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25 In-Vogue Dimensional Black Hair Ideas To Revamp Your Style

25 In-Vogue Dimensional Black Hair Ideas To Revamp Your Style

Having dimensional black hair means blending multiple hues and tones into your dark base. As a result, you get an improved hairstyle with lots of glow, depth, and intensity. And let’s not forget that your locks will magically become visually thicker, more voluminous, and of course, healthier.

1. Dimensional Highlights For Black Hair

Dimensional highlights paired with black hair are not gorgeous-looking only. This combination also gives your locks a tasteful contrastive ensemble nobody can stay indifferent to.

2. Dimensional Ash Highlights On Black Hair

Ash highlights are back in trend and they’re not planning on going anywhere. But do you know what base color they look the best on? That’s right: black!

3. Dimensional Balayage On Black Hair

The best thing about blonde balayage is that it fits literally every base color. Yes, that includes black, as well. In fact, blonde streaks on black hair will give your dark hair just the right amount of spice.

4. Dimensional Blonde Highlights On Black Hair

We’re not done with blonde hues on a black base. And how could we be when it’s such a wonderful combo? Blonde highlights on dark hair should be your top pick if you want to upgrade your style.

5. Blended Gray Dimensional Highlights On Black Hair

Your grays are starting to show on your alluring black hair and you have no idea what to do about it? I get it, dyeing all of your tresses means constant maintenance and expensive root touch-ups. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Instead of coloring your entire hair, go with blended gray dimensional highlights on black hair.

6. Multidimensional Black Hair

One thing is for sure: multidimensional black hair is drop-dead gorgeous. Of course, the key is to ask your colorist for perfectly blended and even highlights if you want to achieve the look from this inspo-pic.

7. Dimensional Chocolate Balayage Ombre

I don’t know what is more beautiful: chocolate balayage or chocolate ombre on black hair. But who says you have to pick one? Combine both and get yourself a look designed to catch people’s eyes.

8. Dark Dimensional Balayage Blend

The highlights of this dark dimensional balayage blend are here to enhance your black hair. Not only that— they’re also here to accentuate the deepness of your base color, which is exactly what you want.

9. Warm Brown Tones On Black Hair

Having problems with orange and red undertones that can be found in most black hair? Here’s a great solution: warm brown tones on black hair. The strategic placement of these highlights will give your black hair a natural, multi-dimensional effect.

10. Dimensional Balayage On Solid Black Base

Most women think that combining another color with solid black hair is too much trouble. And it really can be difficult if you don’t get the right colorist. On the other hand, the one who knows what they’re doing will tell you that adding dimensional balayage on a solid black base is the right choice.

11. Dimensional Dark Chocolate On Black Base

You want to hot up your boring black tresses but you’re not ready for a dramatic hair transformation? Dimensional dark chocolate on a black base is calling your name.

12. Dimensional Black Hair With Soft Chocolate Highlights

Yes, dimensional black hair with soft chocolate highlights looks astonishing. But you know what’s even better about this hairstyle? The fact that it doesn’t require a strict maintenance schedule.

13. Magenta Highlights On Black Dimensional Hair

Adding a splash of magenta hair color will not only liven up your hair; it will also add dimension to it, while still complimenting the dark base.

14. Dimensional Black With Teasy Lights

When you ask your colorist for teasy lights on black hair, remind them to use lighter colors in the areas where the Sun would usually hit your locks. This way you’ll get a permanent natural, glossy look.

15. Brownie Butter Brunette On Black Hair

Brownie butter brunette will give your locks dimension and depth, resulting in a fuller appearance, while adding intensity to your base color. It sounds like a win-win situation to me. And it looks even more spectacular.

16. Black Shoulder-Length Cut Transformed Into a Dimensional Brunette

Shoulder-length cuts leave you with less possibility of making cute hairstyles. So if you want to juice up your look, I strongly suggest you play with color. The ideal way to do it is to add a brown shade to your black base.

17. Blended Dimensional Dark Chocolate On Black Hair

Blended dimensional dark chocolate on black hair mimics the color variations usually found in natural black hair while giving your locks the illusion of volume and thickness.

18. Midnight Black Blue Dimensional Hair

Speaking of ways for your black hair to look thicker and more voluminous… The midnight black-blue dimensional hair color is what you need.

19. Dimensional Rich Brown On Black Base

How to achieve a luxury, chic, “old-money” look with black hair? Add some dimensional rich brown highlights and reinvent your entire look!

20. Dimensional Mocha Brunette On Black Base

A dimensional mocha brunette on a black base means asking your colorist to add just a tone lighter than a base. However, that is enough to make your dark hair look dimensional.

21. Box Dyed Black Hair To Dimensional Balayage Transformation

Box dyeing your tresses is an affordable, low-maintenance solution we’ve all tried at least once. But once you see this transformation, you’ll immediately fall in love with this dimensional balayage look.

22. Solid Black To Dimensional Dark Brunette Transformation

If this solid black to dimensional dark brunette transformation doesn’t convince you to enhance your dull black hair, I don’t know what will.

23. Dimensional Red On Black Base

Let me fill you in on a little secret: red and black hair colors go extremely well together. Adding red highlights to a black base will give you a chic, elegant, and unique look.

24. Cinnamon Dimensional Black

Adding the cinnamon shade while leaving your dark tones as a focus will make your thin hair look thicker and healthier. And isn’t that the effect we all aspire to achieve?

25. Peachy Money Piece And Highlights On Dimensional Black Hair

Peachy and black hair combo is a fiery duo that will catch everyone’s undivided attention. And the icing on the top is the trending money piece on black hair.