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50 Modern Textured Pixie Cut Hairstyles

50 Modern Textured Pixie Cut Hairstyles

A textured pixie cut is trending as a slightly edgy variant of a traditional short hairdo. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to wear this chop with style, check out the ways to take this pixie cut to a whole new level.

1. Short Textured Pixie Cut

If you want to make a hairstyle change, look no further than this short textured pixie cut. Trust me, chopping off your hair will make a huge difference.

2. Textured Pixie Cut With Bangs

Bangs are here to give versatility to your new look. And let’s not forget that they have the superpower of magically hiding your forehead wrinkles, as well.

3. Pixie Cut With Textured Layers

The best thing about this simple, but timeless textured pixie cut is the fact that it is incredibly easy to maintain. Make sure to visit your hairdresser on a regular basis and you won’t have any work at home left!

4. Textured Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

Adding texture and layers to your thick hair will break the bulk. Also, this kind of hairstyle requires less upkeep.

5. Choppy Textured Pixie Cut

One thing is for sure: you’re looking at a statement pixie cut! It’s expressive, and practical, and frames your face ideally.

6. Long Textured Pixie Cut

A long textured pixie cut is flattering for all face shapes and hair textures. The best thing about it is that it makes the jawline pop.

7. Textured Pixie Cut For Fine Hair

A textured pixie cut is an ideal solution for fine hair because it gives you the illusion of thickness and fullness. Just make sure to avoid heavy styling products with this cute pixie cut.

8. Textured Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

The only thing you need with this low-maintenance textured pixie cut is a volumizing shampoo. The layers will do the rest of the work for you!

9. Textured Pixie Cut For Gray Hair

This textured pixie cut is paired with modern fringe styled upwards. For this haircut to always look fresh, you need good quality hairspray for the bangs.

10. Messy Textured Pixie Cut

The beauty of this pixie cut lies in the fact that it still looks awesome even when it grows out. Its original cut remains edgy and sassy, no matter the length and the styling.

11. Textured Bowl Pixie Cut

When you hear the words bowl cut, you probably think about the outdated chop that reminds you of your old-fashioned haircuts from childhood. Well, this is nowhere similar. You’re looking at the trendy textured bowl pixie cut!

12. Textured Modern Mullet

Modern mullets give a ton of texture and volume to your hair. For a trendy look, this pixie cut is the way to go.

13. Blonde Textured Pixie Cut On African American Hair

The blonde textured pixie cut goes amazing on African-American hair. It’s a glamorous and attention-seeking look nobody can stay immune to.

14. Textured Piecey Mixie

A mixie is a medium-length pixie cut; the look you go for when you can’t decide between chopping your hair off and keeping the length intact. Paired with a textured piecey, you get a unique haircut suitable for most hair textures.

15. Curly Blonde Pixie Cut

If you want a bright, trendy look, a textured blonde pixie cut is the way to go. It adds dimension to your short hair and gives you a glam look.

16. Brunette Textured Pixie Cut

A brunette, textured pixie cut is an interesting hairdo that doesn’t go overbroad. It’s an effortless hairstyle that makes you look young and cool.

17. Shaggy Textured Pixie Cut

The best thing about a shaggy textured pixie cut is the fact that it only needs a wash and a quick comb-through. Also, even when it grows out, it still remains an interesting haircut.

18. Textured Pixie With Shaved Side

A textured crown, icy blonde hair color, and an undercut. All of it combined equals a hairstyle that shows your fashionable side.

19. Textured Pixie Cut With Soft Dimensional Highlights

Soft natural highlights will accentuate your natural base color. This is a low-maintenance style combined with a dimensional look.

20. Tomboy Textured Pixie Cut

One thing is for sure: this is not a classic tomboy pixie cut— it’s the improved version! Yes, the short sides, the short back, and the bangs are here. However, there is also a lot of texture, as well as this subtle undercut.

21. Salt And Pepper Textured Pixie Cut

The combination of your base color and wonderful gray hair gives an extra dimension to your textured cut. It’s an easygoing, low-effort, and careless haircut.

22. Funky Colored Textured Pixie Cut

No matter your age, you’ll absolutely love this funky-colored textured pixie cut, especially if you combine it with this bold undercut. It’s daring and attention-grabbing, and it will make you feel like a real star.

23. Textured Pixie Cut For Chubby Face

If you have a chubby face, you should definitely go for longer bangs. They’re here to slim down your face and make you look a lot thinner.

24. Textured Pixie Cut For Naturally Vawy Hair

The textured pixie cut for wavy hair gives you endless styling versatility. It has a lot of choppy layers, which makes it a modern messy style.

25. Textured Pixie With Undercut For Older Ladies

Older ladies can have a trendy haircut without much trouble as well. This textured pixie with an undercut is living proof of that!

26. Asymmetrical Textured Pixie Cut

It’s no wonder women around the world went crazy for asymmetrical pixie cuts. It’s the ultimate chic-edgy hairstyle, especially when combined with creative coloring.

27. Spiky Textured Pixie Cut

The only thing you need to maintain a spiky pixie cut is a good quality hair gel. Also, don’t forget to blow-dry your hair straight instead of rolling the brush.

28. Wet Textured Pixie Cut

If you want to look like you’ve just gotten off the runway, a wet, slick-back hairstyle should be your number one choice. It’s easy to pull off and it looks chic on everyone.

29. Copper Textured Pixie Cut

A copper textured pixie cut is for adventurous, out-of-the-box ladies who aren’t afraid to express their individuality. If you can relate to this, go for this hairstyle ASAP!

30. Fringed Textured Pixie Cut

A fringed pixie cut can and will give you a fresh look. It gives your hair the texture it needs while putting an accent on your beautiful facial features.

31. Pink Textured Pixie Cut

Pastel pink is one of the trendiest colors in the hair world right now. Pair it with a textured pixie cut and you’ll get a modern, chic look you’ll never get tired of.

32. Textured Pixie Cut With Long Sideburns

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and stylish hairdo you can wear to every occasion, congratulations because you’ve just found one!

33. Green Textured Pixie Cut

A green textured pixie cut is for the bravest ones only! It will help you stay on trend and you’ll never go unnoticed again.

34. Low Maintenance Textured Pixie Cut

No more frequent trips to the hair salon, and no more hours spent in front of the mirror, trying to style your hair. For this cut to look spotless, it’s enough to finger-comb your hair every morning before work.

35. Textured Pixie Cut With Baby Bangs

The best face shape for baby bangs is oval shape since this type of bangs makes the face more angular. They go incredibly well with a textured pixie cut and are flattering for most hair textures.

36. Razor Textured Pixie Cut

A razor-textured pixie cut is a top pick of confident women who feel comfortable in their own skin. It’s a unique look that will grab everyone’s attention.

37. Textured Pixie Cut For Women Over 60

This textured pixie cut for women over 60 will keep everyone intrigued. It’s a bit edgy, but still lady-like. And that’s exactly what a woman your age needs.

38. Textured Bixie Cut

Can’t decide between a bob and a pixie cut? Well, you’re not the only one! That’s why a bixie is an ideal choice for you— the combination of both.

39. Curly Textured Bixie Cut

Bixies are great for curly hair, as well. The only thing that matters here is to keep the texture alive!

40. Auburn Textured Pixie Cut

An auburn, textured pixie cut could be the change you need this year. This reddish brown hair color will transform your entire look, especially when you combine it with a modern chop.

41. Silver Textured Pixie Cut

Haven’t you heard that silver hair color is trending this season? A gray textured pixie cut is an ideal choice for women of all ages.

42. Ultra Short Textured Pixie Cut

It’s textured, spiky, and ultra short. What more could a woman wish for from a low-maintenance, modern chop?

43. Spiky Gray Textured Pixie Cut

Bright up your naturally gray hair with these modern spikes and turn a basic pixie cut into a modern one. The age of hiding your gray is long gone!

44. Bleached Blonde Textured Pixie Cut

Bleached blonde hair is always a fashion statement, especially when combined with this flattering textured pixie cut.

45. Black Textured Pixie Cut

A black textured pixie cut is an all-time favorite of all short-hair wearers for a reason. It’s timeless, easily styled, and easily maintainable.

46. Edgy Textured Pixie Cut

I can’t decide what’s more attractive about this hairstyle: the attention-grabbing color, the edgy undercut, or the textured crown. Either way, the combination of the three is simply perfect!

47. Middle Length Textured Pixie Cut

A middle-length pixie is always a good choice if you want to look feminine and classy while having a short haircut. It’s sassy, voluminous, and flattering for most face shapes.

48. Grown Out Silver Textured Pixie Cut

The biggest advantage of this hairdo is its versatility. You want to look like a tomboy or like a lady? Everything is possible; it just depends on the way you decide to style it today.

49. Strawberry Blonde Pixie Cut

What makes this strawberry, textured pixie cut so charming and gentle is the soft wavy hair flowing downward. It gives your thin hair volume and thickness while creating a dazzling look.

50. Two Colored Textured Pixie Cut

Be daring and step out of the box with a two-colored textured blonde pixie cut. Remember: now is the best time to reinvent yourself!