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50+ Best Pixie Cuts For Thin Hair To Look Fuller

50+ Best Pixie Cuts For Thin Hair To Look Fuller

When you have thin hair, the key to a stylish look is in the right cut which will give your hair the illusion of thickness, density, and fulness. That is exactly why you should find the perfect hairdo in our collection of the best pixie cuts for thin hair!

1. Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

The layers on this stunning pixie cut will add dimension to your thin hair. Just in a few chops, it will look fuller and thicker, which is exactly what you’re going for!

2. Short Pixie Cut For Fine Thin Hair

Fine thin hair has never been easier to style or maintain with a short pixie cut! A haircut like this will give you the right amount of lift at the back of your head.

3. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair For Older Ladies With Glasses

With a pixie cut like this, even you will forget that you have thin hair. Pair it with some interestingly shaped sunglasses and heads will turn!

4. Low Maintenance Short Pixie Cut For Fine Thin Hair

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance short pixie cut, you’ve just found one! The longer side bangs on the front will make the look even more appealing.

5. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair Over 50

Here’s a flattering idea for all the ladies over 50 who want a change of appearance and have thin hair. Instead of struggling with maintaining long hair, give a pixie a try!

6. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair Over 60

Are your grays starting to show? Use that to your advantage and give yourself a makeover. Different shades of gray will give your new haircut the dimension and depth it needs.

7. Edgy Short Pixie Cut For Fine Thin Hair

Fades on the side will spice this pixie cut for thin hair up! They’re subtle enough for every woman to wear them, but at the same time, they make a statement!

8. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair With Highlights

Trust me: even thin highlights like these make a huge difference in your short pixie cut. The trick is in the depth and visual thickness which is created by your natural hair showing under the highlights.

9. Super Short Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

This is one of the chicest pixie cuts for thin hair. It draws attention to your beautiful face besides being modern and sassy.

10. Stylish Low Maintenance Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

You can be stylish, and yet have an effortless hairdo— this pixie cut is living proof of that! Make things more interesting with this trendy reddish-brown hair and you’re good to go.

11. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair And Round Face

A pixie cut like this gives your round face the balance it desperately needs. The key is in these short bangs that flatten the roundness.

12. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair And Oval Face

What about an oval face and thin hair? Well, a pixie cut like that will frame your face, while adding the illusion of extra width to it.

13. Short Pixie Cut For Thin Black Hair

Chic, yet effortless, a short pixie cut for thin black hair can adapt to any occasion. The curls give some extra height at the crown section, which makes your hair look a lot thicker.

14. Short Choppy Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

Cutting your hair in layered portions will create a blunt texture. This kind of pixie cut volumizes thin hair and adds natural lift.

15. Short Spiky Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

Spiky hair was usually associated with punk culture. But those days are over, and now, ladies of all ages wear spiky pixie cuts. It is an especially flattering hairdo for thin hair!

16. Thin Hair Long Pixie Cut

If you think that thin-haired ladies can’t pull off a long pixie cut, that’s where you’re wrong. Actually, in this pixie cut, the bangs lend some height to the crown, and consequently make the hair look thicker.

17. Medium Length Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

Would you ever look at this hair and call it thin? Probably not. Well, it’s due to this pixie cut paired with short asymmetrical bangs.

18. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair With Bangs

Here is another example of how short bangs go great with a pixie cut for thin hair. At the same time, the feathered layers on the top will distract everyone’s attention from your thin hair.

19. Undercut Pixie For Thin Hair

Yes, undercuts are possible for ladies with thin hair, as well. This bold and funky hairstyle proves that only sky is the limit, regardless of your hair type.

20. Asymmetrical Curly Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

An asymmetrical pixie cut for thin hair gives you an edgy and youthful appearance, especially when it’s done in this amazing shade of blonde.

21. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair And Chubby Face

Longer, asymmetrical bangs will flatten your chubby face and make you look a lot thinner. A haircut like this will boost the texture and volume of your delicate strands.

22. Pixie Cut For Thin Curly Hair

If you have curly, but thin hair, a pixie cut is a perfect solution for you, as well. The trick is to find an ideal length of the bangs— they should be long enough to frame the face, but not too long to overwhelm it.

23. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair Over 70

It’s no wonder the pixie cut is the number one choice among ladies in their 70s, especially among the ones with thin hair. Besides being easy to maintain, it’s also a trendy hairstyle that goes great with your natural gray hair.

24. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair With Short Bangs

These ultra-short bangs won’t take a lot of hair from the crown section, which makes them an ideal solution for thin hair. Besides, the razor ends will make you feel like a true rockstar!

25. Pixie Cut For Thin Wavy Hair

Sometimes, thin wavy hair can be a true nightmare to style and maintain. Well, not anymore! With this pixie cut, the waves create texture, while the separated curls give your hair dimension.

26. Vivid Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

Side-swept peek-a-boo bangs give your thin hair the necessary volume, especially if paired with long layers on the side. Combine this look with some trendy earrings!

27. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair And Long Face

The trick to this magnificent haircut is in different shades of blonde hair color. It’s what gives your thin hair depth and dimension.

28. Pink Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

This shade of pink is a great way to rock a short pixie cut for fine hair. A vivid, funky color like this will help you disguise the problem of volumless thin hair.

29. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair With Curly Bangs

A pixie cut with curly bangs is an excellent choice for ladies in a search of a perfect short haircut for fine hair. The bangs starting at the very top add a lot of height and volume and bring you a sassy vibe.

30. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair With Sideburns

Sideburns are back in style and you shouldn’t miss this season’s top fashion trend. Besides, it’s an easy-care and fast hairstyle that only takes a few minutes to put together each morning.

31. Funky Undercut Pixie For Thin Hair

A pixie cut plus an undercut, all mixed with funky hair color? It sounds like a match made in heaven for all the ladies struggling to style their thin hair.

32. Messy Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

The chop and the messiness add an illusion of extra thickness to the hair. A pixie cut like this is an awesome shape for adding volume and fullness to your fine hair.

33. Frizzy Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

Soft-swept bangs cut like this are an amazing way to bring attention to your beautiful facial features. This pixie cut proves that simplicity can turn into elegance in a blink of an eye, if you know how to wear it right!

34. Modern Mullet Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

If you’re interested in a retro hairdo, choose this contemporary version of a mullet to look trendy and fashionable. It’s an easy-to-manage, beautiful, and modern hairstyle suitable for women of all ages.

35. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair With Straight Bangs

The unique bangs on this pixie cut are here to deliver the ageless, urban look, while choppy layers on the top give this pixie cut a playful, girly vibe nobody can stay indifferent to.

36. Pixie Cut For Thin Curly Black Hair

A short pixie cut is a great hairstyle for curly, thin hair. The layers in the back add amazing dimension to your curls!

37. Brunette Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

The strategic side-swept bangs are here for a reason: they make your hair look a lot fuller and give the illusion of thickness. It’s a flattering style for all face shapes, but especially for a round one, since the bangs elongate the face.

38. Razor Cut Pixie For Thin Hair

Who said that razor cuts are for thick hair only? In this case, they add softness to your face and give you a careless, natural look.

39. Pixie Cut For Thin Hair With Curtain Bangs

Since curtain bangs are cut shorter on the inside and become gradually longer outside, it’s no wonder they give the desperately needed volume to your hair!

40. Salt And Pepper Pixie Cut With Sideburns

The truth is that sideburns do deserve more grooming and styling. However, it is definitely worth it, if you’ll end up looking like a rock star!

41. Layered Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

The ever-flattering pixie cut is absolutely perfect for thin hair since it frames your face without weighing it down. The light layers add movement to your hair, which creates density.

42. Simple Short Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

Here’s a tip from a professional: the shorter your hair is, the more voluminous it looks. That is exactly why this classic short pixie cut is ideal for thin-haired women.

43. Curly Bowled Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

Why don’t you try this 1980-inspired haircut? I’m sure you’ll love it! Here’s a pro tip: use a lightweight cream to avoid dry ends.

44. Blonde Pixie Cut With Side Part For Thin Hair

Looking for an on-trend look? A blonde pixie cut with a side part should be your top choice! It gives a rock-chic kind of vibe while being cool and casual at the same time.

45. Bleach And Tone Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

If you want to show off the beautiful features of your face, this pixie cut for thin hair is one of the best ways to do it. Yes, you might spend a lot of time at the hair salon while getting the right color, but besides that, you won’t have any maintenance to do.

46. Edgy Blonde Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

It’s time for your inner badass to appear on the surface. This edgy white-blonde pixie cut is for brave women only! It screams

47. Pastel Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

Pastel hair colors give off a girly, princess vibe. But what happens when they appear with a bold haircut like this? Well, that’s when you get a beautiful contrast nobody will stay indifferent to.

48. Edgy Curly Pixie Cut For Thin Black Hair

No long bangs, no extra length. Still, you have a gorgeous pixie cut for thin, curly hair. These well-defined flirty curls do the job and give your hair volume.

49. Pixie Cut For Wispy Hair

Older ladies will enjoy this pixie cut for wispy hair. It’s stylish, incredibly easy to maintain, and should definitely be your go-to if you have this hair texture.

50. Chopped Pixie Cut With Bangs For Thin Hair

Bangs chopped like this create a sexy frame for your face, while the entire haircut screams fun and glam. With this pixie cut, the focus is on your eyes and cheekbones!

51. Gray Pixie For Thin Hair For All Ages

This pixie cut for thin hair looks effortless and current, which makes it perfect for every occasion. Besides adding thickness to your hair, it also makes your hair look healthier than ever.