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Half Cornrows Half Box Braids Are The Most Dominant Style In 2024

Half Cornrows Half Box Braids Are The Most Dominant Style In 2024

Half cornrows half box braids give you the best of both worlds: unique appearance and protective style. Box braids are usually installed by adding synthetic hair and are famous for their square-shaped hair divisions, while cornrows are braids attached to the scalp.

Whether you’re looking for a perfect summer hairstyle, or interested in experimenting with different braided styles, half cornrows half box braids are the best choice. So, are you ready to rock the most dominant style this year? I bet you are!

1. Half Cornrows Half Box Braids With Beads

Pairing cornrows with box braids is a great way to ensure your hair stays away from your face. Besides that, half cornrows half box braids are one of the most stylish hairstyles perfect for every occasion. You can style your braids into a braided bun, ponytail or whatever your heart desires!

2. Box Braids With Cornrows And Spring Twists

Box braids are a protective hairstyle that consists of square-shaped hair partings aka divisions. Adding cornrows is a great solution if you don’t want square-shaped divisions to be visible on the crown of your head. And yes, spring twists on your hair tips make this hairstyle look thicker and more natural.

3. Bronde Half Cornrows Half Box Braids

Box braids and boho knotless braids are installed by adding synthetic hair which means you can create a unique look by combining different colors. Those with dark hair should consider braiding in blonde and copper synthetic hair to create a perfect dimensional look.

4. Copper Cornrows With Knotless Box Braids

Do you want your half cornrows half box braids to match your personality and style? Here’s an idea: pair copper cornrows with orange square-shaped divisions for a personalized look. Here are more cornrows ideas you shouldn’t miss this year.

5. Heart-Shaped Cornrows With Box Braids

If classic cornrows sound too simple (and boring), you can experiment with different hair designs such as beautiful heart-shaped cornrows. This breathtaking style is a real piece of art that will bring you lots of compliments.

6. Half Cornrows Half Box Braids

There are multiple ways in which you can braid cornrows. You can opt for a classic middle parting or a popular side parting. Both types of parting will enhance your best features, and the side parting will also create the illusion of a more voluminous and thicker mane.

7. Half-Up Cornrows With Knotless Box Braids For Kids

Half cornrows half box braids are a great option for kids, especially during summer. You can make this braided style even more protective with a half-up half-down hairstyle or a good old braided ponytail. Of course, hair beads in different colors are inevitable.

8. Half Cornrows And Box Braids

No matter how deep you’re in love with your cornrows and box braids, you should keep them for no longer than 6 weeks due to potential hair breakage. Also, if they’re installed too tightly, they can strain the scalp which is something you would want to avoid.

9. Half Cornrows Half Curls And Box Braids

Those with thin hair can always combine box braids with their natural curls or weave hair to create the illusion of thicker mane. Voluminous, rich box braids sound like a real hair goal to me!

10. Beige Brown Half Cornrows Half Box Braids

Having cornrows and box braids requires regular maintance, and moisturizing scalp is the most important. Spray your hair with a combination of water and coconut oil, or any other moisturizing remedy that your braids will love.

11. Cornrows With Layered Box Braids For Kids

Layered braids are officially the cutest version of box braid hairstyles for kids! Adding beads in different colors add personality to this style and transforms it into an adorable protective look that can last for days.

12. Box Braids With Side Cornrows

Box braids with side cornrows is a unique braided hairstyle that balances your features and make your hairstyle look more voluminous. Side cornrows are like a braided version of a popular undercut and they make your hairstyle look more textured and stylish.

13. Cornrows With Big Box Braids And Beads

Big cornrows and big braid hairstyles in general are perfect for those with thick hair and if you have super thick hair, you can add less synthetic hair to your braids. Don’t forget to add hair beads to this beautiful braided style to make it look more personalized.

14. C-Shaped Cornrows With Box Braids

C-shaped cornrows look like waves and, therefore, give off this effortless, relaxed vibe. As you can see, C-shaped cornrows and box braids are a match made in heaven, so what are you waiting for?

15. Small Box Braids With Cornrows

Small box braids are a godsend for those with thin hair because they create the illusion of thicker and more textured hairstyle. Small box braids with cornrows is a flawless hairstyle that will transform you into the coolest gal on the block.