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80 Trendy Choppy Pixie Cut Ideas

80 Trendy Choppy Pixie Cut Ideas

What if I told you that there is a pixie cut with so many variants that it fits literally every hair texture, face shape, or skin complexion? That’s right, I’m talking about a choppy pixie cut. If you don’t believe me, here’s a chance to see it for yourself!

1. Choppy Pixie Cut With Fringe

The fringe is what makes this choppy pixie cut so spectacular. One thing is for sure: this hairdo will get you noticed everywhere you go!

2. Shaggy Choppy Pixie Cut

Is there anything better than a haircut being shaggy and choppy at the same time? The best thing about this cut is that it requires literally zero maintenance.

3. Fine Hair Choppy Pixie Cut

The choppy layers are here to give your hair the texture it desperately needs. All of a sudden, it won’t look so fine and that’s exactly what you wanted.

4. Choppy Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

Is a choppy pixie cut a good solution for thick-haired ladies? Absolutely yes! It makes your hair more manageable if nothing else.

5. Choppy Pixie Cut For Women Over 50

The length up front leaves a lot of room for different styling options, which is one of the main reasons you shouldn’t miss this pixie.

6. Choppy Pixie Cut For Women Over 60

If you want to be a stylish lady in your 60s, a choppy pixie is the best way to go. This kind of cut will go perfectly with your naturally gray locks.

7. Undercut Choppy Pixie

The best thing about this undercut choppy pixie cut is the undercut itself. Don’t you see how subtle it is? This way, you get to have an edgy haircut while still looking professional.

8. Choppy Pixie Cut For A Round Face

If you have a round face shape and want a choppy pixie, go for the one with some more weight on the crown. That way, your face will appear a bit longer.

9. Choppy Pixie Cut For An Oval Face

On the other hand, if you want an oval face, you want something to make your face angular. In this case, the bangs are here for your rescue.

10. Long Choppy Pixie Cut

If you’re looking for a classic and timeless cut, a long choppy pixie should be your number one pick. It offers you a ton of versatility and it is suitable for all age groups.

11. Low Maintenance Choppy Pixie Cut

When I say low-maintenance, I really mean low-maintenance. With this pixie cut, you don’t even have to own a blow dryer.

12. Choppy Razor Pixie Cut

A choppy razor pixie cut can be boyish or lady-like; the choice is all yours. But what I know is that it will give you the change you’re hoping to get.

13. Choppy Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

Choppy cuts do wonders when it comes to thin hair. Of course, a skilled hairdresser is the first precondition for that to happen.

14. Choppy Messy Pixie Cut

Many women around the world are done with spending hours in the hair salon every week. That’s exactly why they choose this messy choppy pixie cut.

15. Medium Choppy Pixie Cut

A medium choppy pixie is for all the ladies who are still not quite ready to cut off all of their hair but want a change in style nevertheless.

16. Choppy Pixie Cut With Side Bangs

Side bangs are not reserved for emo or gothic girls any longer. In fact, they’re one of the styles trending in the fashion world right now.

17. Edgy Choppy Pixie Cut

What’s the edgiest thing about this look? Is it the choppy cut on the crown? The undercut? The fades? The funky color?

18. Choppy Spiky Pixie Cut

For your spikes to always look as styled as possible, use hair gel or hair spray, especially if you have thin, fine, or frizzy hair. Other than that, you’re good to go.

19. Choppy Piecey Pixie Cut

This piecey pixie frames your face beautifully. It puts all the accent on your jawline and cheekbones, which makes it flattering for most face shapes.

20. Choppy Blonde Pixie Cut

If you’re scared that your traditional choppy pixie cut will be too boring, combine it with a daring shade of blonde.

21. Choppy Pixie Cut For Curly Hair

Yes, curls can be cut in a choppy way, as well. In fact, it gives them texture and depth and makes the entire look way more attractive.

22. Pixie Cut With Choppy Layers

Layers are here to transform any hairstyle and make it much better. Yes, that includes the plain ones, too.

23. Funky Colored Choppy Lixie

Here’s living proof that a funky-colored haircut can look professional. If you need to follow a certain look in your workplace, don’t go all wild and instead, choose this hairstyle.

24. Short Choppy Pixie Cut

This short choppy pixie cut will look more feminine if you combine it with a piece of statement jewelry or daring makeup. Or you just cherish your tomboy side.

25. Salt And Pepper Choppy Pixie Cut

Is there anything more beautiful than the contrast gray hair makes with your dark natural color? Yes, there is: when you mix it all together with a choppy pixie cut.

26. Multicolored Choppy Pixie Cut

If you’re truly daring, go for a multicolored choppy pixie cut. It will definitely get you under the spotlight.

27. Funky Pixie With A Choppy Mohawk

The same goes for this funky pixie with a choppy mohawk. But let me warn you: this shade of pink is likely to wash off in a few weeks. Until then, enjoy the ride!

28. Ultra Short Choppy Pixie Cut

I bet you didn’t know that an ultra-short haircut can be choppy as well. Well, for a skilled hairdresser, everything is possible.

29. Long Pixie Cut With Long Choppy Bangs

These choppy bangs give you a careless, beachy vibe. This haircut is fun, playful and I’m sure it will look amazing on you.

30. Gray Choppy Pixie Cut

Let’s face it: without the choppy layers, this hairstyle would be too plain. However, like this, everyone will ask you where did you get the inspo!

31. Choppy Pixie For Naturally Curly Hair

Naturally curly hair really is a blessing. If you want to update your style, choose a choppy shortcut you’ll love.

32. Choppy Pixie With Soft Blonde Highlights

What’s not to envy about this choppy cut with soft blonde highlights? It’s trendy, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and it’s flattering for all hair textures.

33. Choppy Pixie Cut For Women Over 70

If you want to add movement to your naturally gray short hair, this choppy pixie won’t disappoint you. It’s the best way to add dimension to your hair without highlights.

34. Choppy Pixie Cut With Tapered Neckline

It’s chic, elegant, and adventurous. The bangs are here to give your hair additional texture and to make the cut even more interesting.

35. Platinum Blonde Choppy Pixie

To rock a platinum blonde hair color, you can’t allow your hair to have damaged ends. That’s exactly why a choppy pixie is the best solution here.

36. Wavy Choppy Pixie Cut

Waves blend in perfectly with a choppy texture, and this inspo pic is here to prove that. It has a touch of the undone and that’s what’s so magical about it.

37. Tomboy Choppy Pixie Cut

Try rocking this choppy pixie cut if you’re a tomboy. It’s a “wash-and-go” kind of style; you can even let it air-dry.

38. Medium Length Blonde Choppy Pixie Cut

This choppy pixie cut brings a retro vibe with it. But that’s the whole point— you’re looking at a modernized version of the 80s hairstyle.

39. Choppy Pixie Cut For Older Ladies With Glasses

If you’re an older lady with glasses, a choppy pixie cut was made for you. Trust me; it’s the coolest way to play with your hair.

40. Choppy Pixie Cut With Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are one of the most-wanted things in the hair industry right now. Pair them up with a trendy choppy pixie and you can go straight to the cover of a fashion magazine.

41. Wolf Mullet Choppy Pixie

Is it a choppy haircut? Or a mullet? Maybe it’s a wolf cut? Is it a pixie? The answer is: it’s everything listed above. And most importantly, it looks awesome!

42. Bowl Choppy Pixie Cut

Not every girl can pull off a bowl cut, but if you’re confident enough, this is your sign to go for it. It will accentuate your bombshell facial structure and add extra value to your overall appearance.

43. Mohawk Choppy Pixie Cut

Okay, we all know that this is not a typical mohawk. But that’s exactly what makes it so special and unique!

44. Fiery Red Choppy Pixie Cut

If you choose to add a fiery red touch to your choppy pixie, you’re waking up the femme fatale inside of you. Isn’t that amazing?

45. Strawberry Blonde Curly Choppy Pixie Cut

This strawberry blonde choppy pixie is so vintage and lady-like that you’ll be head over your heels the first time you try it. And the impression will stay like this forever.

46. Wavy Messy Choppy Pixie Cut

It’s messy, wavy, and choppy. What does it mean? Well, basically that you have to invest literally zero time and effort into maintaining it.

47. Androgynous Choppy Pixie Cut

If you’re into androgynous hairstyles, please give this choppy pixie cut a try. I assure you that you’ll never go back from it again.

48. Pink Choppy Pixie Cut

A disclaimer: this hairstyle is for the brave and bold only! If you can relate to these adjectives, go for it, no questions asked.

49. Violet Choppy Pixie With An Undercut

The pastel shade of this violet hair color gives the entire hairstyle a gentle appeal. At the same time, the cut itself is edgy enough.

50. Choppy Textured Pixie Cut

This hairstyle is both choppy and textured. You’ll just need to use some texturizing paste to wear your hair like this.

51. Choppy Pixie Cut With Colored Bangs

How cool and spontaneous are these colored bangs on a choppy pixie? Try the cut and see it for yourself!

52. Choppy Pixie With Colored Highlights

Yes, you have multicolored highlights. But they’re so subtle that you can still look professional while letting your edgy side breath.

53. Choppy Pixie Cut With A Rat Tail

Have you been seeing people rocking a rat tail lately? Well, it’s because this long-forgotten fashion trend is back in fashion!

54. Short Black Choppy Pixie Cut

The chop is giving your blunt dark hair texture, bounce, and fulness. Besides, you look like you’re having much more fun than usually.

55. Teal Choppy Pixie Cut

If you’re into funky-colored hair, you simply mustn’t forget about this incredible mixture of blue and green. As you can see, teal goes great on a choppy pixie cut.

56. Blue Choppy Pixie With An Undercut

Playing with length and hair color is the way to go if you want an eye-catching hairstyle. The combination of the blue color, the undercut, and the choppy crown gives you a spectacular look!

57. Choppy Pixie Cut With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs and a choppy pixie are an interesting mix. If you have an adventurous spirit, feel free to try this daring look.

58. Copper Choppy Pixie Cut

Why wait for spring to dye your hair copper? Pulling off this vibrant pumpkin spice requires some upkeep, but trust me when I tell you it’s worth it.

59. Curly Tomboy Choppy Pixie Cut

You can still be a tomboy if you curl your hair (even if it isn’t naturally curly); all you have to do is ask your hairdresser for a choppy pixie cut.

60. Outgrown Choppy Pixie Cut

Is it really outgrown or did you want it that way in the first place? Who cares? What matters is that you got that careless look you’ve always wanted.

61. Black Edgy Choppy Pixie Cut

If we’re talking about edgy pixie cuts, this one should definitely be on the top of the list. If you want to switch things up dramatically, this is the way to do it.

62. Dark Copper Choppy Pixie Cut

Here’s another example of how copper shades play with your facial features and help them stand out. Besides, it lets your natural hair texture shine.

63. Dark Brunette Choppy Pixie Cut

If a simple dark brunette hair color is too boring for you, spice things up with a choppy pixie cut. It will give you the transformation you need, without pushing you out of your comfort zones.

64. Silver Choppy Pixie Cut For All Ages

When talking about comfort zones, it’s safe to say that all eyes will be pointed toward you with this silver choppy pixie cut. It’s a great example of how silver hair is not for older ladies only.

65. Mullet Choppy Pixie Cut

This mullet choppy pixie haircut is too hot to handle! It makes you look cool, fun, and younger than ever.

66. Two Colored Choppy Pixie Cut

Are you looking for a daring choppy pixie cut? It looks like you’ve found one!

67. Choppy Pixie Cut With Long Sideburns

Long sideburns are the only thing you need to transform your dull choppy pixie cut into a unique, bold one. It’s an easy-going, no-fuss kind of style you’ll love.

68. Elegant Choppy Pixie Cut

Shine like a real lady with this elegant choppy pixie cut. Don’t forget to inject some personality into it with this beautiful shade of blonde.

69. Volumized Choppy Pixie Cut

If you have thin or fine hair, I know that you’ve spent all of your life wishing for volume. Well, now you can have it.

70. Bright Yellow Choppy Pixie Cut

It’s not actually blonde; it’s bright yellow. And that’s exactly what makes this choppy pixie cut so interesting and dazzling.

71. Punk Choppy Pixie Cut

Awkane the punk rock star in you with this bold choppy pixie cut. Yes, this hairstyle brings some commitment, but it’s totally worth it.

72. Velvet Choppy Pixie Cut

The combination of velvet hair color and a choppy cut will give you a head-turning, trendy look. Just be careful about the color washing out.

73. Black Choppy Pixie With Periwinkle Bangs

The periwinkle touch to your hair will give you everyone’s undivided attention, I can promise you that. But if that’s your goal, there is no better way of achieving it.

74. Rainbow Choppy Pixie Cut

It’s time to put some rainbow into your hair and change your looks forever. It’s funky, and edgy and it gives you a chance to show your personality.

75. Gray And Pink Choppy Pixie Cut

Who would say that gray pairs so well with pink? Don’t let your age define you and choose the look you feel comfortable with.

76. Icy Blonde Choppy Pixie Cut

Nothing flaunts a choppy pixie cut like icy-blonde hair color. If you don’t believe me, try it and see it for yourself.

77. Pastel Purple Choppy Pixie Cut

If you want an edgy hairstyle that looks effortless and soft at the same time, you’ll hit the jackpot with this pastel purple choppy pixie cut.

78. Ultra Short Gray Choppy Pixie Cut

You can’t go wrong with an ultra-short choppy pixie cut if you have naturally gray hair. It’s especially flattering for ladies with frizzy, thinning, or fine hair.

79. Choppy Pixie Cut With Shaved Sides

The shaved sides are what give this choppy pixie its uniqueness. It’s a style that doesn’t offer much versatility but its low maintenance is definitely a bonus point.

80. Tousled Choppy Pixie Cut

An everyday pixie cut can go from basic to extraordinary with just a few tousled, choppy layers, paired with a warm shade of blonde.