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60 Flattering Bangs With Layers Hairstyles

60 Flattering Bangs With Layers Hairstyles

Bangs with layers is the newest hairstyle the entire fashion industry has gone crazy about. Check out why is that and choose the best one for you!

1. Curtain Bangs With Layers

Curtain bangs with layers are exactly what you need to make your tresses look fuller and to give them the illusion of volume. If you don’t believe me, this inspo-pic will make you do so.

2. Curly Hair With Layers And Bangs

Can curly hair be cut into layers? The answer is absolutely yes. And it doesn’t even matter if we’re talking about naturally curly tresses or not..

3. Short Hair With Bangs And Layers

Want to spice up your boring short hairstyle? I’ve got you covered: layers and bangs are just the thing for you.

4. Long Hair With Layers And Bangs

What about long tresses? What’s the best way to improve your long hairstyle? You’ve got it right: bangs with layers will make you look more stunning then ever.

5. Side Swept Bangs With Layers

Remember the 2000s when every trendy haircut had side bangs? Well, that time has returned.

6. Face Framing Bangs And Shaggy Layers

Shaggy layers go amazingly well with face-framing bangs. You’re looking at a low-maintenance hairstyle suitable for all hair types.

7. Face Framing Bangs On Long Pink Layered Hair

One thing is for sure: you’ll grab everyone’s undivided attention with this pink layered hairstyle with bangs. Check out the different shades of pink!

8. Wispy Bangs On Long Layers

Wispy bangs on long layers are here to give you that careless, youthful look we all strive to achieve. I promise you that this hairstyle will take away at least 10 years from your look.

9. Pink Bangs On Dark Layered Hair

Pink and black have never looked better when combined together. This is an edgy and funky look created for brave ladies only.

10. Tousled Bob With Bangs And Layers

This hairstyle has it all: a modern cut, layers that give you volume, bangs to make it more appealing, and finally, the trendy hair color.

11. Side Bangs With Rooted Highlights And Layers

If you’re wondering what rooted highlights are, it is a coloring technique for which your roots are pre-lightened first. After that, a darker gloss is applied to them.

12. Round Bangs On Long Layered Hair

Round bangs can never go out of fashion, especially if they’re combined with layered tresses. Just look at this amazing result of this pairing.

13. Bangs On Layered Wolf Cut

Wolf cut is the “it” haircut of the season. The best part is that it is modern, no matter the length. The only thing that matters is that you have layers and bangs.

14. Shaggy Bangs On Layered Hair

Don’t worry, just because you have shaggy bangs, it doesn’t mean you can’t look professional. This inspo-pic is living proof of that.

15. Neon Bangs On Long Layered Hair

Well, if I’m being honest, bangs are not the only neon thing here. In fact, there are other tresses and pops of this vivid color in the hair which make the style even more interesting.

16. Curtain Bangs On Long Bob Cut

Who would have thought that a layered bob cut looks so good with bangs? Let’s be honest— the fringe transforms the haircut completely.

17. Medium Length Layered Haircut With Side Curtain Bangs

Can’t decide between short and long hair? Worry not. there is a solution for you, as well: medium-length hair.

18. Short Hair With Layered Bangs

How chic are these layered bangs? Show this inspo-pic to your hairdresser if you want a unique, once-in-a-lifetime haircut.

19. Bottleneck Bangs On Layered Hair

You still haven’t heard about bottleneck bangs? As you might see, they’re somewhere in between curtain bangs and classic, traditional bangs.

20. Shoulder Length Layered Haircut With Bangs

A shoulder-length haircut spares you the trouble of having long hair, but at the same time, doesn’t take away your femininity and offers your versatility.

21. Long Bangs On Butterfly Cut

A butterfly cut is all about face-framing layers that actually go away from the face, resembling butterfly wings. It is actually a modernized layered haircut.

22. Bangs With Layers And Balayage Highlights

I bet you couldn’t have imagined that blonde balayage looks this amazing on bangs with layers. Well, now that you know, it’s time to get this look!

23. Short Bangs On Long Layered Hair

Short bangs and extra long hair? The contrast gives you just the right amount of edginess and most importantly, it makes you look better than ever.

24. Flipped Layered Bangs

Are flipped-layered bangs a part of the past? Absolutely not! I mean, just look at this bomb hairstyle.

25. Layered Copper Shaggy Cut With Bangs

A layered copper shaggy haircut with bangs gives a funky, bold, and edgy vibe. It’s definitely an eye-catching hairstyle.

26. Brushed Forward Layered Bangs

Sick and tired of your bangs? It means it’s time to change something about them. Here’s a tip: brush them forward and create a completely new look.

27. Off-Center Layered Fringe And Length-Preserving Shag

Instead of messing with your length, get rid of your damaged ends with the help of this revolutionary cut. Just make sure to find a skilled hairdresser.

28. Layered Swept Bangs

These bangs paired with a layered cut give your hair depth while accentuating your cheekbones and framing your beautiful face.

29. Bangs On Wispy Long Layers

Wispy layers are the number one trend back in fashion this season, especially when combined with a set of freshly cut bangs.

30. Bangs On Soft-Layered Short Haircut

Guess what: your layers don’t have to be seen from space. Sometimes, a soft-layered haircut is just what you need to look your best.

31. Short Bangs On Layered Curly Ends

It’s time for some updates on your long, boring hair. And what could be better than adding some dimension, and of course, short bangs?

32. Bangs On Choppy Layers

Here’s a tip coming from a professional: choppy layers look even better when you curl them a bit. Of course, leave the bangs straight for maximum effect.

33. Bangs On Mid-Length Seamless Layers

Are you ready to boost your self-confidence? Bangs on medium-length seamless layers are just the thing for you!

34. Long Textured Layers With Side Swept Bangs

Long textured layers with side bangs have never looked better. Just look how rich and classy this hairstyle looks.

35. Soft Curtain Bangs On Short Layers

No, short layers don’t mean a short hairstyle. In fact, it is a cut where layers are widely spaced along the entire hair length.

36. Long Curtain Bangs On Layered Bob Cut

A bob haircut is among those timeless hairstyles that you can never go wrong with. Add some long curtain bangs to your hairdo to make it even more interesting.

37. Textured Winged Pixie With Bangs

Are you looking for a haircut with layers and bangs that requires minimum effort to style and maintain? In that case, this pixie cut should be your top pick.

38. Bangs On Shaggy Layered Mullet

It seems that shaggy haircuts are gaining their popularity back. And for a reason. I mean, who doesn’t like a low-maintenance style that looks great?

39. Long Choppy Hair With Bangs

Are you into I-woke-up-like-this hairstyles? If the answer is yes, here is your dream haircut that will make you look younger than ever.

40. Layered Mixie With Bangs

What is a mixie exactly? Well, it’s a perfect blend of a pixie cut and a fashionable mullet. Combined together, these two give you a trendy hairstyle you’ll love.

41. Long Pixie With Layers And Bangs

Just look at how these layers go hand in hand with face-framing bangs. All you need is a bit of hair gel every morning for this style to look flawless.

42. Mullet-Shag With Bangs

No, this is not a “regular” mullet. In fact, you’re looking at a contemporary version that makes you look edgy and fashionable at all times.

43. Bangs With Layers On Oval Face

If you have an oval face, you need bangs pointing outside to balance it. Don’t get me wrong; other types of bangs will look good on you as well, but this is the best possible option.

44. Edgy Violet Blowout With Bangs And Layers

For most women, this is not an everyday style. But for those who enjoy being in the center of the attention, this look is everything they need!

45. Rainbow Layers And Bangs

I’ll be honest with you: this coloring requires regular retouches at the hair salon and cannot be done at home. But if you’ll end up looking like this, it’s definitely worth it.

46. Full Sweeping Long Bangs On Layers

It’s time to wake up your inner lady with this bangs-with-layers hairstyle. It’s kind of retro but still trendy enough to set some standards!

47. Long Chocolate Layered Balayage With Bangs

This chocolate balayage with some red undertones, bangs, and layers is the hairstyle of your life! You can thank me later!

48. Punk-Inspired Blue Layered Pixie With Bangs

Enough with the boring looks. Try this blue pixie with bangs and layers and turn into a modern-day mermaid.

49. Piece-y Bangs With Long Chunky Layers

If Khloe Kardashian thinks that chunky layers go amazingly well with bangs, who are we to argue against it?

50. Pink Layered Medium Cut With Side Bangs And Feathered Ends

This pastel pink will give you the perfect combination of a funky and gentle look. At the same time, the cut itself gives you a professional appearance.

51. Bangs With Layers For Round Face

Do you have a round face shape? In that case, you need something to make it look thinner and to visually lengthen it. And what could be better than layers combined with bangs?

52. Side Bangs With Layers On Mahogany Bob

A mahogany bob cut with layers and bangs will give you a fierce but professional look. It will turn you into a strong and powerful lady in a blink of an eye.

53. Bangs On V-Cut Layers

V-layers don’t only look flattering; they’re also here to make your hir visually longer. Add some highlights for depth and movement.

54. Bangs With Layers For Fine Hair

Whoever told you that bangs don’t look good on fine hair has no idea what they’re talking about. The trick is to pick the right type of bangs and to find a skilled hairdresser.

55. Layered Short Razor Cut With Bangs

The same goes for razor-cut hairstyles. A hairdresser who knows what they’re doing will give you a spectacular hairstyle.

56. Retro Feathered Hairstyle With Bangs

Are you ready to wow everyone with your hair richness? In that case, a retro feathered cut with layers and bangs is your match made in heaven.

57. Bangs With Layers For Thick Hair

Bangs are perfect for thick hair since they remove the unnecessary weight off your head and make your locks easier to maintain.

58. Bangs With Layers For Thin Hair

What about thin hair? Does it go well with layers and bangs? Of course, it does! Just make sure to choose wispy or curtain bangs.

59. Two Colored Messy Layered Cut With Bangs

If you really want to emphasize your bangs, color them in a different hue than the rest of your hair. This will give you a fun, flirty look you’ll fall in love with.

60. Bronde Shaggy Layers With Bangs

Bronde (the combination of brown and blonde) looks amazing when paired with layers and bangs. Just look at this before and after photo to see the astonishing change.