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20 Most Requested Hairstyles For Long Faces

20 Most Requested Hairstyles For Long Faces

Picking out flattering hairstyles for long faces is surprisingly simple. It’s all about balance—think adding width and minimizing length. Boost volume and get some face-framing layers to wear your hair at any length you like; go a step further and add bangs to make your look even more perfect.

A ton of styles nail these requirements, so you have plenty of options. These are the hairstyles everyone with a long face shape is asking for at the salon.

1. Textured Pixie


Short hair can complement a long face if you pick the right style. A textured pixie will draw attention to your features, creating a face frame with the short bangs. Cute and classy!

2. Full Curls


If you’re blessed with curls like these, the volume that a long face loves so much won’t be an issue. Keep the shape full at the sides, and add some wispy bangs to take things up a notch.

3. Lob With Bangs


This gorgeous upgrade to the universally-flattering lob includes bottleneck bangs and textured layers, creating a hairstyle perfect for those with long face shapes.

4. Loose Waves


The effortlessly pretty beachy waves work like a dream on a long face, adding width, movement and texture.

5. Fluffy Pixie


A fluffy pixie will not only make you look extra cute, it’s also incredibly easy to style. If you’re looking for a wash-and-go haircut, this is the one.

6. Long Layers


To make your face appear wider, avoid straight styles that elongate and drag the eye down. Long layers break the long lines and beautifully fit your face shape, giving you a light, flowy look.

7. Curly Bob


This much body and volume near the face can overwhelm some face shapes, but this super-stylish look will look amazing on you.

8. Shoulder-Length Cut


Long hair draws the eye and makes a long face seem even longer unless you add some flattering elements. If you prefer a more simple look, stick to medium-length hair with lots of volume and texture to complement your face shape.

9. Side-Swept Bangs


Side-swept bangs create width at the sides of the face and visually shorten it. Go for longer, more voluminous styles that draw attention to the cheekbones or shorten the forehead with a side-swept micro fringe.

10. Textured Layers


Did we mention layers already? What about texture? Did someone say bangs? Each of these elements will make a hairstyle flatter a long face shape, so when you put them all together, you’ll be unstoppable.

11. Full Bangs


If you love wearing your hair up, consider bangs even if your hairstyle already works with your face shape. Most types of bangs will suit you, so take your pick!

12. Face-Framing Layers


Face-framing layers add more volume to medium and long haircuts, balancing proportions to make a long face appear more oval.

13. Choppy Layers


Choppy layers are an excellent choice when you want to add volume, especially when paired with bangs. Styling this type of cut into loose waves adds even more body—it’s super low maintenance if you have some natural waves in your hair.

14. Middle-Parted Bob


The best haircuts for someone with a long face shape have a lot going on near the face, which makes this cut perfection: the bob creates the illusion of width, and so does the symmetrical middle part.

15. Voluminous Curls


Keep your curls more voluminous at the sides and more flat on top to add some needed width to a long face shape. Keep your locks moisturized for maximum definition.

16. Textured Bangs


Long, straight, one-length hair—the opposite of everything that flatters a long face, but you really, really want it? Add bangs to break the vertical line and shorten your forehead.

17. Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs look amazing on long faces if you prefer parting your hair in the middle—they spotlight your features instead of the length of your face.

18. Voluminous Texture


Volume is essential when you want to make a long face more balanced. If your hair is fine, a texture spray will help add body.

19. Shag With Piecey Bangs


The great thing about a shag haircut is that you can choose its exact shape, placing layers where they flatter your face most. Top it off with bangs, and you have a gorgeous hairstyle that enhances your beauty.

20. Choppy Lob


A choppy lob, especially when paired with bangs, has width, volume and face-framing, so it’s a no-brainer when it comes to hairstyles that flatter long faces.