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20 Trendy Ideas To Rock A Blonde Wolf Cut This Spring

20 Trendy Ideas To Rock A Blonde Wolf Cut This Spring

While a wolf cut is an utterly cool hairstyle for any hair color, it reaches a whole new level of awesomeness with blonde hair. This modern cut combines the best aspects of the shag and the mullet, creating a versatile and flattering look that suits short, medium, or long hair alike. A wolf cut is the best way to get all the volume and texture you like to see on others! Keep scrolling to see 20 stunning ideas for a blonde wolf cut.

1. Gentle Blonde Wolf Cut

This wolf cut is a perfect choice to embrace your gentle side and have an on-point hairstyle every day. It’s subtly distinctive, setting it apart from the hairstyles you’ve worn before without being overly dramatic.

2. Wolf Cut With Blonding Technique

Even if you’re dealing with uneven color banding at the moment, the blonding technique can achieve the beautiful blonde shade you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, ask for a subtle wolf cut, and you’ll have yourself a complete makeover!

3. Wolf Cut On Short Wavy Blonde Hair

How would a bold wolf cut look on short wavy hair? Just one glance at this picture, and I’m sure you’ll see it as the perfect inspiration for your next hair appointment!

4. Wolf Cut On Natural Blonde With Pastel Pink

If you’re looking to spice up your natural blonde hair, a wolf cut is just the right choice. Also, pastel pink tips will make your style way cooler.

5. Wolf Cut On Beige Blonde Hair

Beige blonde is such a gentle color, while the bold wolf cut gives you just the right dose of edginess.

6. Wolf Cut On Medium Long Blonde Hair

Medium hair might seem less versatile at first glance, caught between being too short for fancy styles and not short enough for ultra-bold cuts. Well, you shouldn’t think this way, because a medium hair wolf cut is as pretty as it gets!

7. Blonde Wolf Cut With Mini Bangs

A great thing about the wolf cut is that you can experiment with different types of bangs. It’s really impossible to go wrong here! Here is a fun example of a blonde wolf cut with mini bangs.

8. Wolf Cut On Long Wavy Blonde Hair

A wolf cut is one the prettiest way to show all the texture and volume of your long, wavy blonde hair.

9. Brigitte Bardot-Inspired Blonde Wolf Cut

If you love vintage styles that somehow always manage to look both timeless and trendy, here is my suggestion for you!

10. Subtle Wolf Cut On Long Straight Blonde Hair

If you’re blessed with straight, long blonde hair, you’re in the perfect position to rock any hairstyle trending on social media today. Trend alert for this season: consider the effortlessly stylish wolf cut on your long, straight hair.

11. White Blonde Wolf Cut

White blonde, the lightest blonde hair color, and the wolf cut are a match made in heaven!

12. Wolf Cut With Color Blocking Blonde Fringe

Color blocking is a viral trend that’s too cool to pass! Show this picture to your stylist to get a cool hairstyle that’s still not too wild.

13. Textured Blonde Wolf Cut

Just look at this gorgeous texture! No other hairstyle can do this out of your blonde hair like the good old wolf cut.

14. Blonde Wolf Cut With Cherry Red Highlights

It’s time to add a pop of color to your blonde wolf cut. These cherry red highlights are a nice choice for girls who are ready to take a bold step with their hair. Blonde and red hair is the most charming combination of colors I could think of!

15. Soft And Feminine Blonde Wolf Cut

Feeling ready for a change but worried that the wolf cut might be a bit too bold for your taste? No worries at all! Here’s an example of a gentle and feminine wolf cut that strikes the perfect balance – it’s not too extreme in any way.

16. Blonde Wolf Cut With Choppy Bangs

Complete your classic blonde wolf cut with choppy bangs. They’re both elegant and edgy, upgrading your entire look in the best way possible.

17. Blonde Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

This is another type of bangs that go so well with a wolf cut — curtain bangs. The best thing about them is that they fit all face shapes!

18. Wolf Cut On Gemini Hair

Half blonde, half black hair — seems like we can have it both ways! All left to add to your super cool gemini hair is a stylish wolf cut.

19. Wolf Cut On Curly Blonde Hair

Curly hair adds a whole new dimension to the wolf cut. It’s pretty, charming, and low-maintenance—everything we desire in a haircut, isn’t it?

20. Wolf Cut On Platinum Blonde Hair

Short hair, platinum blonde color, and a wolf cut: three elements that will make you shine bright like a diamond!