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Top 20 Easy And Trendy Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

Top 20 Easy And Trendy Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

Summer is here, and you’d love to keep your beautifully long hair without having to chop it off. But what can you do with it on those hot summer days when you don’t want it flying around, making you even hotter and more nervous? Here are 20 awesome summer hairstyles for long hair that will keep your hair out of your mind all day long and, of course, give you a stylish look.

1. Braided Ponytail

A ponytail is a classic go-to for hot days, when your hair isn’t clean, or whenever you don’t feel like wearing it down. To spice up this basic look and add some summer freshness to your long hair, try a braided ponytail.

2. Braided Bun

Stylish, practical, and unique: don’t let this summer pass by without trying the awesome braided bun hairstyle!

3. Halo Braid

If you have a wedding or any other special event this summer, a halo braid is a perfect choice for such occasions. This style features a braid that runs around your head along the hairline, allowing you to look like a princess while taming your long hair.

4. Double Dutch Braids

Even the most basic hairstyles look so much more beautiful on long hair. These Dutch braids are a perfect example!

5. Beach Waves

I understand that wearing your long hair down isn’t exactly your favorite thing during the hot summer months. However, when you see how pretty and summery these beach waves are, you’ll definitely want to try this style at least once this season!

6. Low Sleek Bun

A low sleek bun is the best choice for those summer nights when you want an elegant, polished look without any hair flying around.

7. Simple Ponytail With A Cute Scrunchie

I’m sure you have those mornings when you’re running late and don’t have time to style your long hair. Well, here’s a trick for those moments: simply tie your hair in a low ponytail and add a cute scrunchie. You can even match it with your outfit! This will save you time and give you an effortless, adorable look.

8. Half-Up Bun

Feeling like it’s a shame to pick up your long, pretty hair every day all summer? You definitely don’t have to! A half bun updo is a great hairstyle that lets you show off your hair while keeping it off your face.

9. Waterfall Braid

A soft, romantic waterfall braid is a style that irresistibly reminds us of beach days, ocean waves, and salt in our hair, evoking the carefree spirit of summer!

10. Braided Pigtails

Remind yourself what it feels like to be young, wild, and free with these super fun and practical braided pigtails!

11. Claw Clip Updo

A claw clip updo is probably the easiest summer hairstyle. It’s perfect for hopping in the shower, but also for those lazy days when you’re meeting friends for an afternoon coffee. It’s quick, easy, and still so chic!

12. Baby Braids

Your summer hairstyle should be cute and unique because, before you know it, summer will be over! Baby braids, an old trend that has come back into fashion, are a must-try this summer. Simply take your front strands, braid them, and secure them with invisible elastics. They will blend perfectly into the rest of your long hair, giving you a charming look.

13. Braided Hairstyle With A Pretty Scarf

Any kind of braided hairstyle is perfect for summer days. If you want to upgrade your braid, try adding a pretty scarf through it.

14. Simple Summer Hairstyle With Colorful Bobby Pins

Here’s another simple but effective summer hairstyle. Leave your beautiful long blonde hair down and tuck one side back with colorful bobby pins. So adorable, right?

15. Messy Curly Bun

Gather your gorgeous long curls into a messy bun and leave face-framing pieces to frame your face beautifully. You only need a minute to achieve this style, and it will look good and be practical all day long!

16. Wrapped Ponytail

The beauty of a ponytail is that it’s a versatile hairstyle you can wear in many different ways. If you want to make it a bit more stylish and elegant, simply wrap a strand of hair around the base. Watch how a simple ponytail transforms into a sophisticated summer updo.

17. Double Buns With Face-Framing Pieces

It’s summertime, so don’t forget to have some fun with your hairstyles! Here’s a nice and creative style: double buns with face-framing pieces.

18. Low Ponytail With Golden Hair Accessories

A low ponytail offers a flattering hairstyle for long hair, especially when you adorn it with beautiful golden hair accessories.

19. Half Updo With Seashell Clips

When we hear summer, we think of the seaside, swimming, sunbathing, and simply enjoying life! Your hair should match these awesome vibes, so this half updo with seashell clips is a perfect choice for the beach. Don’t forget to bring a good mood too!

20. Festival Braids

What is summer without great parties and festivals? If you need inspiration for a hairstyle for such occasions, here’s the look you’ve been searching for!