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20 Timelessly Charming Long Hairstyles For Women Over 50

20 Timelessly Charming Long Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Feeling pressured by society’s unwritten rule to cut your hair as you age? It’s time to rethink that notion! Beauty and youthfulness aren’t confined to any age bracket. Embracing the idea that ‘You’re as young as you feel,’ it’s important to remember that age is indeed just a number. Your hair is an extension of your unique spirit. So, for those who are 50 and up, here are some inspiring ideas for long hairstyles and haircuts that celebrate your individuality.

1. Braided Elegance Bun

A low braided bun with these bangs for extra flair is the epitome of casually classy. This style looks great for any occasion, from casual get-togethers to attending someone’s wedding.

2. Long Silver Hair & Crystal Halo

Long wavy hair in silver tones looks amazing. For a special occasion, you can simply add a crystal halo that will seamlessly blend with your hair and give it a bit of sparkle.

3. Classy Braid

A simple low braid can have a high and stylish impact. It’s an updo that you can easily create yourself, and it perfectly complements casual outfits.

4. Sleek Low Bun

When you have grey afro hair, you need to find a way to style it that showcases all of its richness. That’s why this long hair updo is both beautiful and avant-garde.

5. High Ponytail

A high ponytail can look stunning in your 50s as well. Sleek, long hair tied back looks so good, and when combined with jewelry, makeup, and a classy outfit, it appears incredibly glamorous.

6. Gold Hairband & Silver Hair

“Each silver strand reflects a ray of wisdom, a spark of experience, and a touch of elegance. Adding a golden metallic hairband only emphasizes this notion. Silver hair goals right here!”

7. Long Wavy Hair and Side Swept Bangs

Long locks of grey hair effortlessly cascading are truly beautiful. Complemented with side-swept bangs that frame the face, they make the whole look fabulous.

8. High Bun

A casual look you can rock in your 50s and beyond. Gather all your hair at the top and twist it into a high bun. Tie it with a small scarf, and you have a really iconic yet everyday look.

9. Long Layered Hair

Blonde is really a perfect hair color for the 50s if you decide to dye it. With a layered cut and long waves, this hairstyle looks super attractive and voluminous.

10. Half-Up, Half-Down

Another way to style your hair with a scarf is to tie it around your half-up, half-down hairstyle. This look gives real boho vibes and reveals your hippie soul.

11. Headband

A great look for colder days is definitely a headband. It doesn’t just style your hair; it also keeps your ears warm. This is an awesome everyday sporty look.

12. Low Knot

Who says grey hair can’t be fun? Tying your silver locks into a messy low knot is like giving a nod to all those years well-lived. It’s a stylish mix of wisdom and a little bit of that ‘just go with it’ attitude.

13. Long Hair With Bangs

Long, straight hair with soft bangs isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s a sophistication vibe in itself! Ladies over 50 can absolutely pull off this playful yet polished look.

14. Long Straight Hair

Keep it sleek and chic. Long silver strands look so beautiful even without any extra styling. A simple straight blow-drying technique or the help of a hair iron can do wonders.

15. Half-Up & Top Bun

If you want to add a cute vibe to your gray hairstyle, simply add a small bun on the crown of your head. This half-up, half-down style also gives a playful tone to your look.

16. Classy Hairband

Wearing your hair long and straight, and adding a hairband that’s a similar color to your hair, is a killer move. It transforms the ordinary sleek look into a luxurious one.

17. Big Bun Half-Up

You’ve got to love this high bun. It’s a super quick 30-second updo that looks chic enough for a coffee outing and still classy enough to wear on a fancy dinner date with friends.

18. Side Braid

Who would have known that a simple side braid could look so fancy? Adding a sunflower clip is a really nice touch and gives a floral, romantic feel to the entire hairstyle. P.S. All claw clip hairstyles are quick and nice options when you don’t have much time.

19. High messy Bun

When you’re not in the mood for extensive hairstyling, a high messy bun will be your best go-to option. It always looks great and doesn’t take too much time to style.

20. Layered Shag

The 70s are calling, and if you answer, they will take you back to that carefree look and happy feel. A layered cut for your silver strands will add volume and make you look dashing.