style transforms into a fun, festive choice!

10. Boho Braids With Cute Colorful Hair Clips

If you’re skilled at braiding, you must try this adorable style! Even if you’re not, I’m sure you can ask a sister or a friend to help you with this festival look. Colorful hair clips add a special charm to these boho braids, making them a fun option for your next party.

11. Low Sleek Bun With A Touch Of Pearls

Keep it simple and neat with a sleek low bun, but add a touch of festival feeling with a few pearls in your hair and on your eyes. The sky’s the limit, so you can add as many as you want!

12. Two Braids With Butterfly Clips

Your idea of a festival look is a cute hairstyle, simply decorated with some fun hair accessory? Then these two braids with butterfly clips all over are a great choice for you!

13. Spiky Space Buns

It’s time to get a bit more imaginative with your hairstyle! The next festival you plan to visit is the perfect moment to try these spiky space buns. They’re slightly edgy and so cool that you won’t be able to resist trying them!

14. Dutch Braids And Cornrows Into Twisted Buns

Dutch braids and cornrows are combined here to create a pretty festival hairstyle, with twisted buns as the perfect finishing touch!

15. Baby Braids Style

Well-known as a celebrity go-to look in the ’90s, baby braids are back and make for the easiest festival style you can create in less than a minute! While they’re simple, they’re everything you need to get ready for a summer party and lots of dancing!

16. Half Updo With Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is probably the prettiest way to finish off a simple festive half updo, making you feel feminine and confident!

17. Side Messy Bubble Ponytail

When you’re heading to a festival and need to get ready quickly, you might find yourself all dressed up but forgetting about your hair. What to do now?! Just make a messy side bubble ponytail: you’ll be ready in a minute with a stylish festival look, and no one will be able to tell you did your hair just a few minutes before leaving the house!

18. Simple Festival Style With Colorful Bobby Pins

Place some colorful bobby pins in an asymmetrical order on one side of your head, and watch how your everyday hairstyle subtly transforms into a pretty festival style!

19. Cute Space Buns With Glitter

It’s pretty clear by now that space buns are a festive look that never fails. If you want a bit more drama and a true festival vibe to get you in a good mood even before the party starts, add some glitter to your hair and watch yourself shine!

20. Multiple Braids

If you’re ready to spend some extra time braiding your hair, here’s a look for you. It’s not complicated at all; you just need to start early! When you see how pretty this style looks, I’m sure you’ll feel ready to dedicate most of your festival preparation to your hair.

21. Grunge Twist Hairstyle

Not a fan of girly, soft festival hairstyles? If you’re more into a hardcore look, then this grunge twist style is perfect for you!

22. Bandana Hairstyle

A cute, colorful bandana is another hair accessory that helps you achieve an easy festival hairstyle with minimal effort!