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70 Pink Pixie Cut Ideas To Try In 2024

70 Pink Pixie Cut Ideas To Try In 2024

If you’re looking for a sign to give your short hair an edgy and vivid upgrade, this is it. Think no more and choose between different shades of pink for this makeover. Here are some of the best pink pixie cut ideas to get your inspiration!

1. Short Pink Pixie Cut

If you want to upgrade your traditional short pixie cut, dyeing it pink will do the trick! You’ll feel refreshed and look brand new!

2. Hot Pink Pixie Cut

Hot pink is definitely trending this season! One thing is for sure: all eyes will be on you with this modern pixie cut.

3. Pastel Pink Pixie Cut

If you have fairer skin and naturally lighter hair, a pastel pink pixie cut should be your number one choice. It’s a wearable hairstyle for all occasions.

4. Pixie Cut With Pink Highlights

Are you ready to shock everyone around you? In that case, go for this dark pixie cut with pink highlights.

5. Dark Pink Pixie Cut

You’re dying to get a pink pixie cut, but you want a subtler version? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just choose this dark pink pixie cut.

6. Pixie Cut Hot Pink

I’ll be honest with you: hot pink is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you’re brave enough to pull this color off, what’s stopping you?

7. Short Pastel Pink Pixie Cut

This pastel pink gives off princess vibes. It’s cute and flirty, and it will make you feel younger than ever.

8. Bright Pink Pixie Cut

A bright pink pixie cut is a real head-turner. Yes, the initial color will wash out pretty quickly, but trust me, you’ll get everyone’s attention while wearing it.

9. Pink And Purple Pixie Cut

This magnificent hair color is somewhere between pink and purple. The best thing about it is that it goes great on every natural hair color.

10. Curly Pink Pixie Cut Black Girl

This buzz cut alone is edgy enough. So when you pair it with this amazing shade of pink color, you’ll get everyone’s undivided attention.

11. Rose Gold Pastel Pink Pixie Cut

If you like soft feminine hair colors, give this stylish shade of pink a try. Trust me when I tell you it will be the best choice you’ve ever made.

12. Pink Curly Pixie Cut

A curly pink pixie cut like this one looks the best on round or chubby faces. The curly bangs will flatten your face and make you look much thinner.

13. Short Hot Pink Pixie Cut

If you’re looking for the trendiest androgynous hairstyle, it seems you’ve found one. It’s fun, bold, and funky.

14. Pixie Cut With Pink Tips

You’re not ready for a complete commitment to a pink pixie cut? Worry not, there is a solution for that too. Just dye your bangs pink, and if you like it, you can do the same with the rest of your hair later on.

15. Very Light Pink Hair Pixie Cut

It’s time to look and feel like a real-life Barbie doll. No, you don’t have to have long, blonde hair for that to happen. Actually, a light pink pixie cut will do the trick even better.

16. Pink Pixie Cut With Undercut

Here’s an ideal choice for all of you thick-haired ladies out there. This type of undercut is an exciting accent to any look.

17. Pink And Platinum Blonde Ombre Pixie Cut

Style-wise, this pink and platinum blonde pixie cut brings on volume and texture, which makes it suitable for all hair types.

18. Baby Pink Pixie Cut

Make your eyes pop with this baby-pink pixie cut. The subtle layers give your hair depth and dimension.

19. Pink And Violet Pixie Cut

It’s no wonder women around the world choose this hair color: it looks great on any complexion, it’s romantic and it’s eye-catching.

20. Low Maintenance Short Pink Pixie Cut

The cut is so simple that you don’t even need a blow dryer to maintain it. The color will wash out with time, but even when it does, you’ll get a cute peachy shade.

21. Violet And Pink Pixie Cut With Curtain Bangs

If you want to keep the pigment of this spectacular color locked in your hair longer, invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. Also, for this cut, your stylist should create a blunt cut on your perimeter.

22. Dark Pink Pixie Cut With Blue Highlights

Who would know that blue and pink go this great together? If you’re daring enough, it’s one of the hair trends you simply have to try.

23. Electric Pink Pixie Cut

The hot pink pixie cut is a high-fashion look that will boost your self-esteem in a blink of an eye. You don’t have to worry about your make-up and clothes when you wear this cool hairstyle.

24. Blue And Pink Pixie Cut

Here’s another example of the trendiest color combination right now: blue and pink. In the case of this pairing, choose the darker shade of pink, since it blends so well with the blue locks.

25. Rose Gold Pixie With Undercut

How fun is this rose gold pixie with an undercut? If you want an extra boost of lift, leave a little more length on the top.

26. Long Pastel Pink Pixie Cut

If you’re still not ready to chop your hair off, go with this long pastel pink pixie. It’s close to a bob cut and it gives you more versatility while styling.

27. Punk Pink Pixie Cut

Haven’t you heard? Punk is back and it doesn’t plan on going anywhere. Hop into the newest trends with this punk pink pixie cut.

28. Pink Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, the shaved sides will slim down your hair, remove the weight and give it movement. Combine this awesome haircut with pink hair color, and you’re good to go.

29. Pink Pixie Cut For Women Over 50

Here’s a trendy pink pixie cut for all the ladies in their 50s. Keep up with the latest hair trends and enjoy your new youth!

30. Pastel Pink Pixie With Dark Pink Undercut

If you look closely, you’ll see that the nape area is darker than the crown. Well, this exact combination of different shades of pink color gives this style dimension and depth.

31. Pink Pixie Cut With Eye Covering Bangs

I know what you must think: these eye-covering bangs are pretty impractical for every day. But the thing is that they offer versatility: you can wear them sideways, tuck them behind your ear, or cover your eyes and be mysterious.

32. Ultra Short Pink Pixie Cut

If you’re looking for ways to make your typical short pixie cut more radiant, give this vibrant pink hair color a try. It will make it richer and more modern.

33. Pink Pixie Cut With Long Bangs

The best way to preserve this color is to use a color-safe shampoo. Here’s another pro tip: wash your hair in cooler water.

34. Red Pink Pixie Cut

You’ll absolutely love this combination of rich and vibrant colors. It’s an effective way to draw attention and boost your own confidence.

35. Pixie With Pink Curly Crown And Shaved Sides

A pixie with shaved sides and a curly crown is a hairstyle you’ll fall in love with at first sight. If you don’t have naturally curly hair, styling the upper part will require some effort, but trust me, it’s worth it!

36. Pastel Pink Pixie Cut For Fine Hair

Your fine hair needs more fullness and this is exactly what it will get with this amazing color. It’s cute, appealing, and feminine.

37. Dark Blonde Pixie With Pink Bangs

A dark blonde pixie with pink bangs gives you just the right amount of extravagance you need. If you don’t like it, you’ll get rid of it soon. But if you do, you’ll paint your hair pink in no time.

38. Bright Bubblegum Pink Pixie Cut

A bright bubble gum shade of pink is daring, edgy, and bold. But it’s one of the best hair colors if you’re looking for depth and vibrancy.

39. Pink Leopard Print Pixie Cut

You’re looking at one of the edgiest pink pixie cut ideas of all time! But if you’re not scared to be the center of attention, it’s definitely a picture you should show to your colorist.

40. Pastel Pink Pixie With Side Bangs

If you already have a pixie cut, side bangs paired with pastel pink are a great way to switch things up. This hairstyle is especially flattering for round or chubby faces.

41. Mohawk Pink Pixie Cut

One thing is for sure: a mohawk pink pixie cut is a head-turning haircut. It’s retro and trendy at the same time, especially when combined with this stunning hair color.

42. Chopped Pink Pixie Cut

This choppy pixie cut gives your hair movement, definition, and volume, besides being striking. What else could a woman want?

43. Pink Pixie Cut For Black Hair

Black hair looks awesome when dyed pink, and here is living proof of that! It sends a sexy vibe while being classy and elegant.

44. Light Bubblegum Pink Edgy Pixie Cut

A bubble gum hair is not edgy enough for you? In that case, you should go for this bold cut to incorporate the look altogether.

45. Tomboy Pink Pixie Cut

A tomboy pixie cut and a girly pastel pink hair color sound like an interesting contrast. Well, the good news is that this combination looks even better when you see it on your hair.

46. Spiky Messy Violet Pink Pixie Cut

A spiky messy violet-pink pixie cut is a daring look you’ve always dreamt about, but never had the courage to turn into reality. Well, now is the moment to do it!

47. Pink Pixie Cut For Women Over 70

Is there anything more awesome than a lady in her 70s rocking a fashionable hairstyle? I don’t think so. It’s time to show the world that you still got it!

48. Extra Spiky Vivid Pink Pixie Cut

This vivid pink color will make your hair dreams come true. The sad truth is that your color will fade quickly, and that’s why a toning conditioner is our strong recommendation.

49. Dark Pink Pixie Cut With Extra Long Bangs

A cut like this will make your hair look fuller, while the color will grab everyone’s attention. This hairstyle adds a touch of character to your entire personality.

50. Multitonal Pink Pixie Cut

Different tones of pink on this haircut add dimension to your pixie. It’s definitely one of the best combinations if you’re looking for depth and vibrancy.

51. Violet Pixie Cut With Pink Bangs

The disconnected layers in the back create extra volume, while the pink bangs accentuate your beautiful cheekbones and jawline.

52. Elegant Baby Pink Pixie Cut

You want a change, but you also want a hairstyle that will look professional and classy. Worry not, we have a solution for you: an elegant baby pink pixie cut.

53. Pink Pixie Cut With Fade

Look sharp and edgy with this trendy pink pixie cut with faded sides. The different shades of the sides and the crown will highlight your textured strands.

54. Soft Pink Pixie Bowl

The bowled shape of this pink pixie cut accentuates the shape of your face beautifully. The best part is that it’s easier to maintain than you might think.

55. Long Pink Pixie With Undercut

If you have a lot of hair that usually looks messy without styling, you’ve found an ideal cut. This pixie will give you a cool look and it will remove the weight of your hair.

56. Buzz And Curls Pink Pixie Cut

Can’t decide whether you prefer being a Princess or a punk rock star? Why would you have to choose? This buzz and curls pink pixie cut gives you the best of both worlds.

57. Violet Pink Pixie With Undercut

A violet-pink pixie with an undercut is only for the boldest. With this hairstyle, you’ll stand out wherever you appear.

58. Long Vibrant Pink Pixie Cut With Tattooed Undercut

A long vibrant pink pixie with a tattooed undercut turns your hair into a real work of art since your undercut becomes a canvas. This is a hairstyle that helps you express your individuality and gives you unimaginable freedom.

59. Pink Pixie Cut With Patterned Undercut

Even though this pink pixie with a patterned undercut doesn’t seem as edgy as the former one, this delicate hair art design is for badass women only.

60. Pink Pixie Hawk

It’s no wonder that a hawk is a trend that lasts throughout the ages. It’s rebellious, glamorous, and timeless.

61. Emo Pink Pixie Cut

Who said that the emo era is long gone? Even though this is true, one thing stuck from that period: edgy short haircuts with sidebangs and vibrant colors.

62. Wolf Pink Pixie Cut

When you think of the perfect modern wolf cut, this is the image that should come to your mind. Of course, the pink hair color boosts the effect.

63. Pink Classy Pixie Cut

It’s quite hard to find a hairstyle that is a perfect blend of class and edginess. Well, this pink pixie cut has it all in one, which makes it ideal for every occasion.

64. Pink Pixie Cut With Spiral Curls And Undercut

Spiral curls on short hair take a lot of courage, especially when paired with the shaved tapered area. However, there is a reason this has become a popular hairstyle lately.

65. Pink Pixie Cut For Kids

If your toddler (or an older child) is ready to chop off her hair and asks for a change, go for a pink pixie cut. Make sure you choose a subtler shade for this hairstyle.

66. Neon Pink Pixie Cut

Do you dare to be different? If you’re ready to stay on top of the upkeep, a neon pink pixie cut should be your top choice.

67. Black Pixie With Bubblegum Pink Highlights

Are you looking for a hairstyle that will make you look feminine and empowered? I guess you’ve found the perfect mix of hair color and haircut.

68. Raspberry Ripple Pixie Cut

Dyeing your hair in this shade of pink will require you to lighten your hair, and the number of sessions depends on your initial hair color. However, all the time you’ll spend at the hair salon is definitely worth it.

69. Curly Blonde Pink Pixie Cut

If you have always been a forever blonde, you’ll absolutely adore this shade of pink. It will make you glow and have all eyes magnetized on you.

70. Punk Rock Pink Pixie Cut

Maintaining this hair color is a piece of work. However, if you have the time and the budget for it, this style will give you the edgy, funky look you’re going for.